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  • mainebeachbum
    mainebeachbum Posts: 385 Member
    Thursday steps 7858
    Friday steps 3406

    Ankle flared back up again, I was awake at 4 am with it aching. So frustrating...

    But once I fell back to sleep, I slept until 8:30 which I never do, I’m usually up by 6. I think maybe I’m still run down from all the fun last weekend! Today was a sit on my butt day except for grocery shopping and meal prep.

    I made a healthy supper, Bruchetta Chicken Sandwiches and Parmesan Carrot Fries. Hubs said I was taking the healthy eating a bit too far when he sat down, but then later went for a 2nd helping of the fries! 😆

    I’m finding it hard not to walk regularly. I hate being more limited in my daily calories. Our gym at work is closed because of Covid so I can’t use the bike and the local pool is also closed. It’s already too cold to go swimming in the lakes around here.

    Thanks, Bob, @KUMEcyclingteam for stepping up! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    @Melzz19 @pacsnc6 and @tryingagain5 Great job on the loss!

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx I love beach pictures! Where is Rangitoto Island?

    @kandi3570 Congrats on meeting your 1st goal!

    @ljdanny I hope your appointments go well

    @1theresamcvean It must be so great to be so close to goal!

    @debbiewsharpe Lemon pie sounds so good. I made a batch of brownies today and had just one. I’ve heard a family rumor that my great grandfather was a peanut farmer, but I’ve never had boiled peanuts.

    @minstrelofsarcasm Don’t make the MFP Gods mad!

    @Freeglerock Good job on the loss! I might have to do the same thing as you and restate my weekly plan!

    @sleepymom5 Thanks for the comment, I hadn’t realized that making sure I was hungry was what I was doing. I felt that I was giving in, but you’re right that some days we might need a bit more food.
  • @mainebeachbum It's in the Hauraki Gulf - off the East Coast of Auckland, New Zealand. The coastline here is just a series of bays, I live less than a mile from the beach.
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    I had a good day. I was under calories. I didn’t make my steps but it’s ok. I had nothing extra to do today besides cleaning up the yard. So it was kinda nice. We watched some Tv and cleaned some.
  • debbiewsharpe
    debbiewsharpe Posts: 441 Member
    Good Morning all, it has been raining here off and on all week but I have gotten my steps in. Not nearly my usually but pretty good considering the weather. BAKING ALERT: I finally gave in and decided I am worthy of a treat! I baked a lemon pie Thursday afternoon and finished it up last night. I did have help, I noticed that Larry was having lemon pie for breakfast yesterday morning. I have changed my baking habit from 3-5 times a week to maybe once a week. I call that a win.

    Point to Ponder: when I complete my diary I am told if I eat like this in 5 weeks I will weigh a ridiculous amount (like 112) Well folks, 5 weeks has come and gone many times. I have logged for 2720 days. Every day for 7years. I guess I should be weighing in ounces by now and wearing a sixe zero.

    I was given the go ahead by my lung doctor to go to a restaurant, not with friends but only with husband right now. We had planned to go out for seafood (I’m not going to all the trouble to cook that at home) but we decided to wait until after the test and dr. appointments were over this coming week, maybe then. We live out in the country and have a country store/grill about 5 miles from here. Larry went last night and got us a shrimp and catfish plate with slaw, French fries and hush puppies. It was GREAT! I think the flakiest fish I ever ate. I am not going to fib, I did eat everything on the plate but did leave a hush puppy sitting there by itself. I am calling this past week a win!

    Love the Pooh poster. My first thought “he is hanging on just like I am.” Your trip with Pippa sounds lovely and certainly a memory being made. I am so thankful that it wasn’t Covid and that you are already feeling better. You are doing fantastic with diary, water, weight, walking - well everything! I am pulling for you to hit that goal and believe in you. You can do this! I will sure do my best to motivate others here as I find that I am getting to know the members of the team a bit better.

    Sounds like a heck of a week. I coached middle school volleyball and know how hectiv=ce, time consuming it can be. But I also know how much fun y’all are having. Prayers for the surgery and hope they can help with your feet. I went to the podiatrist and was told my feet are too thin. Not enough fat on the bottom. Duh! Wish I could send it from my butt to my feet. Hope you enjoy the dinner out, we are not going out yet but we are now getting take out.

    I am a NC girl. We share a love of walking, easiest for me to do (68 YO) but I have added some strength to my routine. So far a little every day.

    @Lenka1- nice loss, congrats!

    Yes maam, I taught you well - Keep on keeping on…….. You will do this, no problem.

    Beautiful pictures. Oh how I would love to take a walk with you there.

    Wow, congrats on the loss! Love that you job involves the steps. Sound like you have a busy schedule, enjoy the time off and the wedding. Love the photo from the badlands.

