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    3/17: 7,066
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    Week: 3?
    PW: 186.8
    CW: 186.6
    .2 loss

    Not much but at least it's down. I haven't exercised much since last week. I am so out of my routine. I need to make a point of exercising at home. Thanks for all the websites and tips for at home exercise. I don't have wifi at home, just data on my phone so I do have to be careful how much I use because if I go over I get charged extra. I've already found with me not having any of my evening activities that I spend a lot more time on my phone.
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    Cafelelia wrote: »
    For those of you with school age children, Khan Academy offers online learning modules and just released excellent schedules on how to structure the day with kids. I was just trying to devise this myself and this is so helpful. Khan Academy is free, and they accept voluntary donations to help them keep running. Please share the link with any parents out there in need of this.

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSZhOdEPAWjUQpqDkVAlJrFwxxZ9Sa6zGOq0CNRms6Z7DZNq-tQWS3OhuVCUbh_-P-WmksHAzbsrk9d/pub?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Covid-19 non-donors&utm_content=C&utm_term=all regions-all users-non-donors-covid

    Thank you, Lisa. I shared this with my relatives who appreciated it very much.
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    Well my work may have to shut down because of lack of kids. We will know more friday. They are considering working on a skeleton crew which I will do. Massachusetts just closed all childcare centers so New Hampshire could also do the same anyway. they seem to be making the same decisions days apart. Gym is closed so I'm going to be doing my leslie sansone videos, getting out for walks or maybe starting back on one of my beachbody videos. Hope everyone is staying healthy.
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    @sleepymom5 I told her Molly she good go to McDonalds lol. That used to be a regular stop for her before she met me. I did offer to eat detox soup but she said I won the lunch fair and square lol!
    @podperson1 I too was so impressed with how much fresh stuff was still available. I did sneak in some popcorn and chips for wifey...and maybe a few dark chocolate bars for me. Bought a yummy orange dark chocolate.
    @1theresamcvean I am headed over to that recipe site now.
    BTW...are you the one that recommended the chocolate mint tea? I had to order it. It took over a week but very tasty.

    my favorite fitness routine is Adriene yoga on you tube. It's free and really changed my life.

    @Mrsbell8well Hope you love the recipes. Yes, it was me who suggested the tea. I love it. For the rest of you STASH Chocolate Mint Tea. I love all their teas, especially Ginger Fire Chai and Gold Cup Chai ~ organic and low or no caffeine for the last two. Not the same as black tea chai at all.
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    sleepymom5 wrote: »

    This isn't tailored to the corona virus but with being home bound it is good to get into a routine to put some structure and a sense of security in your day.

    Guess my photo cloud still isn't working. I will post what I was going to later in the day hopefully. If anyone has suggestions I would love it. I have all apple products. Its on the phone but wont go to the computer.

    @tryingagain5 It is nice to see people coming together in times like these. It is nice that your gym owners and the members are doing what they can during these times.
    @GingerPwr I like how you made a plan for your workouts. Looks like you are making the best of this time being homebound. My daughter is almost 20 and she is reacting like your 12 yo lol! She is so upset about not going back to school this semester. (I am not going to lie, I am too ;))
    @brown6267 Nice! Hope all is going well.
    @lennoncpa I am glad you didn't let the gym closing get in the way of your workout! I also love how you are getting all those veggies in. Can you work remotely? My son has to go in still. A CPA doesn't have much of a life this time of year lol! No matter what is going on in the world.
    @1theresamcvean I know it is hard to be away from your family but it is good that you have the international students to care for. How old are the international students? College age? You are amazing, with all that you have going on, you are still hosting students. Wow! I do not think you overstepped with the sleeping in. I said how my 20 yo isn't happy about being home and doing online classes. These students are very far from their families and have the same restrictions. I am glad you had a talk with her and I am sure her mother would be happy to know that you are so caring when she can't be with her. Boys sometimes just need to be fed lol! I am sure it is not easy for him either but I am glad he is doing a bit better than Wendy. I love that idea with journaling and I think I am going to suggest that to my children as well. This is history in the making.
    @Cafelelia Thanks for posting those websites! Even if we have other options, I am sure we are going to get board of them after a while. It is nice to have a few other things to change it up. I think you are a great example of how to react in this crisis. You are keeping things going and helping where you can. xo

    @sleepymom5 Yes, Wendy and Juan are college-aged. Wendy is waiting to find out if her college will go completely online, which they appear to be moving toward, and her parents will fly her home. They have a condo in Hanoi, where she'll do her quarantine and then head to her hometown midway down the coast. She's packing now and hopes to be back in September. Juan is staying as his parents think it's safer than Mexico, where the president is in denial. He is moving out into a student only house. I'm sending him with Lysol wipes and spray, toilet paper, and some food. He heads out around April 1st.

