Self Sabotage



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    thank you @moonlights. Inspiring for sure!
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    I totally understand how you are feeling, have had an awful few months where I have fallen off track big time have struggled to get back on track again but think I am finally getting there, definitely see this woe as a journey where I will have detours occasionally- I know I am able to do it properly and feel great doing it, but I think my brain doesn't see me as worthy - I definitely think it is all about creating a positive mindset for yourself. I totally agree that it is about learning to love yourself
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    You're really Rosey!
    You're Rosey Real!
    You're a great big deal!
    That's referencing Rose Madder-Stephen King

    Just for the record, I may have butchered it some. :D
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    I'm in!! this game is so much mental!!! I ate something can't remember what a couple weeks ago cause no one was home to see me!! I haven't done that since starting and I told myself how silly it was because this battle is between me myself and I and I saw it lol!!
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    Good for you Nosey - we all want to do that wade thru the old SAD diet & find something good about it (me it is TONS of fruit) but it is like wading thru horse *kitten* and saying "There is a pony in here somewhere!!" But alas there isn't - he has left the barn.
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    "Nosey" SIGH gee I meant ROSEY - I should be banned from typing until after morning coffee
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    BaconSan2 wrote: »
    but it is like wading thru horse *kitten* and saying "There is a pony in here somewhere!!"

    LOL. That is hilarious!
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    Welcome back @Roseygirl1! And we are here for you! I'm glad you took time to post about yourself.

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    "Nosey" SIGH gee I meant ROSEY - I should be banned from typing until after morning coffee

    Oh, I am Nosey, too! I nose around ya'lls diaries and I check out the photos of LCHF meals!
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    My best advice would be, if you are craving carbs, to go for something that will feed your an apple. Avoid the empty calories and carbs. Have tomatoes, or even a banana if you're nuts for something sweet. Sugars, grains...poison. My experience has been that the occasional fruit won't knock you out of fat=burning. I think sometimes your body needs one. This probably isn't super-helpful, just my experience is that making a strawberry/banana smoothie with half and half and drinking it while munching on a few nuts can stop that sweet craving cold and makes me feel better. But cookies, etc? Makes me feel bad.
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    @authorwriter, that was my day today... I have been feeling sluggish for the past several days and today was SUPERhungry and not for yukky old cheese, or fat of any sort (although I tried that too). I ended up finally getting to the bottom of my second big apple box full of organic apples - cooking them up as unsweetened applesauce - & thought, YEP that would be wonderful. Had me a cupful and then carried on to TWO Kind bars which threw me over in protein and doubled my carbs to 45 or so. But at the risk of TMI - I finally went to the bathroom properly. I didn't know I had so much waiting in me, since I had been going a bit every day. Probably will have dropped a couple pounds by tomorrow morning, lol. At least I hope!
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    I too have fallen off the bandwagon and wanted to get back on track and I wanted to try counting points/calories again like I have done in the past. But I too find that I thought I could justify my food choices as long as it fit into my calorie/point allotment. But I found out I felt worse and bloated and my ankles and feet swelled like balloons. It definitely triggers me to eat more and not being able to stop. Eating on this WOE I feel better and healthier. So I will stick to it...
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    @elize7 "All systems go, no excuses" That's exactly what I want back....You said it Sister!
    @authrowriter problem is I'm not craving them. I'm just eating them because they are there. Literally they don't even taste good. How much do I suck, right? Plus I've let other stuff go too, like the logging and moving.
    @kennygang I want to be you when I grow up "So I will stick to it..."

    So, it dawned on me today actually that my cycle has been in full force nearly a month now. That's a new twist for me. I've been Keto (cept for the last month) since April. Could Shark Month be to blame? Probably not, but I'd like to think so... I could be hitting menopause too. I'm 42 so that could be sneaking its way in. I don't know. I've been better - WAY better since I started this thread and you guys have been so crazy helpful. But I know I'm not back 100% yet. "All systems go, no excuses". That's what I want again.

    I've also been longing for someone near by to do this with. Of course Anna is still trying but she's 100 carbs and I'm 20. She is super busy with school and band stuff so she won't/can't keep me accountable for eating or walking and I can't expect her to. My job as Mom is to help her succeed. I want someone to get me out of bed at 0600 to work out and to keep me motivated. I want a local keto friend. My nearest is about 70 miles away...and I love her dearly but well 70 miles. Wow...could I be more full blown into my own self pity? Crimeny!
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    I think your issue is mental. May I ask you about your frame of mind? Do you believe you deserve the weight loss and your new and incredible looking body? Are you sure you are not self sabotaging because deep down you believe you are not worthy of it?

    I ask this as I have been there and done it myself. Self sabotage because my inner voice told me I would not succeed, why bother and you'll always be fat, so who are you kidding?

    I had to learn to shut that *kitten* up before I could loose the weight. Before that I was a complete jo jo. Up and down, then further up... vicious circle.

    I immediately started to cry when I read this...and now I can't stop. Gee thanks @Bonny132...sheesh :smiley: . Methinks you hit the nail on the head since it caused such a strong reaction in me. It doesn't seem like it should be it as I'm in the best, healthiest place I've been in years. I'm happier than I can ever remember being. I've got a great sig other in Rowdy - better than any relationship I've ever been in. Work and kids are pretty darn good overall. There just aren't a million things going wrong in my life these days the way they were a year ago and I should be all set to do this new thing right too. In all these adult years this past has been the very best of my life ever.

    It was hard for me to stop myself self sabotaging. It actually took my new partner to turn around and tell me he did not care about my size BUT that I needed to start loving myself.

    The loving part is hard, I still struggle with it. I have a wonderful partner who loves me for who I am, but my struggle is to learn to love myself. I am so used to looking into the mirror and hate what I see, so it is easy to give in and over eat. But I am slowly learning that I need to stay strong and to learn to love myself, love my body, appreciate compliments and more importantly to take a step back and to realise, I want to look good and comfortable in my body. I will never be a skinny minny but I will feel sexy, I will feel confident and I will be looking great.

    It took me years to realise this, I wish I had years ago, but then I might not have met my partner so who am I to argue?

    This is so me too. The part about my husband too. I cannot take a compliment. I don't see what he sees and he just doesn't know why. I love this post and that I am not the only one.
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    @kpk54. Thanks Dr. Phil. I am trying and will get there.

    methinks I was just squarely kicked in the *kitten*...but in the best possible way. I <3 you too!