WEIGHT NO MORE Team Chat - March 2020

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Welcome Fat2Fit Challengers

Here is your Team chat room! This is where you weigh in every week, post your goals and progress, discuss any issues or topics of interest, share ideas, support your teammates, receive help when you need it, and dream big. Cheer each other on to success!
We are beginning the March 2020 Challenge - We have six great teams this month. The group and team leaders are as follows:
Our Moderators:
Liselyn - @jugar
Beka - @beka3695
Lisa - @cafelelia
Teresa - @TeresaW1020

Our Team Captains:
Mission Slimpossible - @broncobuddee and @TeresaW1020
Trimstones - @mulecanter and @jessicakrall8
Weight No More - @sleepymom5 and @cafelelia
Waist Aways - @jugar and @micki48
Shrinking Assets - @Boehle and @beka3695
Downsizers - @lindamtuck2018 and (open)

Our Team Motivators:
Mission Slimpossible - @AustinRuadhain
Trimstones - @Angmarie28
Weight No More - @nstephenson01
Waist Aways - @Terytha and @evangsimmons170
Shrinking Assets - @TheMrWobbly (Fitness Captain)
Downsizers - @UTMom81 and @Kres567

Every challenger weighs in on their chosen day, and at the end of each week, the tallies are done to determine the team and individuals with the most weight lost. The best losers are announced with full fanfare every Sunday. The team competition is all in good spirits - may the most losing win!

If you need a week off, a break, a change of weigh-in day - just ask your Captain here on your team chat page. If you miss two weigh-ins in a row without asking for a break, you will be dropped from the team, so be sure to ask if you are travelling, sick, or just needing some time off.

In addition to your own team, there are F2F Full Group CHALLENGES. You can do all or none - it's up to you. Participating adds a lot to your success, so we hope to see you there often! These can involve anything fitness, health, or nutrition - and they’ll get you moving, thinking, and learning about this journey. Check the “Announcements” section for full group challenges.

Let’s show our fellow challengers some F2F love!! Introduce yourselves right away, and let the new month begin.



  • sleepymom5
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    Welcome to the March Thread of Team Weight No More!!

    I am Pam. I am co-captain with the awesome @Cafelelia who is also a moderator for F2F! Our motivators are the amazing @nstephenson01 and @Mrsbell8well!

    We are here to support each other through the good, bad and whatever else! It is going to be a great month!!

    Whether you are new or returning, come on and tell us about yourself and your goals for March!

    Here is some information for you about this thread:

    Posting Your Daily Updates (or more frequently)
    We ask that you please try to check in daily or more if you please. If you don’t post daily, that’s ok, but just remember that the daily conversations that we have are a great opportunity for support through your journey. Please also post whenever you want, such as when you have a question, want to share information or tips, or if you need some extra support at a challenging moment or time.

    For daily updates, you can use whatever format (or not) that you like. Many of us here check in with the following format:
    Check in for: Thursday
    Logged food: yes, on track
    Water: 64 oz
    Steps or exercise: 10000 and 30 minutes of yoga

    Posting Your Weekly Weigh In.
    Please be sure to provide your weigh in as soon as you can on weigh in day. If something comes up and you cannot weigh in on your weigh day, please post here or message to advise me or @Cafelelia . We will let the moderators know as three missed weight ins on the spreadsheet means that you will be bumped to the support team (and eventually off the team). After you post, you will soon see the “insightful” reaction marked on your weigh in post. This means that either me or @Cafelelia has recorded your weight on the spreadsheet. It is our system to make sure the other captain knows that the weight is recorded.

    Here is how we ask that you weigh in weigh in on weigh in day:
    User ID: *
    Week Number: Week *
    Previous weight: *
    Current weight: *

    Looking forward to an amazing March with all of you!!!!

