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    @Gidgitgoescrazy LOL I love your goal of doing a handstand! I love that you looked up a tutorial. I would of never thought of that! Get it girl!!

    @Kali225 @evelynladams527 @coffeetwist
    I game for a small group, I’ll go along with whatever y’all would like to do. ☺️ I do get lost in all the posts so if you need to message me, please do!

    Cheers my friends
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    Steps and Exercise update for 10th November:

    Steps - 3436
    Exercise - 38 mins Lower body strength workout
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    edited November 2020
    November 11

    Steps: 15,352
    Exercise: 1 and 1/2 hour walk 5 miles
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    kmriedell wrote: »
    November 11

    Steps: 15,352
    Exercise: 1 and 1/2 hour walk 5 miles
    Just so you know - exercise that is included in your step count (walking) doesn't get added on top of your step numbers. If you also any kind of gym exercise, swim, shovel snow, etc. then it adds on top of the steps. It has to be intentional exercise, but extra-physical outdoor work can count too. Yoga and Pilates would add 100 steps per minute you do them, but elliptical would be a lot higher, etc.
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    Hi everyone! Pretty good day here. Logged my food and stayed under calories. I got in a 15 minute Pilates workout. Water is on target, although I need a drink right now. I have a bit more to get to my step goal. Rainy and super warm here today. Weird.

    @KellyBgetsfit and @conleywoods Sending virtual hugs to you both. I know this year has been super challenging. I’m glad your school boards are being sensible even if it’s not what everyone would want to do. Keeping you all safe is the most important thing. Covid is out of control. And yet, our schools are sending kids back tomorrow for the first time this school year. It’s ridiculous and ill-advised. We have had thousands of new cases every day for a few weeks. My heart goes out to all our teachers and staff and hospital workers as well.

    I’m bummed about Thanksgiving. I won’t get to have my son and his girlfriend here. Experts are saying it’s just not safe to share dinner with those outside your home. We’ll Zoom or something to connect, but ugh. So tired of this. I’ve seen my son two times since March. He lives an hour and a half from me. ☹️ Sure hope people listen so we can see each other at Christmas 🎄😷

    Off to get some steps. 🦶🏻

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    Username: Planemonkey
    Weigh In Day: Wednesday (a tad late this week)
    PW: 217.4
    CW: 217.4
    LTD 26.6 Lbs

    My poor behaviour has caught up to me. I'm going to have to make some adjustments and meal plan better.

    I've reached the point in my weight loss that I'm 2 pants sizes smaller than when I started and I'm comfy at this size (it's where I usually rebound back and forth from.) This same 25ish pounds is what I keep gaining and losing cause right about now I'm getting lazy and complacent and portion sizes are going back up.

    Does anyone have a go-to, low calorie but filling, weeknight dinner recipe they can recommend? I need to add to my arsenal of go-to food so I don't fall back on takeout and give in to hubby's requests for calorie dense foods. Help! I need to break this barrier of bad habits and laziness to get the scale moving again in the right direction.

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    Good Morning Team !

    It's another yucky day here, but it looks like it might clear up soon, hopefully I can get a couple of walks in... Gotta catch up with the Fitbiters, I got behind because yesterday was my day off, but ya know what I am growing, because a few months ago, I woulda been more worried about how I was doing in the competition than what I shoulda been doing for myself, SOOOOO yay ! It was nice to just relax yesterday, although I did get a little snacky, but I had popcorn and pickles, so it wasn't horrible.. I don't think I logged it though, gotta check that...

    Anywho, so I did a 45 min video today, I've noticed that some videos are harder than others, the one I did this morning had alot more arm movements, knee lifts and kicks, where as the one I was doing before was alot more just walking.. I don't get as many steps with the harder ones, but I work harder, so I think I need to make an effort to keep mixing them up each week..

    Today is strength training day, I upped my weights last time, only by 3lbs but it's progress, and that is all that matters... Except on the reverse flys, I hate those, I find them hard, but not as hard as when I 1st started, so yeah... Atleast I can finish the whole set now...

    @PlaneMonkey I feel ya on getting to a comfortable place, I am there now, and in the past this was when I failed, ( actually it was 4lbs ago) But it's like all my clothes fit comfortable right now, so I am going to do some online shopping and buy myself a nice outfit, that is a size smaller, and make it a goal, I have to have something to work for... I actually have my favorite pair of jeans, but thats a long way off, they are size 2, they are from 2002 when I lost a bunch of weight on WW, lol.. ( I actually have a whole bin of clothes from that size, that I refuse to get rid of)

    I wish I could help with the food but we use a meal service, and when I don't my go to is taco salad, without chips, although If I need to make it more substantial, I will use a low carb tortilla and make it into chips in the air fryer, it's not as good as regular chips but it does the job...

    @Jguldi11 - That is a great NSV ! Go you, you will be to 20 minutes in no time !

