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  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,423Member Member Posts: 2,423Member Member
    YOUCH!!!! Hope you're ok Joe!
  • SoulSisterSoulBrotherSoulSisterSoulBrother Posts: 177Member Member Posts: 177Member Member
    Oh no. Pls go to the doctor if something doesn't feel right. My mum once broke her shoulder by having a fall but didn't go to the doctor for 3 days as she said 'oh its nothing'! :# Get well soon!
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 952Member Member Posts: 952Member Member
    Oh No! Hope you are feeling better!
  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Posts: 458Member, Premium Member Posts: 458Member, Premium Member
    Sorry to hear that Joe, I pray you feel better soon.
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 714Member Member Posts: 714Member Member
    So sorry to hear that! Get well soon! Sending over quick healing vibes!
  • Kokodaready2020Kokodaready2020 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I have been letting milk creep back into my morning coffee's. Until today that is, as i started using my fitness pa again and logged the milk to realised how many carbs are really their... I have once again found my resolve. clear liquids ONLY.
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