    Full disclosure....This was really written by @Cafelelia I just tweeked a little for this month.
    We are still awaiting word on our monthly challenge and new team members. We will update you as new information is available.
  • sleepymom5
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    Hi Everyone! My name is Pam. I am one of the team's co captain along with @Cafelelia . Our team motivators are @Mrsbell8well and @nstephenson01 I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I have been married 28 years and have 5 children 28-19. I am a nurse but sorta retired at the moment. I am still trying to decide.
    My story in a nutshell...I was never overweight, although I always thought I was fat growing up. I gained A TON of weight with my pregnancies and ended up at 221 lbs. Unfortunately that ended up being my heaviest even when I wasn't pregnant . At the end June of 2012 I decided I either had to get serious and lose weight or accept that I am obese and live my life. I got a fitbit and joined MFP on July 1, 2012. Since then, I have gained and lost 30 or more pounds a few times. I have never gotten back to that starting weight but have gotten close. Although I haven't been as successful with my weight loss as I would like, I have learned a lot. I eat so much healthier than I used to. I also am in good physical shape, I love to hike, walk, kayak and bike. Actually anything outdoors I usually enjoy. I do have a home gym which has a bike, treadmill, elliptical, weights and a few other things. I want to enjoy exercising and not have it be a chore. I am always looking for fun, new workouts. I had some hip and knee issues for most of the summer until now. I am feeling much better and am done with PT. I am hoping to build myself back up to where I was so I can enjoy walking on the beach and riding my bike again this summer.
    As far as eating, that is where I struggle. I do eat healthy for the most part but I am working on not overeating. I listen to the Phit and Phat podcasts daily. The things they talk about really have hit home with me. Especially making small, doable changes. I have done so many restrictive diets and crazy exercise regimes and lost weight only to gain it all back when I just couldn't keep it up anymore. This time I am not making any changes that I am not willing to continue my whole life. It is really a lifestyle change. I totally get that now. The weight is coming off slower than I would like but it is coming off and that is what is important.
    This team is more than just weighing in weekly. Checking in daily really helps keep me focused. I also learn a lot from everyone and also get support when I really need it. I was in a terrible slump most of 2018 and this team pulled me out and put me on a good path. I learn so much by reading everyone else's successes and struggles. If I wasn't on this team, I wouldn't be where I am now. I didn't have the best January or February but I am ready to make March my month! Let's do this team Weight No More!
  • Cafelelia
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    Hi everybody!! I am Lisa, co-captain with Pam! Welcome all returning members (we don't have any news ones just yet)!! I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and our two boys. I am a lawyer, running my own part-time practice from my home office, after many years in the corporate world. I am a runner, recovering from a long injury and really thrilled to be back on the pavement, however slowly and gradually I go! My weigh came on in my 30's when my career got busy and then having 2 pregnancies. I am a fluctuator, so I can lose the weight, but I don't keep it off. I have decided that 2020 is the year that stops! My goals for March are to lose 3 lbs, keep up my new 64 oz water habit, gradually increase my running & workouts, and continue to hone my work on paying attention to my daily plan and hunger.

    We all know each other, but hop on and post about yourself and your goals!

    Together, we will do this!! Let's go Team Weight No More!!
  • Cafelelia
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    edited February 2020

    The March moderators challenge is up!


    This is all about sharing and documenting your healthy journey! Each week, we will post a theme by day and you get to post a photo related to that theme. You can post just a photo, or a photo with words, or just post words if you don't want to post a photo. It is time for the F2F family get creative for spring!!

    Each day of the week is related to a healthy theme:
    Motivation Mondays
    Transformation Tuesdays
    Workout Wednesdays
    Thirsty Thursday
    Food for Though Friday

    We have weekends off (and you can start taking photos for the next week)!

    Week 1 themes are posted in the challenge thread and we start on Monday, March 2nd! See you there!

    And btw, this amazing challenge was the idea of our very own @sleepymom5

  • jugar
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    Happy March (almost)! You will have a new team member joining you -- please welcome @podperson1 to your midst. Have a great month :smiley:
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Hi everyone,

    I am Theresa and I live in downtown Toronto, Canada. I have a 30-year-old daughter who lives near me and a 28-year-old son who lives in a pretty town called Uxbridge, which is about an hour or so outside of the city, where they bought an old home. Uxbridge is the trail capital of Canada. I have two grandchildren. My granddaughter, Pippa, is two and a half, and my grandson Gilbert is 9 months old.

    I work for myself now, after having had a career as an advertising and publishing executive. A good friend and I are launching a start-up, which has to do with the genealogy trend that's going on now. I'll tell you more about that when it launches. I'm also a family historian myself.

