The Obesity Code and Radical Acceptance



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    Nope, not even avocados do it. I need to hit about 50g net (of healthy non-processed food) before I can 'move freely' again. Also funny thing but when my carbs are up around that level, I lose weight (1.5lbs this week). When it's lower I seem to stall (zip the three weeks previous). Edited to add: It's probably the poop, lol. This happened when I was losing my original 35 lbs. Stalled & felt ill below 40. Lost again at 50+. Not sure where to go from here....

    This is me and my story! And I have tried keto 4 times, same result, stall in weight and real problems "moving things along'. Up the carbs to around 50 total, everything works better and weight comes off. I am learning to accept it.