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    @Fi45 happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great time!!!
    @sleepymom5 thanks for the advice Pam. It’s good to reflect on where I’m at and what I need to do to continue self care.
    Congrats on another good food day.
    @JillyBT happy for you that your test went well and your good for 10 years. I’m sure that’s a relief to get it over with. Good luck with that cough and broken toe. I like your scale trick lol.
    @ljdanny Layla Jean is a lovely name. So sorry your in pain. Hope the epidural helps. Sounds like you have been suffering with this for awhile. Hope you get relief soon.
    @lennoncpa having grandchildren is magical. And you will be a great grandma! I was told early on to”build memories”. Sounds like you have fond ones.
    @kirsten11872 sounds like you have done well with your food and steps. I like Pam’s idea too of maybe doing a workout at home if your not able to make it to the gym. So much of this is mental. Like you said if you can talk yourself into going for a little bit you often end up doing more. It sounds like you enjoy your workouts once your there. Good luck and hang in there!
    @gingerpwr I miss running. Your experience is true for most of us runners. It will surprise you. Some days are surprisingly easy and other days unjustifiably challenging. At this point your still building your foundation so every run counts. It will definitely get easier. Your doing great every time you put on your running shoes. Are you planning any 5K’s? I wish we could all join @Cafelelia on her June 5K.
    Good luck organizing your closet.
    @Cafelelia your watch has me intrigued. My daughter was going to give me hers since she just bought a new one. I just started wearing my Fitbit again a few weeks ago. It does help. My goal was 8K steps yesterday. I was short 2k so I stayed up watching tv and walked in circles around the couch. Met my goal. I would never have done that without the watch. Good luck with the snow and your activities.
  • Mrsbell8well
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    I have a busy day today. Part of clearing out jewelry was to fix broken items, clean tarnished items and weed out items for goodwill. Used tarn-x on my beautiful silver bowl and costume jewelry. Looks brand new. Took my opal bracelet to be fixed. It’s part of a set with ring and earrings. It’s so gorgeous and I have never worn it. Picking it up from jeweler today. Molly’s class ring was for a pinky. Beautiful emerald. I had that sized to fit me. Picking that up as well. I will post pictures. Dropping off a sapphire bracelet that I found in my jewelry box that needs repair as well.
    I’m opening a new business checking account for our rental property. I just formed an LLC this week to transfer the rental home title for our protection.
    Lunch with Molly then 2 work phone meetings to prepare for Monday.
    Step goal 9K.
    Water goal 64 oz
    Food goal-skip dinner. Start IF after lunch.
    I made noodles or pasta 3 times this week. It’s my favorite. I have been doing that thing we do to eat all the good stuff before we get serious again. But I had a nightmare that my cheeks were chubby. It scared me. I definitely cannot live a “normal” life where I eat whatever I want when ever I want it. I will gain everything back if I’m not mindful. I tried the “self acceptance” and saw the scale hit the 200’s. I really think I could have lived with that but the scale never stopped. I knew I would see 300. I struggle. Still working on finding that doable lifestyle. It’s not easy. But I love being here where I am at a whole lot more than I loved being overweight.
    Just remembered I also need to stop by doctors and have them sign another work form for me. And this morning I plan to mop the floors with my new mop. Cleaned bathrooms and dusted, finished organizing and cleaning the whole house yesterday. Mopping this morning and I’m done.
    Phew not sure how we manage working FT and doing all this. Meeting with our financial advisor next week to discuss retirement.
    Have a good day everyone!
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    02/28 steps 7896
  • Cafelelia
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    This is for all of you Star Trek fans!! I am a huge one & am currently binging in the new Picard series! I have another busy day so will catch up on posts tonight. Have a great Friday!!
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    @JillyBT I am glad that the colonoscopy went well. You have had a rough few weeks, hope the cold and your toe are better soon. What a good idea to use the scale at the gym as a motivator for you to go!
    @Fi45 I am glad that you had a nice birthday week. Just get back on track. You are so close to onderland!
    @rosieposiesrl Not a bad weigh in at all. Are you traveling for fun or work. You are absolutely right, planning will make a big difference. You can still indulge but just be selective when you do. You can do this!!
    @Mrsbell8well You have timed things well for finishing up getting things cleaned and organized around the house and getting back to work on Monday. Hope you can take the weekend to relax and enjoy. Btw-March sounds like a good month for Molly Month...just saying ;)
    @brown6267 Nicely done my friend!
    @Cafelelia I can totally relate to your post and what a good feeling that is. At one point I really thought that I was always going to have pain. It is such an awesome feeling not having pain and also the point that you realize you are starting to really improve. So happy for you that you are getting back to your running! Love your post, I am not a Star Wars fan, just because I don't get to watch too many shows or movies but I did love the original one growing up.
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    Today's Leaping-Groundhog challenge-

    Day 27 - February 28. What is the silliest gaffe you have ever made in your weight loss or fitness journey? Crazy gaffe in the gym? Blender contents on the ceiling? Spill...