    I love cooking from scratch and my diet is generally good. I'd love to get more exercise in. As @sleepymom5 says, I am really in the sandwich generation, which is a balancing act that I'm hoping to navigate with some grace. I have two generations before me, my grandmother and my mother who are both in their final months. My poor grandmother has outlived two of her children so far and likely will outlive one more before she goes. We are all finding that very emotional. I have two generations following me, my children and grandchildren who you'll see here, especially now that we have a March photo challenge. I have a cute dog too, his name is Xavy. They keep my spirits up.

    Let's not beware the Ides of March. Apparently there's nothing sinister about it. Hope you reach your goals this month!
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Welcome @podperson1!
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    I also want to welcome @podperson1 this group is pretty awesome :smile:

    @sleepymom5 and @Cafelelia for this month, can I change my weigh in day to Sunday please? I'm not going to worry about NZ/US time, I'll just weigh myself on a Sunday am and post it here later on in the day. My rest day is either a Friday or Saturday so I had to work out when the most likely time to show a loss on the scale was. Stupid sore muscles lol.

    Review of February - I'm pretty well back on track and feeling like "me" again, which is amazing given the past few years. Over Feb I lost 3.7kg/8.1 lbs which I will happily take. More importantly, after some really frustrating years with nerve pain and exercise, every doctor, therapy and alternative therapy under the sun and trying to build up what my body will tolerate, I'm managing to cycle to and from work. Just a few months ago I couldn't even walk slowly up a hill without hours of pain, and now not only am I cycling, today I walked nearly 8km over the cliff-tops along the coastline with only a few manageable niggles. I honestly think it's a mix of slowly building up my training, and changing my eating habits.

    Goals for March - keep moving, keep getting fitter. The weight loss will come, I'm not setting a specific goal because I get hung up on numbers. They're not important. My health is. So I'm going to keep focusing on me :smile:
  • amsandos
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    Hello my broadband and computer issues all seem to sorted now. I spend a good deal of time yesterday turning it off and turning it back on again yesterday. I thought there was a problem with the hardware but had to run a bunch of tests and figured out it was my new printer hogging off the wifi bandwith. I also bought some gorgeous curtains. There are 5 weeks left to the National coal carrying championships. February saw me in a motivational slump but I am back and ready to do it.

    It is March the 1st the first day of meterological spring the sun is shining. Later I am going for a bike ride. I sacked my personal trainer and I am feeling great. I went for a swim this morning I think that is why I am in such a great mood. I did also wake up at 5am and sorted a mountain of washing I predict an energy slump mid afternoon?
  • Mrsbell8well
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    Great intros ladies! I will be back later to post.
    Did great yesterday.
    Today’s goals 10K steps, 64 oz water, IF after early dinner. Be careful with Sunday dinner portion size and enjoy Skylynns feast.
    Going to church this morning and getting ready for Monday. Finishing our Spring decorating.
    Enjoy your Sunday everyone and happy March!!!
  • tryingagain5
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    I'm Linda, 50 and live in Michigan. I don't have kids but have 3 grown nephews who are married.

    I've been on this team since October 2019. Thank you to all who have encouraged me! It has been helpful.

    I have two great nieces, one who just turned 1 in February and one who is almost 4 months old.

    I have had a weight issue most of my life and have lost and gained many pounds over the years. I have lost 50 pounds since January of 2018 and probably have around 50 or so more to lose. I work with a trainer at my gym three times a week, he works me really hard, which is what I want. I'm much stronger now than when I started. He has given me workouts to do on my own when I'm not working with him. I usually give myself one rest day per week and weekends usually do some low intensity exercise at home.

    I have support and accountability from my trainer and other people in my life but can always use more.

