SoulSister's OMAD journey



  • volgirl1322
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    You totally have what it takes to get back on track! Looking forward to hearing your updates.
  • jadepearl
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    We fall off the wagon once a while but you know that once you jump back up and OMAD on, we will get to the finishing line soon! You can do this, gf! Cheering you on! <3
  • rilesapp
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    This was so inspiring to read. I wonder where did she go? Hopefully she happy with whatever weight she is currently at. This is my 2nd week of OMAD and I plan to start a thread similiar to this one. If you are reading this feel free to add me as a friend and message me to keep up. Its so crazy that she was so positive and only lost about 3lbs per month on average. Reading this thread after the responses were over made it seem like she was losing almost 10 per month but in actuality it was steady slow and healthy despite how people kept downing her talking about shes not "healthy". Our bodies know whats healthy and whats not. She didnt get sick and I wish this was a book I could read and now I hope to fast as long as it takes me. Im 5'2 starting weight: 197 current weight 190 and goal weight is 160.(still heavy for a 5'2 girl but I feel most comfortable at that weight plus once im 160 Im sure I will want to be lower and lower due to body comp. goals