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    @NovusDies — Yay for new pictures! If you’ve avoided the camera as desperately as I have over the years, that is a big deal! I hope you find a shirt and jacket that make you feel great.

    I am sorry though to hear about your other reason for needing the nice clothes. It’s such a difficult situation, and there is still grief even when the death is a “blessing.” You’ll definitely be glad you’re not scrambling to find something that fits at the last second!
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    merph518 wrote: »
    My NSV today was getting in over 20,000 steps. Ending the day at around 21,417. Previous best (very recent) was 18000ish.

    My best a few weeks back would only be like 12k. Been really pushing myself lately to be more active.

    Nice. I hate you, but nice.

    My highest so far was a little over 14k. I have been consistently getting over 10k since last Friday when I believe the BP med finally stopped working. It was an interesting run with the intermittent low BP days and the dizziness. On days I felt really good 10 was almost automatic. On days I felt bad I was lucky to get 7 and it was a chore.
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    @jjlewey I really like that with the Black card after I do my workout I can go lay in the water message bed and it relaxes my muscles! Great way to end a hard workout!
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    merph518 wrote: »
    NSV for today: I'm wearing a shirt that didn't fit a week ago :)

    It finally passed the "sitting test", where it didn't look like a button was going to pop at stomach-level when I sit, ha.


    LOL. I'm impatiently waiting on several tops to pass the "sitting test".
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    katy9599 wrote: »
    I jogged! Just a tiny bit, but I did it. I’ve been contemplating trying a C25K program but couldn’t quite get up the nerve. Yesterday on my walk, I was on a stretch of the path that goes behind houses, with no one around. So I decided to run to the last house, and I made it! I did a couple more short intervals after that but didn’t want to push too hard my first time out. I’m clueless on pacing, and form for that matter, but it’s a start!

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    michne16 wrote: »
    Am wearing a new skirt that has hung in my closet for the past 3 years. It's a 14!

    I have clothes in my closet that I outgrew many years ago but refuse to get rid of because I love them so much. They are part of my future "NSV" hopes. :wink:
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    Way to go! That's a huge NSV to go to the gym much less rock it out when you are under the weather. That's awesome! I finished my gym routine for this week last night. I had planned to just do the exercise bike (rehabbing knee) and lift some light leg weights but someone was camped out at my main machine so I ended up taking a Zumba class instead. It was really fun with lots of hip hop dancing. So glad I did it. Today I am sore from my double work out but it's my massage day so I'll get it worked out. Hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are the worst!
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    @conniewilkins56 Sometimes the biggest victories are the things you DIDN’T do! Great job staying in control!
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    Awesome NSV @conniewilkins56 ! As a fellow binge eater I know how significant this victory was. Way to go!
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    Merph518 Congratulations! Great job on the step challenge and your 15K/day average!! You rock!!
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    Great job Merph!...and thanks for everything you do to keep me motivated!