    The link- https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10783307/leaping-groundhogs-the-02-2020-questions-challenge#latest
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    Friday weigh in
    week 4
    pw: 162.2
    cw: 161.1

    Yay! I dropped back to two weeks ago and that is after eating crazy this week. I was way under goal for two days then way over for three days and yesterday was normal.
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    March team chat is now open. Feel free to access the link below and go introduce yourself.

  • Mrsbell8well
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    Opals. I also have the matching oval earrings.
    Molly’s class ring. She has 2. This was an emerald pinky ring she never wore. It’s mine now ❤️
    And...I have a new wedding ring!!! I traded in an old one for this beauty. Been wanting to do all this for a long time.
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    JillyBT wrote: »
    Thursday Check in
    Did not track
    No exercise but...
    Colonoscopy done! All good and don’t have to do it again for 10 years! Yipee! Still have a bad cough from the cold and the broken toe. Not a good few weeks. Looking forward to March! Curious if the colonoscopy diet helped me loose a pound or two, I don’t have a scale at home on purpose. I use the scale at the gym to make me go to the gym.

    I had a colonoscopy in January. Turned 50 this year so my doctor told me I had to do it. I lost about 3 or 4 pounds with the prep but as soon as I started eating again every pound came right back.🙄
    Glad you're good for the next 10 years. I'm also good for 10 years. Hope your cough and broken toe both get better soon.
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    Thursday 2/27 check in
    Food: over
    Water: 48 oz
    Exercise: 20 minutes speed intervals on the treadmill

    Work provided food for us. They try to do something nice for the employees once a month or so. This time it was nachos.

    No one was asked to stay for OT today so I got to bed on time. After the treadmill I used the hydro massage bed at the gym. Then went to volunteer with the little kids. After that went to coffee with one of the other ladies who also volunteers. I was still hungry even though I was already over on my calories. I made some not so good choices today. Oops.🙄 Plan to get back on track tomorrow.Then it was off to work again.
  • tryingagain5
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    Wow! You're packing a lot in your day! All I've managed today was to sleep this morning. Of course, I was up all night working, so sleep was probably a good idea.😁

    I think we're all finding that doable way of eating and exercising. As my trainer likes to say "progress not perfection." He is very supportive. He knows when I need to be pushed. He also is happy when I get to a certain goal, like the 50 pounds lost. He gets more excited about it than I do because I've seen the scale go up and down so many times.

    Glad you're doing so well and get to go back to work. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.
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    Check in: Wednesday 26/2 and Thursday 27/2
    Food: logged and over goal but under maintenance
    Water: have not tracked
    Exercise: nothing over normal activity

    So the last couple of days, food/diet has not been great, but has been better than last couple of weeks!  Main goal of tracking is happening, so at least I am conscious of what I am doing.  Generally during the day is good and healthy choices, but it is the getting up at nightime when not sleeping that is still slipping me up.  All my treat type foods are now gone now, so hopefully will get better going forwards. Am going to bed with a large bottle of water so hoping I can make it a habit of drinking that before raiding the fridge (though would prefer to be sleeping instead, but I think I need time on that one!).

    I have been prepping this message all day whilst catching up on posts.  Hoping this will be the last of my bad news for a while, but about an hour ago I had my cat Dax (star trek fan...) put down.  She was nearly 19 years old, and such a gorgeous friendly thing.  She suffered an embolism, cutting blood supply to her back legs.  She was fine at at 6pm when I fed her dinner, she then went outside.  Found her inside by the back door just after 8pm.  So very sad, but she lived a long and happy life, and I am pleased I was able to share it with her. xxx I still have Curzon (Dax's son) who is about 18 years old, who is curled up on my lap as I type.

    Thank you so much for the kind words @cafelelia, @sleepymom5 and @Mrsbell8well

    @Mrsbell8well - love your fairy room!  I hate decluttering and sorting, but really enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when it is done.  I am slowly going through my home.  And such beautiful jewellery - I especially love the opals (I have a little opal collection - my Mum lives in Australia, so I always pick myself some more up whenever I visit).
    @cafelelia so pleased your leg is feeling better and that you are back running, that must feel amazing!
    @lennoncpa so jealous about your snow!  So far this year the only snow we have seen is a 30 minute flurry on Thursday morning!  Would love to have some more - even if just enough to build a little snowman! 
    @timibotkin hope you catch a break soon, my heart goes out to you.
    @1theresamcvean so sorry for the bad time you are having, but I bet your granddaughters company helped a load - she is gorgeous!  You must be so proud.
    @tryingagain5 Woohoo!  Congratulations on 50lbs down!  Well done - you have worked hard for it and it is well deserved!
    @ljdanny What a beautiful name that is. Enjoy your weekend with baby cuddles (they are the best!)
    @Fi45 Happy birthday! Glad you had a nice time.
    @sleepymom5 well done on such a good week - you certainly did finish February strong - I need to take heed! 
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