    Maybe I will make it to my son's after all. However, that would mean leaving my daughter who is a marketing and human resources manager at a place in Toronto called the Distillery District. That's a big heritage site with fancy restaurants and shops. She and her team had to lay off 500 people in the first round after they found out the government shut down restaurants and will provide employment insurance payments to them. She will be laid off in the third round. Her partner works from home, he's a poet working on his Ph.D. I worry for her because she has cancer and a weaker immune system. I'm torn.

    How is your gang doing?
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    Hello all! Hope you are all getting used to our new norm! Still feels weird, but knowing everyone is going through the sme thing is a litte comforting! The only one happy about the situation is my puppy, he loves that we are home all the time, lol. The only one still working regular hours is my hubby. He works in a doctor's office doing IT during the day and works part-time at night & weekendds at Costco, you can imagine how crazy Costco has been!

    My step counts:
    Sunday 3/8 - 15,583
    Monday 3/9 - 25,012
    Tuesday 3/10 - 15,727
    Wednesday 3/11 - 5,153
    Thursday 3/12 - 6,196
    Friday 3/13 - 21,724
    Saturday - 3/14 - 13,291

    Sunday - 3/15 - 18,699
    Monday - 3/16 - 3,933

    Some days were good, but some were just sad!

    Try to have a good day! I will try to catch up with all your posts! :smile:

    Kirsten, Your husband is one of those people we should all thank profusely. Are his doctors going online for some patients? That's what's happening in Canada. At our doctors' practice, Fridays is for expecting moms and new babies. In a separate part of the practise and on other days, only when screened, are people who feel they are sick with something respiratory. Everyone else is seen by video conference so they can stay at a distance. I can't imagine how Costco is. He'll have some stories to tell in the future. :smile:
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    lennoncpa wrote: »

    So I’m all set - Skinny Pop and toilet paper!!

    Lottery winner!
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    So, yesterday my intentions were:
    - Walk in the fresh air twice. See if my neighbour's dog can join us.
    - Log my food. Reduce comfort eating in the evening by preparing healthy things to munch on ahead of time.
    - 10 cups of water/clear tea. Drink more calming tea and less wine.
    - Get some work done. Work on one ad campaign and home page promo for the startup.

    I did walk twice, though neighbour's dog couldn't join. Food and snacking at night a bit better but not all the way there yet. Water and tea good and less wine. Got some work done but hoping to get back to normal there.

    Today my intentions are:
    - One longer walk to stay focused on one thing at a time. I've been too scattered.
    - Improve a bit more on eating better.
    - 10 cups of water/clear tea.
    - More work work and some housework.
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    @1theresamcvean I am still going into work every day. It’s actually my business and there’s only 2 of us that work in the office so we spray and wipe after every one leaves the office. I’m still really booked with tax appointments which surprised me - but they are making sure we are healthy before they come. I sure would not go to work if I was sick!! I heard on the news this morning that the IRS is going to give people an extra 90 days to pay any tax balance that is due.
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    Username: amsandos
    PW 157
    CW 161

    opps. Time to do better. I am just not tracking or trying. I didn't over eat today. i had some unplanned flapjack and I didn't track but given that I spent the whole day doing cancellation paper work and feeling sad I am pretty proud of myself that I didn't go into the kitchen and eat all the biscuits. Actually work should become a snack free zone as the times of volunteers that bring in the naughty treats are not coming in.

