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  • sleepymom5
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    Saturday 2/8 check in
    Food:not logged and over
    Water: over 64 oz
    Exercise: 40 minutes walk, 15 min stationary bike, PT, stretch and strength

    I stuck to my drinking plan last night so I am happy with that. I didn't stick to my eating plan though but I am ok with it. I did look up the menu and planned what I was eating. What I didn't know is that this was a place that you shared. They had small portions and a different menu so we ordered a ton of stuff and had a little bite of everything. I am glad I did, I ate things I would have never tried. Everything was delicious. We also got steaks but I only had 1/3 of it. I also had a few bites of dessert, it was presented the same way. When I went home, I was full but not stuffed. Today's plan-lots of water, eating light, exercise. It is a beautiful day so I am going to walk outside. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

    I noticed quite a few of you commenting how busy this thread is and how hard it is to keep up with all the posts. What I suggest is that you at least read the posts if you have time. I have really learned so much from just interacting with this group. If you can't read, there is a little bell on the top right hand side of the page next to the star and gear. It will show if anyone mentions you. You can hit that if you don't have time to read but don't want to miss if someone is commenting to you. If you can read the posts and comment, that is awesome. If you can't comment to everyone, don't stress over it. I don't want anyone to be overwhelmed. If there is something that you can suggest to someone that may help their issue, that is awesome, but if, not do not worry about commenting. We would love for everyone to post daily and comment but we know that life is busy and it is just unrealistic. The important thing is you have a place to come for help and support and lend your support or knowledge also. Hope this helps.

    @Mrsbell8well It is understandable that you are feeling sad. You basically were cruising along and had the rug pulled out from under you. In the long run, this is just going to be a blip in the radar, you will be back to where you were. You aren't going to feel like this for the entire time you recover. Each day and week you are going to be feeling more like yourself. I know Molly has to work but can you plan a get away to the country house? Next week is president's weekend, maybe you can do a long weekend. How about making a plan for when you are recovered? How you are going to build yourself back up. You have time to do the things you usually don't have time for. Reading, doing your planner, maybe light organizing of something you didn't get to. Maybe even plan a trip for the future to go to while you have time to really research things. You have been taking care of your body and keeping it strong. Now you need to give it time to heal and recover. That is just as important as exercising. When your body is fully recovered, you are going to be amazed how good you feel. You are going to have more endurance with that pacemaker. On a different note- I am just curious, could your throat hurt from being intubated for surgery? I know that isn't uncommon.
    @starcrystal3 It can be very active at times. I It is awesome to give and get support but don't get overwhelmed. If you don't have time, just post what you are up to and don't worry about responding.
    @ljdanny Nice steps! One day was over 14,000! Awesome!
    @phoebe112476 I am glad that hunger thing is gone. Sometimes you just need more fuel so hopefully that was all it was.
    @tryingagain5 I like those videos for when you just need something quick (or not so quick) and don't want to go out. I also like them because you do get a ton of steps in. I am glad that the iron pills seem to be working. I was anemic when I was younger due to my period. I ended up having a uterine ablation and it took care of it. I didn't get my period after that so that is why I am having a little trouble figuring out where I am with this menopause stuff lol! Sounds like you had a nice weekend.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Nice day yesterday but sorry to hear that the pain is spiking. I am curious if you see a difference between non impact and exercises with impact and pain. I am not even sure if I am using the proper term. For example, do you have a better time on the stationary bike rather than walking on pavement or the beach?
    @brown6267 Nice stepping! Hope things are well!
    @lennoncpa. That sounds yummy! Great substitution with the veggies!
  • sleepymom5
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    Day 8 - February 9th! Describe the imaginary character you need in your life to keep you on track. Where would they be? What would they do?

    Here is the link-
  • CassieGetsFit2013
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    User ID: CassieGetsFit2013
    Week Number: Week 2
    Previous weight: 214
    Current weight: 215.8

    Ugh, I thought I did okay this week, but then I started my period, so I do feel heavier because of that and I've had really horrible back pain so I guess I knew I would havw this gain! Grrr!! 😤

    I haven't been exercising at all and I found this app that has 7 minute workouts and you can do easy, medium and hard. And it's like a 30 day thing. And I'll just do it kver and over, after every 30 days. 😊 7 minutes might not be very long, but I think it'll be good if I can get into it and try to make it a habit of doing some type of workout!

    Gonna try hard to make the other two weigh ins in February losses!
  • TeresaW1020
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    CONGRATULATIONS to Team Downsizers for STAYING IN THE GREEN with 60.7%!!! B)


    Stay focused and your team could be the winners next week!! ;)
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    Just a quick check in today. It has been a crazy day & it was my first time as a mod posting the weekly results (it was not easy!). Everything was on track but I was fighting off that cold my son had, so while I was on track with calories, I just felt like toast & other carbs. I did a lot of meal cooking and prep today, so we are set for the week.

    We did great this week! Congrats to @amsandos, @kirsten11872 and @nstephenson01!!

    For this week's step challenge, I need Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from @JTBilly. I will post the results tomorrow when I get those steps!
  • tryingagain5
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    I did like the videos. The 15 minutes went by pretty quickly, that's why I did it twice. I'll have to try one of the others sometime. Looks like there are many to choose from.

    I'm glad the iron pills are working too. It will be interesting to see what the bloodwork shows. I'm not sure if I"ll know why I became anemic. One of the many questions I have for my doctor. If I don't have to go in for a follow up appointment, I'll have to message him my many questions. I'm not in menopause yet. My doctors say I'm in perimenopause.

    I did enjoy my weekend, it's too bad they go by so quickly.
  • jmilner89
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    You guys I'm sorry for posting my weigh in late!!

    Week 1
    Weigh in day (should be) Friday
    CW 214.9
  • tryingagain5
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    Sunday 2/9 check in
    Food: logged and on track
    Water: 48 hours
    Exercise: 30 minutes (did the Leslie Sansone video twice). Also shoveled about 3 or 4 inches of snow

  • brown6267
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    02/09 steps 6746
  • Cafelelia
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    Good morning everyone and Happy Monday! We got some crazy icy, slushy weather overnight. Yesterday was a busy one and it was a rest day in terms of exercise. I am doing some IF and playing around a bit with it to see what feels best. I have to run and hope that everybody is doing well!

    @brown6267 - Looks like you had a much needed rest day with your steps!
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Great day yesterday and it looks like you are finding your balance. When you have that hunger, even with some calories left, sometimes it is good to wait and have some water to see if it persists or not. I am trying more and more to rely on hunger cues rather than just calories, and it can be tricky.
    @tryingagain5 - Great day yesterday! Shoveling snow can be a chore, but at least you get some calorie burn from that!
    @jmilner89 - thanks for letting us know your weight. Next time, just post or message me or @sleepymom5 that you will be late. The spreadsheet for the previous week close on Sunday morning so that the winners can be calculated. So just let us know before then.
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