Random Acts of Questioning

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Intermittently myself or one of the other leaders will ask a question here for you to answer if you choose. You can also discuss answers by other people. The questions will be a way to get to know each other a little better without getting into specifics that could penetrate anonymity.

Since it is October...

If you were going to a party wearing a completely edible mask what flavor would you not find too offensive to wear but not so tempting you would eat it before the end of the night?

Oh, yeah, my questions will be kind of crazy.


  • merph518
    merph518 Posts: 702 Member
    Cherry. I don't care for the taste but the smell wouldn't bug me.
  • kosseychick
    kosseychick Posts: 244 Member
    Pumpkin 🎃.. tis the season!
  • DogMom919
    DogMom919 Posts: 58 Member
    Dark chocolate....I do love chocolate.....dark, not so much....
  • amkita
    amkita Posts: 183 Member
    this is crazy... crazy awesome!

    also, tough. the older I get, the more open I am to foods I used to dislike. however, I'm going with eggplant--it's something I'm not overly fond of and doesn't have much of a smell on its own.
  • 88olds
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    Liver. The only thing I wouldn’t eat is liver.
  • NovusDies
    NovusDies Posts: 8,940 Member
    Strong aromas tend to make me nauseous if I have no break from them. My answer without considering that would be cinnamon because it smells nice but you wouldn't normally want to eat it straight. But that is out. I am going to go with kiwi. It has a mild smell and it is one of the only foods I cannot eat simply because of the texture.

    I would eat the liver, eggplant, and the dark chocolate. I would be safe around the pumpkin but I didn't want to duplicate. Cherry I have to be in the mood for but I would probably eat it just to get away from the smell.
  • amkita
    amkita Posts: 183 Member
    no liver for me! even if I did eat meat, liver was always too gross. dark chocolate would get eaten, along with cherries (I've eaten myself sick on freshly picked cherries).

  • conniewilkins56
    conniewilkins56 Posts: 3,391 Member
    Grape or cherry....definitely not chocolate!
  • Hubzilla
    Hubzilla Posts: 27 Member
    Licorice. Though it would start as a full mask in the beginning and be a half gone eye covering mask at the end of the evening...
  • maiomaio71
    maiomaio71 Posts: 231 Member
    Lime. As long as it was sour. Love the smell but wouldn't eat it if it was sour. Super super sour.
  • NovusDies
    NovusDies Posts: 8,940 Member
    The licorice would be safe. The lime I would probably at least damage via licking and if they had margaritas I would need to give up my keys.
  • jnorban
    jnorban Posts: 6 Member
    radishes. I like the spicy smell, don't like the taste at all.
  • jjlewey
    jjlewey Posts: 248 Member
    This is a tough one. Pretty much anything food wise that I could stand to be on my face for any period of time would also be something I would eat over that period of time. I have done a cucumber mask before to appease my teenage daughter so I could probably make that work.
  • Satisfiedwithbetter
    Satisfiedwithbetter Posts: 970 Member
    I was thinking an avocado mask!
  • papayahed
    papayahed Posts: 407 Member
    carrot, plus it would be good for my skin.
  • A cucumber mask! Love the fresh smell of cucumber but I’ve never once been tempted to eat it if it wasn’t part of a salad. Plus a bonus to help get rid of the bags under my eyes lol
  • kaika_dragon
    kaika_dragon Posts: 101 Member
    I think peppermint would work for me.
  • maybe1pe
    maybe1pe Posts: 529 Member
    Olives.... bleh.
  • NovusDies
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    New Question:

    How would you rename one of your staple and liked items from a grocery store or similar in a way that most people would not want to buy it?

    Do the opposite. Pick an item you dislike or never buy and rename it in a way that more people would want to buy it.

  • merph518
    merph518 Posts: 702 Member
    a) roast beef -> roasted cow flesh. Sounds super appetizing, right?
    b) drawing a blank! It's hard to upsell something I don't care for.