    Schools are closed from Monday. I have a massive dilemma about this I could take LO to work with me risk exposing her to others and vice versa. The museum is closed to the public and it is only the core staff in. We are having a few volunteers in and around the place but not heaps. I could offer to work from home but then that could leave the office without cover. I could offer to take unpaid leave but I know what I will get dragged into working and not get paid and I still have so much to do. I am getting a bit of pressure to do this as the museum has no inocme at all at the moment and we still have to pay rent and bills. Although there is talk of a rate holiday. I think in reality I will probably work out a comprise of the 3 propositions. My work place is quite good at cobbling together a fix which behind the scenes is shonky but works well enough.

    @sleepymom5 a working men's club in the uk - not to be confused with a gentlemen's club (although this has a double meaning in the uk) is a private members bar owned and run by groups of men who sometimes have trades in common such as mining, building or sometimes it is just a place where working class men can hang out and drink pints of beer play bingo have a raffle and set the world to rights. They sometimes have bands and singers. Where as a gentleman's club is where upper class men can go to eat and drink expensive wine read newspapers and make backroom business and poltical deals. A Gentleman's Club is where overgrown boys go to see a pole dance or get a lap dance. Luckily decor and location make it very clear which club is which so you would never mistake them.

    My father in law is funny. He went to the rubbish tip today and then celebrated clearing out this garage with a pint at the working men's club. everyone else is scurring home he doesn't give a damn. He is an odd man.

    thankfully the gyms is still open. I can't make this out because they are shut in the US. Anyway I went swimming I won't touch the gym equpment at the moment but figured swimming should be pretty safe but I am not a virologist.
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    i forgot to say that they are really pushing exercise in the UK trying to encourage people to go out for a run or work out at home to keep people's spirits up.
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    More singing from balconies in Italy. Here is the opera singer Maurizio Marchini singing Nessun Dorma from his balcony during lock down in Florence:
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    Strawberry salad with roasted pecans, vegan ricotta and balsamic vinaigrette. Also artichokes with aioli and a very small glass of Chardonnay.
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    Wednesday 3/18
    Food: logged and over
    Water: at least 64 oz
    Exercise: 30 min walk, Pt, strength and stretching

    Still plugging along. Not a great evening, I overate dinner again and then snacked tonight. Ugh! I am tired and just a little cranky. No excuse though. I will not be happy if when this is all over I gained weight on top of everything else. Ok, heading to bed. I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. :)

    @kirsten11872 I agree getting into a routine will definitely help you get back on track. As you said, this may last longer than we think.
    @tryingagain5 At least it is going in the right direction. Did your trainer ever send you workouts? I think another option would be going on pinterest and look up exercises that aren't videos. How is your job going? I heard they were closing down some of the auto factories in Michigan. I wasn't sure if that would effect you. Hopefully not.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Thank you for sharing. Your story is inspiring. I imagine you are busy between work and possibly having your 4 children home. Not sure if they are closing schools by you yet.
    @ljdanny I know the daycares were open here way after schools closed down. I think they had to close in the past day or so but I am not sure. Good luck, with whatever they decide. Sounds like you have a good plan for your workouts with the gym being closed.
    @1theresamcvea I just ordered that stash tea from Amazon. It sounds like something I would like. It is a shame that your student's semester has been cut short. I hope Wendy can fly home without any issues. I also hope by the time Juan leaves there is a little clearer picture how things are going to go. I understand how you would worry about your daughter with her weakened immunity. Hopefully she can distance herself from too many people. I know our bar is doing take out and delivery. They are taking the orders curbside and not letting anyone in the building. They are having as little contact as possible. Sounds like you are doing pretty well with your intentions. Keep it going! :)
    @lennoncpa I am glad you are taking all the precautions you need to. I am sure the extension will help a lot of people but make your season longer. I still can't believe this is going on...
    @amsandos It is really a difficult time to concentrate on our goals but we really have to focus. Me included! Who knows when this will end but when it does, we would rather be at a lower weight or in a smaller size. Eating or blowing off our workouts won't help anything that is going on in the world. Yes those clubs have very different meanings lol! Good luck with the decision with your little one. I did see on the news that they were closing the schools over there so I was wondering what you would do. I am glad to see that the UK is encouraging exercise. That is awesome!
    @Cafelelia I can not see enough of those videos. It is a tough time and they are making the best of it.
    @Mrsbell8well That looks delicious! How do you prepare the artichoke? My dad used to make them when we were little.
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