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    @Zumba_Luvah Can't wait to celebrate the 170s with you!!! You're so close!

    Went for a run yesterday with my couch to 10k app. About 7 minutes in I realized I had accidentally paused it, so I had to redo my warmup. When I finished the run, it had logged about 3.7 miles. I knew that wasn't right, but I also knew that I had only gone about .6 miles before I realized it was paused. Soooooo.... I MAY have broken the 30 minute mark on a 5k!!! If that's right, then it's the fastest 5k I've ever done.

    I'm redoing week 4 to build endurance before upping my run interval in the next round. I can't wait till tomorrow to see if I can be consistent.

    Public schools here in NC are staying open for the time being. Not sure how I feel about that.

    I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

    Friday steps: 9,599 (Dang! one step off!)
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    So, there is not much we can do about the corona virus but stay in and hopefully slow the spread. Even more of a reason to get our workouts in! Let's not let what is going on in the world get in the way of our goals. Sitting in front of the TV watching the same news all day, stress eating, blowing off workouts, etc is not going to help the situation. Our awesome team is from all over the world and it seems like we are all having very similar experiences. If you see a way to help out, like Lisa is in her neighborhood, help out of course. I think part of the problem is so much is unknown and I know I feel a little helpless. Remember we can do our part, follow all the precautions and recommendations, stay healthy, and keep moving towards your goals.

    I still can't post my last two pictures for the photo challenge. If they ever float down from the cloud I will.

    @hope002 We have enough people but you are more than welcome to join the step challenge. If you are interested for this week, we need your steps from Sunday to today by Sunday morning (EST) so we can have the results in the afternoon. You can also just start tomorrow.
    @brown6267 I think those inches and looser clothes are a better indicator of what is going on than the number on the scale. Great job!! What do you do with the kettlebells? A video or do you follow a program? Whatever you are doing-keep it up! It is working!!
    @Zumba_Luvah Awesome job! You will be in the 170s before you know it!!
    @GingerPwr That is pretty cool about the time of your run. You seem to be pretty consistent with your runs so I am not surprised. Sounds like a good plan to repeat and build your endurance. Hang in there with school, the news changes so quickly, who knows what will be going on Monday.
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    Sorry this is late.

    Username: theresamcvean1
    Weigh in Week: week 2
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 154.0
    Today's weight: 155.6

    I really appreciated all your support last week. Thank you all very much. This update is going to seem all over the place.

    For me, this past week was like what many of you have shared in your world. We are still grieving my grandmother, her sister two days later, and her son/my uncle two weeks before. My daughter is recovering from another cancer treatment she had Friday, which was the day Toronto went into sheer panic over the COVID-19 measures. I'm usually very calm but admit I almost had a panic attack yesterday too.

    Next week, I want to switch to a positive mindset, which is challenging when stressful things pile on. So, onward!

    I've noticed a couple of you stating your intentions or plans for the day/next day. I may have to do this as I've gone off-plan with the turmoil of late. I guess I'll go ahead and state that as my intention. I'm going to come here and state my intentions this week. Okay?!

    Many of my comments to you all are going to seem like ancient history, but here goes:

    @Zumba_Luvah Congrats on your loss and so exciting to be on the brink of the 170s. You can do it!

    @kirsten11872 Fantastic week one loss (last week already) and congrats on your #1 status! Must be all those steps. Something to motivate me to move more. Thanks for that.

    @pacsnc6 I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I'm cheering for you already. It's okay to have a good cry now. Sending so many hugs. Nice to see your loss on the scale later in the week.

    @hope002 I love your vacation pics. Not only are they terrific group poses, you look fantastic!

    @GingerPwr I like hearing about your coffee journey. I used to use cream and can't remember how many years since I've taken it black. I enjoy coffee so much more now and like to try different kinds too.

    @Cafelelia That cute picture of the little boy and the cleaning toys reminded me of this time when my son was first at nursery school (approx 25 years ago or so). We had some unconventional roles in our house. When he was there, he would drive the toy car and say, "Like mommy!" When he used the toy vacuum, he said, "Like daddy!" I could see confusion on the faces of the teachers and other parents. LOL.

    Anyway, Toronto this week! I almost had a panic attack yesterday when the city announced further closures after everything else. I'm normally a very calm person but it was just hours after the new of the gun drawn at the grocery store on Queen Street.

    @timibotkin I'm so sorry to hear how emotionally draining your health journey was last week. Big big hugs. I have tears in my eyes now thinking of how strong you are and what you're going through.

    @lennoncpa Good for you for continuing your successful habits this tax season.

