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    Saturday 3/14
    Food: logged and on track
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: Pt, Stretching and strength.

    Good day but should have done cardio. I need to focus, I am too distracted with all that is going on in the world. I am doing better than I did earlier in the week so I need to just do a little better tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night (or day for our ladies who are below the equator!).

    @1theresamcvean I think it is a great plan to check in and state your intentions for the next day. I like your ones for today. I am sure getting back into a routine after all that you have been through is tough. Just small steps, like the message in the start by post. You will get back there. Trump doesn't set the bar too high lol! As far as the 23 and me, I am interested in the genealogy aspect of it. My dad did so much research but it is a mess. He has a scroll that goes sideways that is so confusing. He gave me a CD so I have to look at that. Hopefully I can plug more info into the 23 and me. I wish there was a way all the sites could connect. Once I start doing it, I may take you up on your offer. I am sure I will have questions.
    @Cafelelia I love that video! Thanks for sharing. Italy has been hit so hard. If they can find a way to come together and bring some light into their lives, we all can. :)
    @hope002 I am glad that you will be joining us in the step challenge!
    @KUMEcyclingteam Your poor Mom! I agree with Cafeleia, you are a good son. It also sounds like you and your siblings are taking good care of her. Sending prayers and hugs! Will you stay on our team, move to the cheer squad or leave us? Hoping you can stay. :)
    @kirsten11872 I have been the same way this week. It is hard to focus on anything else. We have to find a way to continue with this new normal until things get back to our regular normal. I am sure your gym is closed. Hopefully you can do videos or something at home. You had a huge loss last week so this gain doesn't really take too much away from that. Try to make a point of eating right and getting some exercise. I can understand this adding to your son's anxiety. Mk is a little more self centered, she has anxiety about being away from her friends. Ugh! Sending hugs up to you in my favorite state ;)
    @tryingagain5 I just love dogs too! Jack is so cute! You got so much exercise in today! Great job! You lucked out with the toilet paper, good thing you checked the pallet.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Look at those steps for Saturday! No wonder you were tired! Great loss this week. Unfortunately, I think I found those pounds, that is exactly what I gained this week. You are right, I need to let it go free! Lol!
    @timibotkin Nice loss!
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    Taking care of some team business

    On to week 3
    Sunday's Weigh Ins
    Monday's Weigh Ins
    Tuesday's weigh In

    Step challenge-
    Steps for week 2 due-

    Everyone be sure to get Saturday's steps in Sunday morning. Results will be tallied Sunday afternoon
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    Thirsty Thursday - Your favorite morning drink
    I am always curious about what people drink in the morning! I love my coffee and it has evolved over time. Post a photo or describe your favorite morning drink. Selfies with the drink are great or maybe you want to show us your favourite mug or glass, or where you are having your drink!

    Food for Thought Friday - Surprising favorite food item
    Let us know about a surprising food item that you love since starting your healthy journey. Maybe you discovered a new product and now can’t live without it. Maybe you never really like broccoli before, but you now love it.


    I was having so much trouble with the pics, I took one of both together. This is my favorite coffee mug from New Orleans, next to the chair I usually sit in when I am on the computer in the morning. The chair is looking a little shabby now that I look at the picture. It is that material you have to brush with your hand so it looks nice. I should have done that before I took the pic. Lol! The bar is one of my favorites in the morning. I should have put that on a napkin too :D I am embarrassed to say it is a bar from a crazy keto diet I did years ago. It is only 100 calories, 11 carbs, 10 grams protein. It is so expensive too but I can't find something similar that tastes as good.

    Ok! I am all caught up and ready to start week 3!!
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    With all the corona virus news, stocking up on food for my house and my parents house (all all of their caregivers) and getting my son out of his dorm and back to the west cost, I had no desire to track my food. Exhausted and obviously anxious like everyone else.

    On Monday I ordered boxes for my son to pick up at home depot just incase he had to pack his dorm. Wednesday his University said go home for spring break (next week) and they will do 2 weeks of online learning and all should plan on coming back by April 6th. I told my son to mail his cloths home, pack up his room just in case and leave the boxes in his room. The University said they expect all students to return and not to move out. Well just as my son was about to board his flight out of Boston to Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, the University sent out a message not to come back. I'm so grateful he mailed all cloths home and packed important items on his carryon. He has great friends who live closer to school who said when they are allowed to go back into their dorms to retrieve their items, he will take all of my son's boxes. So stressful for the kids and us parents. I am so happy to have him home now for at least 5 months but sad he is missing out on part of his college experience.

