WAIST AWAYS -- February 2019



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    Great workout - thanks, @mari_moulin <3 you were right there with me!

    you've done yours, right?
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    Feb 13: 9818
    Feb 16: 8156
  • sue_01
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    Step challenge
    2/15--- 6,540
    2/16--- 4,000
    Sorry my steps are down had a really bad slip-on the ice yesterday.

  • jugar
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    sue_01 wrote: »
    Step challenge
    2/15--- 6,540
    2/16--- 4,000
    Sorry my steps are down had a really bad slip-on the ice yesterday.
    Oh no! I'd tell you to put ice on it but that sounds cruel. Take good care of it in any case!
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    jugar wrote: »

    Username - evangsimmons170

    02/11/19                 6,373 
    02/12/19                 5,392 
    02/13/19                 9,001 
    02/14/19                 7,291 
    02/15/19                 6,237 

    I'll log back in later with today's steps. I've already walked 3.5 miles this morning (on purpose!), but I'm not done! What time is "the end of the day?" I'm in Central Time here. Thanks @jugar for all you do for us. :smile:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the update. For today's steps as long as I have them by tomorrow morning (by 8 am Eastern), all is well. and thanks for the thanks! I really enjoy keeping track of all of you :wink:

    02/16/19              12,641 
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    Hi there, Sunday is my weigh-in day.

    Username: treebek
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    SW: 211
    2/3: 210.6
    2/10: 206.2
    2/17: 204.8

    After this week, I am very happy to see a loss. It was looking pretty grim on Wednesday. The crazy mind games of losing weight are the hardest part!
  • Andreabroadley
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    Weigh in day is Sunday.

    Previous Weight. 168.7
    Current Weight. 168.0
  • jugar
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    Great job on steps this week! We just need a few more numbers as fast as possible - Mari hasn't gotten into the spreadsheet with her yellow squares yet, so send me those steps:

    @GettingFitTash (Monday - Saturday)
    @Kittu125 (Thursday - Saturday)
    @mari_moulin @micki48 and @Astrue Saturday.

    I could put @leni1us in place of you @GettingFitTash if you don't want to be in the step team any more... And @leni1us could you send Thursday - Saturday? Thanks!
  • jugar
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    Welcome to Week 3!
  • BMcC9
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    Today is Success Sunday

    I want you to read this post before you jump in .... because I want EVERYONE to think of something - even only ONE thing that was a success for you this past week.
    • Did you log in?
    • Did you track your food?
    • Did you eat an extra fruit?
    • If there were bad results, did you look back and your week and figure out why? (= Lesson Learned = BIG Success!)
    • Did you start thinking about how to plan ahead and handle a similar scenario next time? (= Lesson Learned and Applied = EVEN BIGGER SUCCESS!)

    This is from the GEM fb page and I thought of our little group :smile: (note: there is a BIG difference between analyzing where you are weak and figuring out how to overcome said weakness vs condemning yourself for stumbling. )

    What you SAY to yourself matters 🙌

    Imagine you had a choice of roommates. Would you want to live with someone who constantly criticized you and noticed everything you did WRONG or someone who always was kind to you, and celebrated every GOOD thing you did, no matter how small?

    You are the ONLY one who lives in your mind 24/7. What does your internal dialogue look like?

    And ask yourself...has being harsh and self-critical ever actually benefited you? 🤔

    If it hasn't, maybe some change is in order. Maybe instead of beating yourself up, you should cheer yourself on. Be your own encourager, and surround yourself with others who do the same! 💕

  • BMcC9
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    My boby fat % (rough calculation based of age, height, weight and 3 measurements) has dropped again! Jan 2: 36.8... today: 31.6

    Current target: ~25%
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    Personal challenge- Exercise 4x a week
    2/11- Yes! (upper body)
    2/12- Yes! (lower body)
    2/13- No (rest)
    2/14- No
    2/15- YES (upper)
    2/16- No
    2/17- No

    While technically I don't consider yesterday or what I'll be doing today as exercise, it's gonna give me a workout.
    Cleaned out my minivan yesterday. Good grief was it FILTHY. 3 kids and I stupidly let them eat in the van too. So many crumbs and sticky spots and hidden toys tucked in to little nooks. So so dirty! lol I need to find some sort of shampoo to actually clean the mats in it. All I could do was get out some stress by beating the heck out of them with my windshield scraper lol.

    And today.... ugh. I NEED to clean the carpets in at least the living room, sunroom and my room.
    We have 3 dogs who enjoy messing on the carpets. One of them is our old dog who understandably can't always hold it like he used to and I guess just says SCREW IT!.. doesn't tell us he has to go out so just picks a spot and relieves himself.
    The next one is our little chihuahua mix that just... was never fully housebroken. Learned that that's just how chihuahuas are? Or how a lot of them are. Little hardheaded rat puppers pees and cheeto poops during the night.
    And then our youngest dog (2yo big mutt) is basically still a giant puppy. He's mostly house broken, but again will sometimes mess in the sunroom during the night. SIGH! Need to clean up the kids mess and then shampoo and clean the nasty carpet today!! It's going to be a good upper body workout at least lol.

    Anyway.. enough rambling, need to get this mess cleaned up! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!!
  • BMcC9
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    Hey, @LiLee2018 that van cleaning from yesterday sure rates high on the Success-O-Meter!! and sounds like, once you can look back at it instead of towards it, today's accomplishment will be too.

  • mari_moulin
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    edited February 2019

    Name: Mari

    Your Personal Challenge:

    FITNESS: Complete 5 - 30 minute workouts this week. Any form of workout counts.

    NUTRITION: Stay on or under allowed calories at least 5 days this week.

    HYDRATION: Drink 2 liters of water every single day!!!!

    SELF-CARE: Take some time for yourself and read a little each day.

    BONUS: Have one bubble bath this week! 🛀🏼

    Week 2:

    Sun - 💧📖
    Mon - 🏋🏻‍♀️🍎💧📖
    Tue - 🏋🏻‍♀️🍎💧📖
    Wed - 🏋🏻‍♀️🍎💧📖
    Thu - 🍎💧📖
    Fri - 🏋🏻‍♀️💧📖
    Sat - 🏋🏻‍♀️🍎📖💧


    Sun - 7,076
    Mon - 7,660
    Tue - 17,832
    Wed - 11,411
    Thu - 8,806
    Fri - 18,304
    Sat - 16,107


    Welp....I never got to that bath....maybe next week lol.

  • mari_moulin
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    jugar wrote: »
    Great workout - thanks, @mari_moulin <3 you were right there with me!

    you've done yours, right?

    Well done! I did end up doing that final workout for the week. I went out and did a 5K in 38 minutes and a few seconds. Gonna try to get a few more in this week.
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