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    @1theresamcvean holy kitten that sounds like one big messed up situation! I hope you're able to get it resolved soon.

    @tryingagain5 I'll be thinking about you on the 9th! Good luck!

    @pacsnc6 I'm so sorry you had a stressful treatment. Hugs to you!

    Okay, y'all. I'm back, finally. I'd also like to get back on the team for weekly weigh in. My day used to be Wednesday, but I can change that if we need to.

    The story is the usual: too much sitting and too much unhealthy food. Gained 4lbs. Not terrible, not out of control, but the holidays are coming and I'd like to lose 8lbs to give myself a holiday buffer zone.

    The plan is simple: more movement, more water, less snacking.
  • Zumba_Luvah
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    Week 5
    Pw- 153
    Cw- 150.6
    LTD- 51.2

  • brown6267
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    10/02 steps 10789

    Maintenance weigh in 133.6
  • goingape
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    Hello all;
    Last week 159.4
    Current weight 155.8
    Loss of 3.6
    Total loss 63.6

    So I’m having the big tom drop in weight I had last month. I’m thinking there will be some bounce back over the next week. But I’m very happy to have some distance from the 158 - 161 range that I’ve been stuck in.

    I’ve been reading everyone posts even if I’m not great at the commenting..

    @Lenka. Love that sweet baby face. My kids are all big now so no more baby cuddles for me.

    I’ve just purchased some new running shoes. Super excited. This is my first running pair. Tried them out last night with c25K week 5, day 1 and they felt good. I also got a Nike sports bra which is very form fitting but I wanted to keep my chest from bobbling around. Wrestling my way out of that thing after getting hot and sweaty is a treat.

    I’ve researched some new exercise classes and hopefully will be able to get in the ones I want and have lower class numbers. My current yoga flow class is just me and the instructor which is nice.

    I’ve also been talking with a dietitian about my calories intake - I’m needing to wrap my brain around the notion of eating more so I can make muscle but I want to still keep burning fat. I will up my protein as I do know I’m low in that area. Anyone in the anyone circumstances as me? My goal is 130 at least. Might go lower. I’m only 5’1. I’m in the beginner level of weights and I’m still getting comfortable there. My gym routine is a mix of weights, squats, lunges, crunches etc.

    Welcome to the new members and take care everyone!!
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    Weigh in day Saturday.
    PW: 209.4
    CW: 209.2

    Not stellar but expected after last weeks fluke weigh in.
    Total weight loss since August 27th 2020 16.6 lbs.
    Total weight loss from my heaviest weight 59.2 lbs
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    kiane50 wrote: »
    Not sure what to do if my weigh in day is thurs but we don’t start oct challenge till the 4.

    @kiane50 -

    Since you joined the group for October, you won't have to post your weigh-in until October 8th, since that will technically still be week 1 for our group's purposes.
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    The October Team Chat is open! Please finish all September weigh-ins here, and head over to the new thread for introductions and getting the new month started -
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    Hey Everyone! We are still waiting on final September weigh-ins from:

    Let us know if you need to be excused for this week, or moved to the support team, etc.

    All of our new members will start in the October Team Chat as of Sunday!
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    PW 278.2
    CW 276.0
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Username: 1theresamcvean
    Weigh-in week: Week 5
    Weigh-in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 145.0
    Today's weight: 147.3
    Loss to date: 30.1

    Not the best and not the worst weigh-in. I began the month at 147.4, so overall a maintain. I reached my lowest weight in many years this month at 145.0, so want to say it was a good month. Looking forward to reaching new goals in October, my favourite month of the year.
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Hey Everyone! We are still waiting on final September weigh-ins from:

    Let us know if you need to be excused for this week, or moved to the support team, etc.

    All of our new members will start in the October Team Chat as of Sunday!

    Thanks for the reminder, Ashley. Done and in. :blush:
  • 1theresamcvean
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    timibotkin wrote: »
    PW 278.2
    CW 276.0

    Great loss!
  • 1theresamcvean
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    edited October 2020
    The Day Before We Move!

    Keys for tomorrow:
    • Declutter. Don't even pack the things (habits) that aren't serving you well.
    • Moving day box. Make sure you have easy and immediate access to your water, work-out gear, and healthy, delicious food for the new month ahead. This isn't beer and pizza day.
    • Move your hardest room first. In other words, organize and execute around your most important priorities, not by the agendas and forces surrounding you.
    Your new address:
  • kirsten11872
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    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    Previous weight:152.6
    Current weight:151.1
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    edited October 2020
    Man, posted my October intro in here... now I'll go to the right thread. 😄😛
  • hope002
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    PW 174.6
    CW 175.3
  • Freeglerock
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    Week 5
    PW: 171.6
    CW: 172.0
    LTD: 46.5

    Sorry for tardiness. This was my Wednesday weight.
  • annliz23
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    Pw 124
    CW 123
    Sun 11,183
    Mon 12,824
    Tue 11,511
    Wed 6,222
    Th 12,257
    Fri 4,632
    Sat 3,178
    Total 61,807
  • debbiewsharpe
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    Debbie Sharpe
    Weight-127 (my magic number)
    Sunday – 16,150
    Monday – 24,005
    Tuesday – 11,116
    Wednesday – 21,040
    Thursday – 14,395
    Friday – 16,551
    Saturday – 20,556
    total -123,813

    Sorry that I haven't been commenting this week. I had two days of long meetings then a lot of computer work to do after the meetings. I have been reading and have seen lots of progress. Well, I did it yesterday! I baked a chocolate pie from my mama's recipe book. Oh, it reminded me so much of my dear mama, I will always cherish those memories and I definitely inherited her love of baking. NOT cooking, but baking! I did manage to stop with one piece, yes it was a good size piece. I guess I should use my southern words and call it what it actually was, a SLAB of pie. Larry and I will probably finish it off today. We were just thinking of going out to dinner this weekend, until I saw the news that our president and many senators have Covid. They have the best security, medical care and testing every day. Our local elementary school also had to close because a kindergarten child tested positive. It doesn't seem like there is an end in sight. We will continue to cook and stay at home. He is not a cook but is very helpful with the grill and the clean up.
    I did manage to do well with my walking this week and I think pretty good with my little bit of strength training. I only use 3 pound weights due to neck and back issues but maybe one day I will increase it.
    Today is world communion day so if you take communion today, I am there with you. Y'all have a great day today, stay safe, pamper yourself, and KEEP ON KEEPING ON................
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