    Have a great day everyone !
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    Thanks so much for the encouragement @Gidgitgoescrazy. I also have a huge bin of clothes from 2012 when I was into Crossfit and from 2008 when I ran a half marathon, but in between each of those athletic events, I ate my way back up to 250lbs. So far I haven't added any exercise to my weight loss plan because I know that for me, food choices are what I've so far been unable to change permanently. How do I learn to accept that I don't need more than 1400 calories a day when my husband gets to eat cheese, and steak sandwiches, and nachos, and all the yummy things.... I have enough willpower for myself, and have always been able to stay fit while single, but as soon as the comfort food requests come out and the cuddling on the couch with tv part of relationships takes over from the going out and being active, I spiral back up to 250 again before I catch myself.
    How do people with children do it?!? They're amazing to be able to make meals kids will still eat while keeping them filling and low calorie. Or else having to make 2 meals every time to satisfy everyone. Kudos to those who find that balance!


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    Sorry that I haven't been checking in on a daily basis, the last two weeks have been a little crazy for me. Starting today I'll try my best to check in every day with updates and goals and how I'm doing both good and bad.

    I haven't been doing any exercise the last two weeks, but I have been starting to walk and count my steps. Today, I'm going to add some exercise into my daily routine.

    My Goals For The Rest Of November:
    1) 3,000 steps 6 days a week
    2) Exercise 4 to 5 days a week 30 minutes a day.
    3) Drink a gallon of water a daily. (128 fl oz)
    4) log in my dairy daily. (good & bad days)

    Haven't really been doing most of these, but today is a new day. Hopefully, by doing these goals faithfully I'll start seeing an increase in weight-loss.

    Hope everyone is having a good day and staying safe. 😃 🏵️
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    jugar wrote: »
    WaistAways! We did not make it into the top 3 this week, but we had a good percentage of small green increments, so hang on - we'll hit a good whoosh soon. **Kittens** in gear - you know what to do! And @Terytha . You know how much I enjoy numbers, but you are NOT stuck on 169 just because it is the lowest you hit years ago. Promise.

    Crazy Idea Department:
    I just went through the whole team - it being the day for tallies - and I see that it would be easy to make 12 "pods" of 2-3 people, each within a fairly small weight range. I'm wondering if you'd be interested to have this kind of pod thing to add a layer to the team support. You could send each other a daily text, try to lose the same amount in a week, get in touch before eating the evil chocolate cake of doom or something - . Of course, I know that some of you are crazy busy and would have trouble adding one more thing, but if you're interested, make a squeak.

    Here are the groupings just based on weight - it isn't the only way to do it, but just as an example.
    @YinxFed and @coffeetwist
    @mbakhtiaruz and @snakagawa11
    @terytha @krcapone and @CanadianGiraffe
    jguldi11 @MandiSaysHey and @AshenMoon
    @PlaneMonkey and @conleywoods
    @lovethyneighbor and @ells_runs
    @dashofwicked and @offitgoes
    @kmriedell @evelynladams527 and @Kali225
    @JvalaNavin and @KellyBgetsfit
    @evangsimmons170 @travelingalone1 and @happimess01
    @SMcFall0215 @Gidgitgoescrazy and @Steph1498
    @pearl4686 and @micki48

    I chose similar weight as a way to make the groupings since it is usual that you could lose at around the same rate and would be aiming for similar monthly goal weights. Give it a think and let me know if you'd like to try it! Or if you absolutely would not consider it. Maybe just a few people want a buddy to get some kicks in the SOP more personally :grimace:

    @jugar I like this idea....sorry I'm so late in responding.

    @ evelynladams527 I'm glad your spouse was OK with the surgery. My ex/re husband (LOL) is on the mend, although he hates being home and restricted. :smile:
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    The last week has been hard. Work has me very stressed out and anxious. Mom life has been hard. My 4 year old wakes up several times a night. One night, I slept for 3 hrs 45 min, not in a row. I am lucky if I get 6 hrs, not in a row. This morning, I got up at 5am, ready to workout and the baby got up 5 minutes later.

    My weekend wins - went for a walk on Sat, even though I was exhausted. I logged all weekend (all week actually) I did NOT eat all the carbs like I usually do when I sleep deprived. I not only washed the clothes, but I put them away - HUGE WIN for me. I am always doing laundry and I hate putting it away.

    @KellyBgetsfit Your life sounds SO much like mine! Getting 6+ hours of sleep is a rarity for me too, and I don't have any kids! The rare times when I do take a day for me to do something crazy like sleep, rest, relax, etc. I always feel guilty. LOL
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    @PlaneMonkey one of my fav low calorie dinners and so super easy: 1 lbs of chicken breast, 1 can each (undrained!) black beans, corn, rotel. Dump all in a crockpot (also have made in the oven). When its cooked, use 2 forks to shred the chicken and mix all together. Sometimes I throw some cream cheese in at the end to give it a creamier texture. It is delicious, reheats well, and so easy to make. I eat it with tortillas, rice (or riced cauliflower) or sometimes just eat it right out of a bowl like chili, you could also make it into more of a soup by adding a container of chicken broth.

    That recipe sounds delicious @MandiSaysHey. You seriously don't rinse the beans?
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    @MandiSaysHey I can't edit the above post, so I'll have to correct it here! Is it just the rotel that's undrained? Or all of the cans?

    Thanks! I'm going to try it
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