    I feel bad for all the seniors that might miss out on their graduation. I have heard of some schools already canceling them.

    @rundgrenrocks I'm so with you about excited to be an empty nest but happier to have my son home and do all his laundry!

    @pacsnc6 I am so sorry about your diagnosis! Thank you for sharing and reminding us to listen to our bodies. I hope because you were aware something was not right that you caught it early. Sending you positive vibes, you will beat this!

    @Cafelelia A frozen shoulder is so painful and disruptive to the everyday movements. I had one, and it was painful! PT really helped me. Hope you were able to go to Phoenix. Sorry if I missed the post if you did, I am way behind.

    @sleepymom5 Is your daughters school really planing on them going back 3/30? It seems like every University is slowly moving to online after spring break or even before. UCLA here is finishing up their quarter and taking online finals. Then they go on spring break. USC is going online for the rest of the semester after spring break this year.

    @KUMEcycling so sorry to hear about your mother's fall and broken arm. I know is is so difficult to help take care of your parent and work and have a life!

    I am using an online meditation app, and some of the teachers really help. They are putting up a lot of anxiety and stress meditations. Some their voices bother me and others really help me stay calm.

    These are uncertain times but we got each other to help support one another through this crazy time!

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    Week 2 steps
    Wednesday: 5,315
    Friday: 6,220
    Saturday: 7,802

    week weak! Heres to Next week!
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    @JillyBT I am so happy you thought ahead and have him pack all of that up. It would have been such a pain to get back (if you could) not to mention how expensive! I am glad he is home safely. My daughter won't be returning to school. She was off this week for spring break, then they are off until 3/30 while the university gets all the classes online, then they will continue the semester online. My other two daughters are in graduate school at the same university. Their classes are online already so they will start back this week. Nothing has changed for them. They didn't go to classes on campus. I feel bad for the seniors too. Hope your parents are doing well too. It sounds like you have them all prepared for whatever happens. Which is hopefully nothing! xoxo
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    Friday 15,829
    Saturday 11,307
  • Freeglerock
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    Morning all.  I have been eating within plan and having plenty of water.
    Got some good steps in on Friday - my daughter and I walked Ben to school, then walked into town where we did some shopping for clothes and books, then went to a play park before walking to the grocery store to pick up some essentials before heading home.  Was lovely to get out and not be in any rush, but the bags were quite heavy for the last walk home! 

    Yesterday was similar, after getting dressed noticed that Ben's jogging bottoms were far to short for him, check his wardrobe and determined he needed some new clothes, so out we walked to town (Ben not wanting to walk had to be enticed with the agreement he could play pokemon go, whilst Violet loaded up her doll double buggy for the adventure!).  Successful trip, and both kids well and truly stocked up with clothes!.  Headed to the park on the way back. 

    This whole Coronavirus thing is crazy.  My partner is on a lads holiday in Tenerife at the moment and apparently it is so quiet there (even Burger King was closed!). Don't think the trip has been the jolly he had been hoping for.  But at least his airline is still flying So he can get home.  Here in the UK it is really a case of carry on as normal per the government - it is the sporting associations and event holders that are stopping/closing things, but I think Boris is now getting more pressure to act, so expect that to change soon.

    @brown6267 Yay! Well done on the NSVs - I think they are worth so much more than what the scales say.
    @1theresamcvean so please to see your post - was thinking about you. I think setting out your daily intentions of a very good idea.  Hoping things get calmer for you  xx
    @KUMEcyclingteam sorry about your mum - hoping it heals nice and quickly.  Sounds like your Dad would be proud of you and your family looking after each other xx
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx wow - excellent steps! 
    @sleepymom5 love the mug!  I do like a nice mug - pretty sure it can make or break the coffee experience!
     @JillyBT some good planning there. My stepson's uni is still open at the moment. And when they do close it, not sure if Damion will stick around there or come home (he rents outside of university ground). When he is not home, his room is my crafting room - I may need to start sorting the room so there is space for him and his stuff!
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    @theresamcvean I am sorry for your loss.

    daily check in
    yesterday and friday was terrible foodwise. I had a bad day at work on Friday. I bought in some hygiene measures in my classrooms but they weren't carried out properly and this has resulted in 3 of my laptops getting broken. they are new and less than 1 month old. I also lost £1000s worth of bookings cancelling. I am having to tell staff they haven't got work and worrying about the future of the museum as all most of our income comes from visitors. I find myself thinking. "yesterday was rough, i can't see it getting any better".