    My goals for are basically continuing from October.
    Get in fruits and veggies and water. Would like to do the following everyday but know that's not realistic so I'm going for 4 days per week.
    Fruit goal: 4
    Veggie goals: 4
    Water: 64 oz
  • tryingagain5
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    Welcome to the team!
  • brown6267
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    02/29 steps 12122
  • Beka3695
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    1st Shrinking Assets 0.46%
    2nd Waist Aways 0.36%
    3rd Mission Slimpossibles 0.13%

    1st Shrinking Assets 17.6 Lbs
    2nd Waist Aways 15.8 Lbs
    3rd Mission Slimpossibles 6.5 Lbs

    1st @TheMrWobbly 3.73 %
    2nd @19shmoo69 2.42%
    3rd @cory17 2.22 %

    1st @TheMrWobbly 7.6 Lbs
    2nd @19shmoo69 6.0 Lbs
    3rd @cory17 4.8 Lbs



  • Beka3695
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    1st Downsizers 0.83%
    2nd Shrinking Assets 0.82%
    3rd Mission Slimpossibles 0.75%

    1st Mission Slimpossibles 38.6 Lbs
    2nd Downsizers 32.3 Lbs
    3rd WaistAways 31.4 Lbs

    1st @TheMrWobbly 5.53 %
    2nd @Emmajhare 5.19%
    3rd @achagpar 4.39 %

    1st @TheMrWobbly 11.5 Lbs
    2nd @Jen_967 10.4 Lbs
    3rd @timibotkin 8.8 Lbs



  • sleepymom5
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    Happy March everyone! I really don't have time to post because I have been on the computer way too long already. I will be back later or tonight to post about yesterday and also do the reminders etc. Hope everyone is starting March off strong!! Have a great day!

    @podperson1 Welcome! We are so happy to have you here! I am glad that you jumped right in and introduced yourself! I think this team is just what you are looking for. In fact, you sound like you have the same struggles as some of us. I am happy you are here!

    Congrats to our winners last week! @KUMEcyclingteam, ME(nothing like tooting your own horn lol! :)) and @brown6267 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places-Nice losses everyone!!

    For the month our winners are @timibotkin, @KUMEcyclingteam and @tryingagain5 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! Fantastic February my friends!!

    So...catching up from yesterday on the February thread.....

    @brown6267 Nice loss! Looks like you had a good week! You also had a 2 lb loss for February! Great job!
    @Zumba_Luvah Hope all is going well. Although you gained this week, you did have about a half pound loss for February so you are moving in the right direction! :) You mentioned to Angelina that you feel stuck after losing. Are you struggling with food or exercise? What were you doing before when you were doing so well? Maybe reflecting on the last month or more and setting goals for March may be exactly what you need right now. You can turn things around, you still have plenty of time to reach your goals. :)
    @Mrsbell8well I am curious why you are ashamed about your weight. From everything I have heard and read, most people have a weight range for maintenance and when they go over that, they reel it back in. It seems like that is exactly what you are doing. No reason to be ashamed, that is part of the process. If that number is too high for you, then maybe you need your range to be where you would be comfortable in. I am wondering if 142 is your goal, maybe you need to have a range that is between 140-145? Thanks for acknowledgment about the time commitment me and Lisa put in. Lisa even more as a moderator. It is a lot of time but worth it. I love our team. Sounds like you had a successful Saturday and a happy granddaughter! :)
    @nstephenson01 I am so sad to see you go but understand why. You will be missed, you have always been such and active and supportive member. We have learned so much from you. Please come back at anytime. You are always welcome. xo
    @Cafelelia I can't believe we are in March already! Where does the time go Lol!
    @GingerPwr I hope your foot is feeling better. I am glad you are being cautious with it. Are you due for new sneakers? I know that is usually how I know. How interesting about how sensitive you are to sweets now and it sounds like it is kinda a turn off. I noticed that with some fried things and fat. For example, I actually can feel the fat on the roof of my mouth with donuts and I never did before.
    @pacsnc6 Love your attitude for March! Let's do this!!
    @Cassiegetsfit2013 I did know you had a sister but I didn't know you had a twin brother! That is so cool. I know you don't like doing the intros in the beginning of the month but why don't you reflect on last month and make some weight loss goals for March. You don't have to post but the new month brings the perfect opportunity to commit to new goals. Remember, your goals can be small changes. You would be surprised how they add up.
    @kirsten11872 I like going by my own scale, it is more consistent. Hopefully this will be helpful for you as well. What does blue mean for weight watchers? I know I have said this before and I don't want to bug you about it. I really think you would benefit from those PNP podcasts. They are free, she does have a paid site too but there is probably a years worth of things you can listen to for free. I had no idea how to do podcasts but you can search and find them. She is all about making a lifestyle you can live with and taking small steps. She does sometime makes little digs at other weight loss options-like WW and MFP but that is because she thinks we don't really need those things. I just know a lot of the things you have mentioned are what she teaches. If you want more info, just message me. I do like your attitude for March and surprisingly I feel the same way. I gained in February which would usually lead me down a different path. I also have a new attitude and am feeling good! We got this!!
    @tryingagain5 That is why I like it here too. You can be honest and no judgement. Even better-sometimes there are solutions! I have learned so much on this team! As for you and regaining, I don't really see that as a problem for you. Do you feel like you are on a "diet". It seems like you make healthy choices, you are working on things (water, fruit and veggies), struggle at times, work out, get exercise in, working on sleep...I feel like you are just creating the lifestyle you want to live. I don't think you will go back to your old habits, I think you will continue what you are doing for the most part. I am also sure your trainer will help you. You really are an inspiration. :). I have to say, that game night sounded so fun. What a good idea to serve soup this time of year. I know you ate more than you planned but just get back on track today. It is an added bonus to have a few extra meals now.
    @KUMEcyclingteam and I quote "when you add olive oil it makes them fancy!" You crack me up! Sounds like you are setting yourself up for another great week even if you are "eating butt" Lol!
    @timibotkin BAM! Into the 270s girl!! Congrats on meeting that goal and milestone! You had a tough month and still did it. I actually made a goal last month of making my rings close everyday. I only forgot in the beginning of the month but other than that I did make it. I know you will hit your goals for March too! Hugs!
    @ljdanny I am so glad you persisted and finished your workout! Especially with a fussy baby wanting your attention. You lost during February a pound, that isn't bad at all. It is way better than gaining! March will definitely be your month!!
    @1theresamcvean Thanks for the intro. I love reading them each month. I just did 23 and me. Waiting for the results. The kids got it for us for Christmas.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Thanks for the introduction, no worries about the weigh day, we will switch it for you. It does get a little confusing for me with the time differences. I love seeing how far you have come recently. It is amazing. I am also happy to hear you like the group. I was hoping you would.
    @amsandos I am happy that your computer issues seem to be sorted out. We miss your posts! What does it mean that you sacked your trainer? Does that mean you are doing your own workouts? What ever it means, it sounds like you are off to a great start in March!

