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    Thirsty Thursday- “Cheers to life that has given me a number of reasons to fall and much more reasons to rise.” - Arpita Nema
    Post a photo or describe what you drink when you are relaxing. Do you like herbal tea or a glass of wine? May you are into juicing or a skinny cocktail?


    It could actually be herbal tea or a glass of wine on my deck with my girl Daisy! :)

    The link-
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    Username: jedaschultz
    Week: 3
    Weight in day: Monday
    Previous weight:199.2
    Current weight: 199.8

    So sorry about being so late this week. I did weigh in on Monday, I just kept forgetting to post with all the other changes going on right now.
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    Yesterday my intentions were these and I did alright.
    - One longer walk to stay focused on one thing at a time. I've been too scattered.
    - Improve a bit more on eating better.
    - 10 cups of water/clear tea.
    - More work-work and some housework.

    Today my intentions are:
    - Since I got a good chunk of housework out of the way yesterday, do some focused work-work today. Really struggling with anxiety and focus.
    - Improve a bit more still on eating better.
    - 10 cups of water/clear tea.
    - Try an at-home exercise from the group's suggestions.

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    edited March 2020
    Wednesday 3/18
    Food: not sure, only tracked part of the day
    Water: 32 oz
    Exercise: none

    My dad ended up picking up his prescription while I was sleeping. I told him I would do it after I got up. He's an 85 year old stubborn Dutchman and you can't tell him what to do. I love him but it's frustrating sometimes as I'm sure some of you know with your own parents.

    My sister has wanted Dad to get his funeral arrangements set up for many years so she, Dad and I went to our local funeral home to talk with them and set some things up.

    My financial adviser called to talk to me about my retirement account and to reassure me that it's going to come back. As all of you I've lost a lot of money (at least on paper since I'm not old enough to take any out)

    I didn't sleep well again so napped before work. I'm sure it is because of the break in routine. I"ll have to figure out how to get into a new routine for now.
    The big 3 automakers are shutting down for a couple of weeks. My company supplies parts to them. My building supplies parts to Europe as well so I'm not sure how this is going to affect my job. They haven't addressed it with us yet. Hopefully they will talk to us about it tonight. Everyone is kind of on edge with not knowing.

  • tryingagain5
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    Sorry about your son being laid off. Hopefully he will be able to go back to work after everything calms down.
    Aww! Sunny is so cute! I'm sure he's got you wrapped around his little paws.🤣
  • tryingagain5
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    My gym posted that we are able to use Fitness on demand for free for at home workouts for now. I'm not sure if that would work for everyone else since I have to sign in through the gym's account. But it could be a possibility to go to their website and check it out. Thanks for the other tips for workouts. I do have quite a few workouts I can do where I don't have to be on my phone. My trainer hasn't sent me anything yet but did say he was working on a bodyweight routine for me and should be sending it in a day or two.

    Yes, the big 3 automakers have shut down but so far I'm still working. My company does supply parts to them but my building also supplies parts to Europe. It will probably affect the other buildings more. Work hasn't addressed anything yet but everyone is on edge with not knowing. A lot of us think it would be a good idea to shut down for a little while, even though it would be a financial burden to all. Hopefully they will talk to us tonight.

    Watching the news right now and there are now 336 confirmed cases in Michigan with 3 deaths. I do want to stay informed but don't want to continually watch the news so I'm going to change the channel.
  • tryingagain5
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    Thursday 3/19
    Food: on track
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 20 minutes

    We were supposed to have a tornado drill at work last night but since they didn't want us all packed into a room together they just made sure we knew where we're supposed to go.

    After I got up I dressed as if I was going to the gym. My gym posted that we are able to use their Fitness on demand account for now. There were quite a few videos to pick from. I tried one that was kind of like a cardio/HIIT type workout. It was pretty hard. I had to modify several of the exercises and some of the time I just ran in place. That 20 minutes went by very quickly. Some of the videos looked like you might need dumbells or other equipment. I think I have a resistance band somewhere so maybe I can use that instead of dumbells. I plan on trying as many of them as I can and will also use the bodyweight workout my trainer gave me last year and he's working on another one for me and will send it in a day or two.
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    Thursday 3/19
    Food: logged and under
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 30 min walk, PT, strength and stretching

    Best day I have had since this whole thing started. My exercise and eating were on point, got my water in, got some spring cleaning done...Now I am going to read a little of a book and maybe even find something to binge watch. Hope everyone is hanging in there.

    @jedaschultz Phew! I thought we lost you! I am glad you are back. I feel like we need to get out of the 190s and into the 180s. I think we both have just been on a little rollercoaster since we got here. Hope all is well considering how everything is going.
    @ljdanny Nice loss! Especially with everything going on. How terrible that the employee posted something negative on FB. All that is going on in the world and people still find the time to be petty. Good luck at the food store. The lady in front of me yesterday was fighting with the cashier because she had over the limit on toilet paper. She actually asked to have the manager come over and explain to her why there was a limit :s Hope your experience was better.
    @1theresamcvean You have been doing well since you started to state your intentions. I was finding I was too scattered too. It helps to make a plan. I am doing a little better each day. Is there anything you can do for the anxiety? It seems like I have heard how so many people are experiencing it. Do you meditate? Is there anyone you can talk to or maybe Skype the little ones when you feel it coming on? These are certainly tough times. xoxo
    @pacsnc6 That sounds like positive news. I know it isn't going to be easy but it sounds like you have a good treatment plan. Remember we are all here for you. We may not have the answers but we will do what we can to support you. No worries about your weight. We can put you on the cheer squad after this or take it week to week. Just let us know what you would like to do.
    @tryingagain5 I am sure a lot of us can relate to that. There was a little clip on the news that I thought they were talking about children and here they were talking about elderly parents! Lol! Not listening, doing what they want etc. The financial impact of this is going to be tremendous. I am glad that your advisor explained things to you and sounds like if you stay the course, things will eventually get back to where they were. The whole unknown aspect of this makes things frustrating. Today I heard that they may use some of these auto factories may start making medical supplies. I am not sure how that would work being that I would think they are set up for making automobiles. It will be interesting. Hope your job is spared. I am glad your gym has classes you can do. Sounds like today's was a good workout. Maybe you will sleep better when you get into a routine with your exercise.
    @lennoncpa What a cutie!! I am sorry about your son's job. I hope he can go back to what he was doing when this is all over.
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    Happy Spring everyone!!!
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    a better day yesterday food wise but I was running some errands so didn't get to work out. But I didn't binge with all the stress going on I felt pretty proud of myself. I had a chat with my boss and I am working from home part time during the shut down. As the museum isn't making any money all the office staff are taking a temporary pay cut. The boss gave us a bottle of prosecco to say thank you. So I will finally find out what it is like to drink thousand £ prosecco.

    I am setting my self a some goal for social isolation my aim is to maintain. If I lose great but I don't want to gain. I will do at least 2 home works outs a day. It sounds like a lot but when I am triathlon training I usually do more. With us having to tighten our belts I will have to plan home cooked meals. I come from a family of horders and we always have cans stashed for a rainy day. If this isn't a rainy day I don't know what is.
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    3/19 - 10,154 steps
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    03/19 steps 5093
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    3/18. 9,281
    3/19. 8, 087
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