    @xX_phoenixrising_Xx Great loss! I love your comments to the group too. You're very knowledgable and motivating. Love the sporty birthday cake and your son is a handsome young man. He looks quite like you. Also, I like your tip about grace calories. When I'm on the right side of all of this, I save those each day for any eventuality, a treat, a craving, etc. Your tattoo is magical!

    @JillyBT You mentioned too much sitting one day this week. That's an important observation. I've been sitting far too much. I hope to develop a strategy to get me moving more even though I have to sit for work. A standing desk isn't an option right now Also, your worries last week sounded so familiar. Stay well. :neutral:

    @Freeglerock That war reenactment outing with the kids sounded great. I'm a genealogist so am drawn to this sort of thing, but living in Canada, our history doesn't go back as far as where you are. Congrats on making the leaderboard last week! Also, thanks for sharing your allotments pics. Your little friend is so cute.

    @podperson1 Congrats on making it on the leaderboard last week! Thank you for your kind comment last week.

    @tryingagain5 I got a chuckle out of your fun at the dog park - even without your own dog. And Max is so cute. :smile: It was windy here on Friday too (we're not too far away from Michigan in Ontario), which made all the announcements about COVID-19 seem apocalyptic.

    @amsandos What a happy park run pic! You are ahead of us in your seasons, but spring is just about here in Canada. :smile:

    @ljdanny I remember when I walked my granddaughter in her buggy, my Fitbit would say I was riding a bike. Sometimes when I rubbed her back to get her to sleep, which could go on for quite some time, my Fitbit would guess that I was on an elliptical. How nice to get out on a walk with a baby.

    @CassieGetsFit2013 Your weigh-in last week sure was frustrating. I hope you get the opposite soon, where you don't try too hard and the weight just falls off. :smile:

    @sleepymom5 I love your pictures of Daisy on Monday and Charlie on Wednesday! Great before and after picture and it's true that planning to look good in ways that matter to you really does go a long way. Are your 23andMe results for genealogy or health purposes? I'm a genealogist, so let me know if I can help in any way. Very funny about being in quarantine with Justin Trudeau. LOL. If you had to be on a desert island with Trudeau or Trump...? I'd even choose Pierre Trudeau. In a way, he was even dreamier. Such charisma.

    @jedaschultz I think we're in a similar place right now. Sending positive thoughts your way...and a hug.

    @rundgrenrocks Happy belated birthday!!

    @Phoebe112476 Great loss!

    @KUMEcyclingteam Haha ~ I really like what you've done with your hair!

    @Mrsbell8well I hope you can get your heart figured out. That is a worry. Knowing you, you'll get to the bottom of it and flourish. Hugs.

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    Hi everyone,

    It is hard to focus on things and I find anxiety creeps in. I am trying to stay positive. I followed my plan yesterday, but did not get in exercise. I did do a bunch of batch cooking of soups and froze them. I am going to do a bit more today.

    Stay in touch everyone and try to stay positive!

    @1theresamcvean - It is such a difficult time for you as it is, and then this pandemic stuff is so stressful. I hope that your daughter is doing ok after her treatment. It is very normal to get stressed and even panic. The city just shut things down so quickly on Thursday and Friday. My neighbourhood is so quiet. I think people are going to their cottages or just away to family in other towns. I am trying to keep occupied. We are helping out neighbours and I find that it takes away some of my stress by helping and focusing on the little positives that are happening in all of this. So I love your idea of stating your daily intentions!

    @sleepymom5 - Thank you for the motivation! We do have to stay focused and thank you for reminding us. You are also right that we need to help when we can.

    @GingerPwr - That is fantastic news about your run! You really have been doing great!

    @Zumba_Luvah - You will get to the 170’s very soon! Great loss and keep going!

    @brown6267 - I love your attitude! It is not just about the numbers on the scale, but other things like how we feel, how our clothes fit etc. You are doing great!

    @hope002 - You are absolutely welcome in the challenge. We run Sunday to Saturday each week. If you have your steps for this week, just post them. Otherwise, you can start on Sunday.

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Hurray that your boys won the basketball game!! The stores really are crazy. I do grocery delivery and the site is now down as it is overloaded. I ordered a couple of days ago, and the delivery is set for tomorrow. I wonder it will come, and even if it does, lots of stuff will be out of stock. My son has been visiting the local small food shops and scoring a lot of great finds at good prices. It is his little hobby now and it is helping me too!

