TEAM: The Big Butt Theory (February)



  • Nicoletime4me
    Nicoletime4me Posts: 531 Member
    February 7
    Tracking- yes
    Under Calories- yes
    Exercise- yes ( 20 min brisk walk)
  • Rielyn
    Rielyn Posts: 150 Member
    Tues Feb 6
    tracking y
    calories y
    exercise n - I really need to try to fit in exercise before work or it tends not to happen

    Wed Feb 7
    tracking y
    calories y
    exercise n - I woke up with a cold and it's gotten progressively worse all day. Gah....I hope it's a short one

    Workout Wednesday - I love crossfit, when I get to the gym it's great. I need to get back in a routine. I play ball hockey in the spring/fall and softball in the summer, those would be my favourite activities to do. I also love playing road hockey with my kids.
  • thedestar
    thedestar Posts: 1,278 Member
    Feb 7th
    Tracking- yes
    Calories- no
    Exercise- no

    Workout Wednesday- Right now DVDs at home are easiest for me. My baby will be good in his bouncer watching me for 20-30 mins so that's about my limit
  • Does anyone on this challenge have an app called Twinbody?
    If you do message me your username and I’ll follow you
    It’s like a Facebook for weightloss, just another way to keep yourself and others on track :) x
  • primekayprime
    primekayprime Posts: 253 Member
    Feb 7
    Tracking Y
    Calories N
    Exercise N (rest day)
  • holly2e
    holly2e Posts: 300 Member
    Username: holly2e
    Weigh in week: 1
    Weigh in day: Thursday
    Previous Week's weight: 138.4
    Todays Weight: 138.6

    No loss did me this week, but I kind of expected that. Hopefully I can stay on track better this coming week!
  • Mariec1978
    Mariec1978 Posts: 86 Member
    Wednesday February 7
    Tracking: Yes
    Under: Yes
    Exercise: So, I am definitely coming down with something. My energy level is at an all-time low and my head is full of snot. EWWWW...I know. I went for a walk today for about 20 minutes with my dogs. I believe they pulled me along quite nicely and got me home safely.
  • Mariec1978
    Mariec1978 Posts: 86 Member
    Week 1 Weigh-in
    Thursdays are my weigh-in days
    Beginning weight: February 1st = 185.0
    Today's weight: February 8th = 183.4

    It's a loss! Woohoo! Only about 40 more pounds to go!
  • Mariec1978
    Mariec1978 Posts: 86 Member
    Feb 7
    Tracking Yes
    Calories Yes
    Exercise Yes 2 hours roller derby training

    Workout Wednesday - why do I work out?

    I joined a roller derby team 5 years ago with the aim to get fit... And it worked to a point. My fitness plateaued and I realised that to increase my ability to play I needed fitness outside of roller derby. So I started running a couple of years ago and that really helped.

    Then I've lost around 42 lbs and realised that I relied heavily (pun intended lol) on my weight and resulting momentum to hit players out/down. So now I have to build my skill and strength more, so I've started strength training.

    Before roller derby I could never keep to exercising for more than a week, now it's part of my (mostly) daily routine. I love being fit now and can't imagine my life without regular exercise.

    I met a girl once who did roller derby. That is one sport that is not for the faint of heart. If I were better on skates, I would totally try it, but alas, I suck at roller skating. The other team wouldn't have to put me on my butt because that's where I usually am all on my own. Keep up your hard work and way to adjust to reach your goals!
  • Mariec1978
    Mariec1978 Posts: 86 Member
    Alright Big Butts! I have some questions...

    I have tried every diet out there: Trim Healthy Mama, Weight Watchers, Whole30, Low Calorie, Low Fat, and many more. I am currently trying Atkins. I am in the Induction Phase (Phase 1). I feel moody and down right deprived. I want some dang bread. I want some dang potatoes. I want some dang rice. You get my point. I feel I am having a harder time mentally on this diet than any other because the foods I love are so limited. I can admit I have an obsession with potatoes and rice. I am also having a hard time concentrating on calories and carbs at the same time. Staying below 20 grams of net carbs is tough, but doing it while staying below 1400 calories is even harder! At least it's hard to do and remain satisfied.

    QUESTIONS: Has anyone else done Atkins successfully while still counting calories? How did you feel during the Induction Phase? How long does it take to stop feeling like a big baby about not being able to have certain foods because they are too high in carbs? Did you go on carb overload at a certain point because you just couldn't take it anymore? When introducing carbs back in, did you find yourself gaining weight back?

  • jackinorrie
    jackinorrie Posts: 187 Member
    MUAC Feb 7

    Tracked: yes
    Carbs/Calories: under
    Exercise: no, I’m still sick.
  • jackinorrie
    jackinorrie Posts: 187 Member
    @Mariec1978 Haha!! Thought that was a crowd pleaser
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