  • lennoncpa
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    Welcome @podperson1 This is an awesome team and I hope you enjoy being a part of it. I read more than I post, but this team always has my back!!

    My name is Sheryl and I live about an hour north of Detroit. I am an accountant so I am heavily into my tax season but I’ve been really eating healthy which makes me feel so much better as I work my heavy schedule. I’m 64 years young and have two sons - one is local and the other is in Chicago.

    I joined this community group back in 2016 after having both of my hips replaced. I don’t know what caused my osteoarthritis, but my theory has to do with the fact that I am pidgeon toed so things are rubbing against my bones where they shouldn’t be. Not that it matters, I got two new hips and I’m like a new person! I am a clogger (dancer) and have been doing that for about 24 years. I also started line dancing about 3 years ago and I’m having a blast with that also. I get up 4 mornings a week at 5 am to do an interval training class and throw in a Zumba class or two each week. So exercise is not my issue. I love to eat - that’s my issue! Plus I don’t control my portion sizes so I really have to make wise choices!! I eliminated all sweets from my diet over a year ago because it’s something I just could not do in moderation. I also have to watch my “nut” intake because that is another one of my weaknesses.

    Anyways, I am so glad to be here with you guys and I’m looking forward to a great March!

    Go team🕺
  • amsandos
    amsandos Posts: 273 Member
    Daily check in

    food on target
    exercise 40 min swim 98min bike
    water not really tracked but headachey so i am going to assume it was under.

    @sleepymom5 Thanks lovely. I fired my personal trainer he is a bit of a flake I am not getting the support and encouragement I need. I am guessing sacking is a UK English thing not an US English thing. I bet it sounded quite rude. i have decided to embrace my slowness and instead enjoy working out. I have been trying to challenge myself and I have made my workouts into a chore. I needed a mental shift to help me be motivated to show up for myself. I am am starting to feel it this weekend. I have spent the day doing laundry it has taken for ever. I still have a whole basket of dirty washing to get through but I am feeling a lot more organised.

    It is good to be back.
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