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  • lennoncpa
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    @xX_phoenixrising_Xx thats an awesome loss. Slow and steady is fine - right?

    @debbiewsharpe taco soup sounds awesome. Do you care to share the recipe? I love all things related to Mexican food.
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    It is a pretty day here temp in the low 70s this afternoon. Quick trip to Costco this afternoon just to pick up hubby's hearing aid. No lines to wait in for that. Felt good to get out for a change.

    I am still doing great, minor side effects from the Keytruda, the itching is just about gone! My hips hurt some but not too bad yet. Next treatment is next week. Hope nothing new pops up. Scan is two weeks later.
  • tryingagain5
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    Monday 9/21
    Food: good
    Water: not enough
    Exercise: quick 10 minute light exercise

    I had to get up early to go to an appointment. Nothing special, just a regular annual mammogram.

    After the appointment I stopped by my dad's for a few minutes to see how he was doing. He's pretty healthy for an 86 year old.

    Went home, had some supper and then napped for a couple hours before work.
  • tryingagain5
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    I like this saying. I tend to forget sometimes and compare myself to others, which does no good. They may or may not have had health issues, are in a different level athletically, etc. See, I do know not to do it.😉😁

    I also liked this part of one of your earlier posts:
    Y'all take care, stay safe and most of all stay focused. YOU, yes you- I'm talking to YOU - are YOU listening? YOU can and will do great this week. I look forward to congratulating YOU.

    Thanks for the reminder to focus!
  • Cafelelia
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    Monday check in (super late)
    I had a really good day yesterday. Eating was on plan and walked as well. Today was more stressful, mainly due to some work stress and school stuff fo that kids. But I am doing IF and sticking with things in general.

    @pacsnc6 - Hope that the treatment continues to goes well, take care!
    @podperson1 - Big hugs and please don’t get discouraged.
    @mainebeachbum - Onederland by New Year’s Day sounds like a great goal! I will be so happy to kiss 2020 goodbye!
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    Cafelelia wrote: »

    @mainebeachbum - Onederland by New Year’s Day sounds like a great goal! I will be so happy to kiss 2020 goodbye!

    No kissing! 2020 is contagious! Proper social distancing only. Like the lucky chinese restaurant cat.
  • kandi3570
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    So today felt like a marathon. I got my steps. I had 12000 before I left my 8 hour shift at work. I only got 1500 more after but I’ve been on my feet all day. It’s my moms bday. I made her a pineapple upside down cake and bought her a fifth of whiskey. Since she’s not much of a cake person but she is a traditions person. Pineapple upside down cake was one of my grandfathers favorites and she used to make it for him.
    I got more calories than I wanted aka pineapple upside down cake. But that’s ok. I’ll do better tomorrow.
    The roofer was here and said he would be back within a week! That’s exciting. He upped the price but I mean materials are up and I just want it done by winter.
    And of course I cooked dinner. And I bumped my crock pot into the burner button so I melted the bottom of it. 🙄. I love my crock pot and I use it often. So I’ll be buying a new one soon. I guess no complaints I got it on clearance years ago for $8. So I’m not out much, I guess.
    And of course all of this was between running my daughter to and from volleyball practice.
    Oh and I’m sure you ladies want to know this but I pinched my boob with my Fitbit. I wear it on my bra because I’m not allowed to have watches or jewelry or anything that could fall into product at work. Well I was super busy and i had to adjust it and when I got home I realized i had pinched some skin in there. 🙄. It’s still been a good day. But a hectic one.
    @mainebeachbum the apple watches are awesome. I’d totally have one if I could wear a watch all day. You will love it. And you deserve it. Congrats on 30 pounds lost!!!
    @tryingagain5 I love the meme. That’s what it’s all about. Being a better healthier you than you were before!! Never forget that. And we are all on our way. The trick is to never stop trying.
    @posperson1 just keep going. Sometimes the weight doesn’t make sense for all the effort. But it will eventually come off. You can do this!!!
  • tryingagain5
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    Tuesday 9/22
    Food: good
    Water: not enough
    Exercise: 20 minute walk

    My back was pretty sore last night at work. Not sure why, I didn't do anything to hurt it, must have tweaked it somehow. I put a heating pad on it when I got home and that felt pretty good. It was still a little sore when I got up so I decided not to go to the gym. I took a short walk around the condo complex with a neighbor and her dog.