    Congrats on the loss and becoming our motivator, I will certainly do my part to help ya. Good to hear you mama is better. My husband took such good care of his mama so I know what it involves but also know how rewarding it is as well. OK, I hope I helped inspire you to try walking. Sounds like you got off to a rocky start. Suggestion, forget the phone and buy a fitbit, Garmin or some type of tracker. That way you have it on (mine is a watch) and all your steps are counted. I bet you got a lot more than you think.
    Good to set a goal, I love it when my arm buzzes and it tells me I have hit 10,000. It will also remind me hourly if I need to get up and move. Definitely a motivator! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    KEEP ON KEEPING ON........................
  • debbiewsharpe
    debbiewsharpe Posts: 441 Member
  • brown6267
    brown6267 Posts: 476 Member
    09/18 steps 10088

    Maintenance weight 134.4
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    Week 3
    CW: 214.8
    Loss: 1.6
  • debbiewsharpe
    debbiewsharpe Posts: 441 Member
    kandi3570 wrote: »
    Week 3
    CW: 214.8
    Loss: 1.6

    Great loss this week, good to lead you in to next week motivated!
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 313 Member
    Week 3
    Pw- 156
    Cw- 153.6
    LTD- 48.2

    And my weight did exactly as I thought. Gained because of bloating due to TOM so was up 1.2 last weigh in. Today im down that 1.2 plus 1.2 more.

    One thing I'm going to start doing soon is working on toning. Since this time around ive lost weight but haven't been exercising.
  • Cafelelia
    Cafelelia Posts: 1,298 Member
    Week 3
    Fridays (late)
    PW - 146.4
    SW - 146.0
    Slow loss is just fine with me. At the risk of sounding repetitive, it has been a tough week both work and home. I am having a very small, distanced get together in the backyard tonight for my husband’s birthday. As a surprise, I hired a bluegrass trio who he loves to play a short set. The weather is turning colder and virus numbers are going up here, so it will likely be our last get together for a while. I do buy a new outdoor heater for it, so we will see how that works. Sorry I have been MIA here and I will catch up on reading posts tomorrow. I see some amazing losses right above me here with @Zumba_Luvah and Kandi3570, congratulations! Miss everyone and thank you for your support this month!
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,469 Member
    Check in for Friday
    Food-not logged and over
    Water-64 oz
    Exercise-30 min walk

    Not a terrible day, I had a late lunch with Jim and had dinner late too. I didn't need to have dinner but old thinking came in about being hungry later. It is not like I am in danger of starving so I am not sure why I still think that at times. Oh well...I have to run, I have am running late this morning. I will catch up with you all tomorrow. I missed a lot in one day! Lol! have a great weekend everyone.
  • timibotkin
    timibotkin Posts: 235 Member
    PW 284.6
    CW 280.6

    Ok.. this week I don’t feel like I accomplished much. I did not go to the gym or do any type of exercise for 3 days in a row, nutrition has been sporadic, and my mindset has been in the gutter! But hey I see a loss, so right now as I type I’m on the bike at the gym, already completed 30 mins on the elliptical and about 20mins of strength training.
  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 1,846 Member
    Week 3
    Pw 194.2
    Cw 194.2
  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 1,846 Member
    Well I stayed the same, better than a gain I guess. I did eat out 2 days in a row, could be the problem. I slept in today, I had left the windows open so it was freezing in my house so now it's hard to get moving. Hoping to be productive this weekend.
  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:158.7
    Current weight:157.4
  • lennoncpa
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    @debbiewsharpe you are so funny! I love the way you think! And act!! I’m 65 YO and I definitely think that I DO NOT act my age! My sister and my ex husband (who I am still on good terms with- he’s just not my problem anymore!!) are both always saying “I’m too old to do ...” and it drives me literally crazy! I really don’t want to be in that frame of mind. Life is too short and I just want to have as much fun as I possibly can!!! That’s one big reason I’m on My Fitness Pal. I want to take care of this body that I was given and try my best to eat good and exercise. I’m not perfect and you guys are here to help keep me motivated and hopefully I motivate you guys sometimes too😀
  • KUMEcyclingteam
    KUMEcyclingteam Posts: 112 Member
    @debbiewsharpe Thank you for the advice, online looking at the "Billions" of options right now for fit bits ect. I'll bet it would be pretty tough to sit on something strapped to your wrist and break the screen.........
    and even tougher and rather awkward to explain how it happened to our friends, family and quite possibly a Proctologist! lol

  • pacsnc6
    pacsnc6 Posts: 927 Member
    Don't worry so much about the genetics. My husband's extended family (his dad, uncles, male cousins) all died in their 50s except one. They are both in their 70s now and way past the fear of dying too young. It was scary for a while but my hubby took good care of himself, ate pretty well (could have done better in my opinion) and avoided diabetes and other such illnesses. He has high blood pressure and cholesterol which is treated with meds. So you are right to live as well as you can and have fun as often as you can.
    Good to have you for our motivator.
  • mainebeachbum
    mainebeachbum Posts: 385 Member
    Saturday check in
    Steps 12,903
    Water 56 oz
    Walk 32 min

    Had to work on the inpatient unit at the hospital today, I get way more steps over there plus I did walk a little longer this morning.
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