Any girls here on 1200?



  • jillianallison
    jillianallison Posts: 1 Member
    i am!! less than 1200 is rough, but i've been tryna keep at it for the past few weeks and its going okay:))
  • AEC50
    AEC50 Posts: 124 Member
    Me! I'm 5'7 and 160, heading to 140 the 1200 calorie way.
  • Michellelynn219
    Michellelynn219 Posts: 62 Member
    Hello! I am 49, 5ft 6.5 inches currently 162LBS aiming for 125. I started on 2/6 and lost 6LBS so far. Add me :)
  • Treehugger_88
    Treehugger_88 Posts: 207 Member
    I'm on about 1200. I find if I stick to the 1200-1400, I go down to 125 pounds (goal), but if I'm averaging 1600-1800ish I tend to go up to 135(which is what I am now). 1200 is tough! I try to eat a lot of protein but sugar cravings sometimes get the best of me. My diary is open, add me :)
  • beteroffalone5
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    Mine says 1280. If anyone has any tips or tricks for me please let me know. This has been SO hard for me!
  • CatLou76
    CatLou76 Posts: 26 Member
    I was at 1200 and was constantly going over. This week, I used the TDEE calculator which put me just over 1300. It's only 100 calories, but it just feels so much more realistic.
  • emilialed
    emilialed Posts: 2 Member
    Hey, I'm starting out (..again). As a full time college student, meal prepping is still a struggle, but I find that it helps keep me on track (until the weekend). Would like to be part of this to stay motivated and lose the extra pounds :)
  • nilyani22
    nilyani22 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm new in MFP and come with on off diet :(
    Aiming for 1200 same as you.
    As I am working till night and go home with tired body & mind,sometimes I just ate whatever I can have and struggle with the healthy meals too.

    kindly help me to keep motivated and fit.
  • Agefyter
    Agefyter Posts: 107 Member
    I am on 1200-1500 calories as well. I am having anhard time dropping the waight though. I am 5feet 6 inches and waigh between 141-145 fluctuates. My normal waight was 125-130. Is anybody having the same issue. If so What did you do to start dropping the waight again.
    Thank you for the feed back.

    I'm on 1200 as well, 5'6", stay between 124-129 normally but it sure takes work. I've slipped up to 131 now and back to hitting gym 4 days a week, recording food, and cutting back on glorious, glorious wine.
  • kclewis416
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    I am 1200 as well.. but in all honesty that only happens 4-5 days a week with usually a blow out day over the weekend... and I always eat my work out calories.

    I am not even sure if I want to lose weight as much as I just want to tone now.. so I am also shifting over to building muscle which needs more calories but I prefer to stay at the 1200 range.

    I have logged in now for 50 days and I bet you only 50%-60% of the time I have made it close to 1200!! It is tough.. all my extra calories come from alcohol and dining out....
  • joanner08
    joanner08 Posts: 7 Member
    I am 1200 also. Started 3 weeks ago. I am 5'9" started at 155 goal is 140. I try to burn an additional 300 cal a day minimum, running/walking whatever. I am not eating back my calories from exercise. Doing low carb and quite happy with results so far. Not hungry as I drinks tons of water.
  • Bassador0302
    Bassador0302 Posts: 18 Member
    My goal is also 1200, but I also frequently eat back my exercise calories. I know exactly why I've been fluctuating the same few pounds for the past four months. I could have fallen back into the old pattern of just quitting and gaining much of it back, but I kept logging with MFP, so at least I held on. ! refuse to get even close to 200 pounds ever again!

    I'm 5'3" and have had a little breakthrough now to 131 pounds, but I'm still striving for 125. I don't expect it will be easy as I fluctuated between 123-135 throughout high school over 30 years ago! The last time I was below 135 was when my first son was 2 years old (now 26). Back then I worked a Very physical job in a bakery, with the added bonus of not having the desire to buy sweets to overeat at home, as we had to try little bites from each batch for quality control. Fast forward to my mostly sedentary life, some disability, age 49, menopause and an adult son who is not on board with this healthier lifestyle and keeps tempting foods on hand. I know I really need to get myself back to more strenuous exercise and better accountability to make it happen, sticking with the 1200 calorie diet. Looking for friends here.
  • run2chill
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    please include me to ladies .. I am jumping back on 1200 wagon too.. I got down to 118 and now am up to 136.. I need a mega refocus. am cycling and getting back to running as lost a lot of weight and felt great when I did that.
  • shroodle88
    shroodle88 Posts: 123 Member
    Yep, am on 1200 and find it a bit depressing to stay in that limit without exercise sometimes. I eat a few exercise calories back, but make sure there is still a good few left. Most days I manage to finish at 1000-1100cals. I often have one day where I go significantly over my cals, but I look at the whole week and as long as the week averages out alright in the end, I am happy.