WAIST AWAYS - March 2019



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    03/25/19             10,492 
    03/26/19                6,952 
    03/27/19                7,008 
    03/28/19                5,389 
    03/29/19                8,629 
    03/30/19                7,108 

    Hope I'm not too late. I really don't have time to keep up with reading all the posts due to working 4 jobs. So I hope I haven't missed anything major. I also hope everyone is doing well on their journeys. :smile:
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    Hey everyone, I'm back from vacation. I decided to just weigh in Friday as planned. That will give me a week to get my act together. I did not remain as diligent with my eating as I should have while on vacation but we did walk almost everywhere. I got my 10,000 steps in almost every day. We were at an all inclusive resort in Mazatlan so food and drinks were included, as was golf (the best part for the hubby). Now it's time to refocus. April is here!

    Welcome back! Since you missed a couple of weigh-ins, could you just confirm that you want to stick with the team for April? I'll put you back on the active list, and use your last weigh in as an starting weight if you think that is the best way. The moderators put you on the drop list, but I can fix that!
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