    There is hope I need to get to a place where i can find it. I am changinng my training plan so that I can avoid big crowds. I also think the gym is a bit of a germ soup so i am going to limit my gym time.

    Anway time to pick myself up and refocus.
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    Well our Prime Minister acted - you have 2.5 hours left to enter New Zealand without having to go into 14 day self-isolation. Cruise ships are banned from docking and our border is effectively closed to all countries with the new isolation rule. Most of our large gatherings of people - festivals, sports, concerts etc have all been canceled, and we are expecting bans on the number of people allowed at any gathering. No more than 500 is being suggested.

    We have 6 confirmed cases of Covid 19 with a few others waiting tests results. I'm a little worried about the implications of this on my workplace, global financial implications are not fun to follow through in "what if" scenarios like this!

    So the global picture is *kitten* right now, and I can't do anything about that. Worrying about it doesn't change my accountability for my day to day actions. And what I can do is focus on my own goals. No excuses means no excuses. If this virus comes anywhere near me, I am damn sure going to be as healthy as possible when it does.

    Today's exercise was a 16km bike ride, calories tracked and under. Water was a lot. Finished the day with 6794 steps, it's down because my bike won't count steps when I'm riding.

    I will try and find time to comment tomorrow, but if anyone is worried about going to the gym and/or wants some ideas about what exercise to do at home, sing out. I used to be a personal trainer and I am always happy to give suggestions. 🙂
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    The video of the Italians singing was so moving. It made me tear up.

    Yes, it sad that most churches have cancelled services but is understandable. I'm sorry yours is cancelled also. You are right, prayer and faith is what is going to get everyone through this, even though it's all hard to understand. I'm not Catholic but go to a Reformed church. I'm glad that we have the internet so we can still have service virtually. Also, there are many televised services as well, for people like my dad, who don't have internet. My aunt, dad's sister, lives in the Netherlands. I texted her yesterday. She said her church is still holding service but only for younger people with the restriction that they have to leave open seats in front, behind and to each side of them. My aunt has access to the internet and will be watching it online.

    I hope your son will still be able to be confirmed but even if it gets postponed or cancelled he sounds like he's already living out his faith by helping out where he can.
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    Hugs and prayers to your and your family
  • tryingagain5
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    Dogs are a lot of fun, even with me not having one.
    I did get a lot of exercise in, kind of made up for my rest day on Friday and just a short walk on Thursday.😉
    I'm glad I checked that pallet too.
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    03/14 steps 5577
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    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx I have been trying to skim through posts. I had to go back and reread your post about your sugar addiction and changes you made. Your post was so inspiring. I have thought about it these last few days. Thanks for sharing! I too love your tats and am glad your on this team!

    I’m right back at that pivotal point that I will gain it all back or stop and return to goal. My wardrobe has been purged and I refuse to buy up a size. So back down to my happy place.
    Today I will go grocery shopping and prepare for healthy meals.
    I will also calendar our 5 walks this week.
    Yesterday I was able to relax. It really helps.
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    3/8 11,019
    3/9 14,111
    3/10 13,053
    3/11 12,450
    3/12 13,031
    3/13 12,962
    3/14 8,385

    I didn’t get near as many steps in this week. I haven’t been feeling the greatest. I’m not sure if it’s from my new meds or what, but all I want to do is sleep. And I’ve been a little nauseas. I wasn’t expecting a loss at all this week, so I was surprised at the scale.

    @pacsnc6 I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hearing those words definitely throws your entire world into a tailspin. If you ever need someone to just listen let me know!
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    Thursday Thirsty...virus protection

    Friday favorite-our family is addicted. I buy the big box on line.
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