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    @nstephenson01 Enjoy your time in Pennsylvania with your husband. Hope to see you again in April or May.

    @KUMEcycling Your meal prep sounds and looks so nourishing and delicious. We have another cyclist here, Janice from Texax @txmama63. I hope you've made her acquaintance. I used to cycle a lot more. For a while, I rode a Cervelo. Now I have a hybrid Devinci (both Canadian bikes), which is still very light but better on city streets and for my less active lifestyle. My daughter says I'm like Forrest Gump when he just stopped running. I don't disagree. :smiley:

    @Mrsbell8well I love the goals you have for your fairy room. Sage and violets are perfect ~ so peaceful and natural for the fairies after all. Pippa's tea set came from a little antique store around the corner. We use these tiny porcelain teaspoons from a set of doll-house size dishes and utensils that I brought back from Paris. That sounds so fancy to say. LOL. (I was there on a family history trip to see some of the places my ancestors lived. I drove from Paris across to Alsace and then into the Black Forest in Germany, finally leaving from Zurich, Switzerland to head home. Good memories.) I am keeping the porcelain dish set until she's older and hopefully my son builds her a dollhouse (he's a carpenter and a luthier so I think he can handle that). There are so many dishes and serving utensils in that set that I don't think any of us have that many of our own. So European.

    @Cafelelia I'm here right now to remind myself not to eat too much and stay in the present. Thank you for the tip. Looking forward to coordinating some running. You have nothing to fear about speed (reference my Forrest Gump statement above).

    See you all on the March post!
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    @1theresamcvean your post is delightful! How fun to hear about the history of your tea set and utensils. Your a girl after my own heart. Mom bought me 2 violet pillows today that look like they are sprinkled with silver fairy dust. They are so swoon worthy. I’m saving them for my future room. Maybe summer?
    @timibotkin damn girl! You really rack up a lot of steps!!! Congratulations on hitting your 70’s goal! You amaze me!
    @KUMEcyclingteam your meal sounds quite yummy! I thought that was potatoes in there. You will have to post pork pictures next week. We love our food porn!
    And it’s pretty cute how you give extra insite and comments on each ingredient. It made me smile. FYI... if you use the @ symbol before some ones name it will flag them that someone has mentioned them in a post. Your doing great. Glad to have you on our team. My wife and I were planning a 55 mile bike ride in May. Unfortunately health problems are pushing those plans to the sidelines. For now anyway.
    @Zumba_Luvah I have total faith that you will make great progress by summer! Hang in there.

    I’m waiting for macarons to cool off before going to bed. Skylynn stayed up past her bedtime baking but I told her I would watch the last 2 trays. Oh my these things are a bother. But Skylynn is delirious with happiness. I will post pictures tomorrow. They came out quite pretty. Thank God!!! That’s a lot of work and you never know if they are going to turn out but they did. Can’t try them till tomorrow but at least they look right. I racked up over 12K steps and drank all my water. Food on track as well !

    @kirsten11872 I was worried about you. I know how you get when your in the zone. I wasn’t quite hearing your usual focused self this week. Hey tomorrow is a new month and a fresh new start!
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