    After eating I took a short nap and then went to the local library. I had signed up for a sheet pan cooking class they were having. No actual cooking since there's no oven there. More of a presentation but it was nice. We were given some recipes and the lady who ran the class has a blog with a lot more recipes.

    I have almost all the ingredients for one of the recipes. I plan on picking up what I don't have tomorrow and will make that for supper and will have enough for several days after that.
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    lennoncpa wrote: »
    Hello team and happy Tuesday. Its a beautiful day outside and I am just having a great day. I hope everyone is doing well!

    I just love it when you pop in just to say you’re having a great day and spread the live, Sheryl. Did I tell you that I bought the dark chocolate hummus? Only because of you, my friend.
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Oh dear, I’ve missed a lot today. I’m thrilled with the insight and support you all share and really sorry to hear about your pinched boob, Kandi. I tired responding to individual posts but I’m not very adept in my phone, so I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow. You are all incredible!

  • mainebeachbum
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    Good morning, All! Happy Wednesday!

    I was able to go into work late today so decided to do a longer walk with the dog before I left. OMG what a treacherous walk! The remnants of Hurricane Teddy are blowing by, and it’s really windy. I live on a country road (for example, I walked 40 minutes and only 1 car went by!) that is lined with oak trees! Acorns were flying everywhere! I probably should have worn a hard hat! It was crazy. And under all the oaks was a skating rink of acorns! But I survived without injury which is good for me! 🤗
  • melaniedscott
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    Week 3
    PW: 213
    CW: 213

    Well, at least it is a maintain! Might actually be a slight loss, have some substantial muscle soreness from gardening. Went after the weedy flower bed and now I'm stiff, sore and have blister(s?) on my fingers.

    On the vertigo front, not much has changed. They found nothing on the MRI. I'm pretty pissed at the ENT...he seems very disinterested in actually figuring out what's going on. He's decided the vertigo is a new migraine symptom (never mind that the severity increased in conjunction with hearing loss, ear pain and tinnitus) and I should see a neurologist. To be fair, after 5 years of migraine silence, I've had 4 since the beginning of July (that's not terrible, before I sometimes had twice that in a month) but who wants to be fair? He says it is either migraine related or Meniere's (which I didn't want to hear, luckily, I'm mostly deaf in that ear!) but doesn't seem motivated to figure it out or try to treat it. But the ear stuff started in Jan. I don't like being half deaf. But I'll stop whining now.

    I'm glad things are generally going well for everyone. I read the posts, I just don't have the time to comment much. I saw the words dark...chocolate...hummus...yum. Love that stuff.

    @kandi3570 You buying your mom a fifth reminded me of my gran toting around a fifth of brandy when she travelled (she didn't think we knew). Don't know why...but made me laugh. Mmmm pineapple upside down...have not had that in years.
  • kandi3570
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    The gardening is building muscle. I guarantee there is a loss that you’re not showing. Muscle weighs more than fat. 😁. I’m sorry about your vertigo. I’ve had a few voughts of slight vertigo. As I have had repeated ear infections most of J.Y. childhood and occasionally as a b adult. I’ve had ear drum replacement surgery and suffered through more than my share of perforated ear drums from the infections. So I have a slight understanding but not truly. My vertigo would only last a few days. I certainly hope they find the cause and can help you.
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    edited September 2020
    I have a conference call I need to be on in a few minutes, so I'll get around to responding to all of you lovely folks sometime later today, but I wanted to make a quick post this morning, since I'm seeing the numbers on my scale go up, but the numbers on my measuring tape going down.

    Am I over 165 lbs today?
    Absolutely, I am.
    Is more of that muscle than yesterday?
    You bet!

    While the numbers on the scale still bother me, I know that I'm in a state of recomposition, and the extra muscle mass will only help me when it comes to getting rid of that pesky fat (hopefully the muscle knows how to target belly fat, because I could use a bit of help there!).

    I haven't been on my best behavior this week, but I stuck to my workout schedule, and the routine has been helping me tremendously.
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    00/22 steps 4601
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    @sleepymom5 that's so awesome about your husband Jim. I think its wonderful that you are all supporting him too. That is such a scary thing to go through - I'm glad he's improving and obviously its a slow process - so for him to have come so far is amazing!
  • lennoncpa
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    @1theresamcvean chocolate hummus! Interesting - so how was it?????
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