    @tryingagain5 - I am so sorry that your church services are cancelled. Ours are as well, and pretty much all religious services are cancelled in our city. It is sad as prayer at this time helps. We are Catholic and my mom watches a daily mass on tv, which is a great idea. My son is due to be confirmed on May 2nd. He has been attending classes at the church for months now. I fear it is going to be cancelled as well, which is understandable, but again so sad.

    @Fi5 - Thanks for the correction! I know it is stressful times right now, but that would have been one heck of a gain!

    @lennoncpa - Thanks for making me laugh with that photo!
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    Here is some positivity. Italians cannot leave their homes as the pandemic has hit their country so hard. In every town and village, people are on their balconies singing and playing music. It just warms my heart that they are able to be so resilient during such a horrible time. My family is from Italy, so it is even more special for us. I hope that this link works!

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    @Cafelelia Your link works. Lovely! And my dog barked when he heard the dogs in the video barking at their people singing.
  • 1theresamcvean
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    So, my intention for today will be to:
    - Walk the dog two times
    - Record everything I eat even if I go over
    - Get to 8,000 steps
    - Drink 10 cups of water
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    @cafelelia and @sleepymom5 I will start stepping challenge next week. I don't have good numbers this week, that's why I want to join, to keep me accountable
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    @KUMEcyclingteam - I am so sorry about your mom and you are a wonderful son. I am praying for her, you and your entire family. Try your best to take care of yourself in little ways as you will be more helpful to you mom if you do. Big hugs to you!
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    Ok, Week 3 of the March Spring It Forward Challenge is Up! We start on Monday and here is the link:

    In the middle of the pandemic, I am finding it hard to stay focused. So this week’s challenge is about comfort and positivity. Please try to take a few moments each day and focus on the positive. A million thank you’s to @sleepymom5 for coming up with these themes and the quote idea. See you on Monday!

    Motivation Monday- "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way" ~ Napoleon Hill
    What are some small things have done that made a difference? Have you left a few bites on you plate? Added more steps in your day? Maybe a few extra ounces of water? Are there small things that your are doing right now for self-care or to help out others? Post a photo or describe the little things that make a difference to you.

    Transformation Tuesday- “If you can dream it you can do it" - Possibly Walt Disney
    What was your dream when you started this journey? What are your dreams now? Post a photo or describe your dreams.

    Workout Wednesday- “Old God sure was in a good mood when he made this place” - Hunter S. Thompson
    Send a picture of your favorite place for tranquility, reflection self-care or a workout rest day. It could be anywhere inside or out. Share it with us!

    Thirsty Thursday- “Cheers to life that has given me a number of reasons to fall and much more reasons to rise.” - Arpita Nema
    Post a photo or describe what you drink when you are relaxing. Do you like herbal tea or a glass of wine? May you are into juicing or a skinny cocktail?

    Food for thought Friday- “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” - Virginia Woolf
    Ok, show us or describe your comfort food. It can be healthy or not, but we all have our favorite foods or meals that provide us comfort.
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    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    Previous weight:173.7
    Current weight:176.0
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    Yes, I do have fun with all my doggie friends in the condo complex. I agree, Max is really cute. The other dogs are too. I only have pictures of Max and Jack, a corgi/jack russell mix. Here's a picture of Jack.

    I'm the person who stops and gets out of my car to give pets and say hi to the dogs. The dogs have me wrapped around their little paws.🐶😉 They all know my car and get upset if I don't have time to stop. It's actually really cute.
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    @tryingagain5 Jack is a handsome salt and pepper fellow. His looks rival George Clooney's.
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    We will all get used to this new state of affairs. I found this on my sister's Facebook timeline. All good advice, except perhaps the 'attending 1 event' part. Hopefully, it motivates you too.
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    Saturday 3/14
    Food: good
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 20 minutes low intensity at home, 45 minute class at the gym, 15 minute walk with Jack, one of my doggie friends and his human, my neighbor and friend

    Last night I fell asleep watching TV. Finally went to bed and ended up waking up around 4AM to use the bathroom then didn't get back to sleep so I got up and did some laundry while I exercised.

    I went to the store that's close to my condo to see if I could get some toilet paper. There was none on the shelf but there were extra people stocking shelves. There was a pallet of large boxes and one of them had toilet paper in it so I grabbed one. Not to hoard any. Only because I was almost out and couldn't get any on my Aldi shopping trip yesterday. I decided to go to the gym and join the class that's on Saturday mornings. It was pretty intense. The gym was pretty busy this morning.

    After the gym I didn't accomplish much. Watched some news, was tired so I took a long nap.
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    @tryingagain5 Jack is a handsome salt and pepper fellow. His looks rival George Clooney's.

    He sure is cute and he knows it!
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