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  • jugar
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    Greetings team!
    Things are looking good this week - if the last few weigh-ins are OK, then we have improved some from last week. If not? We learned stuff!

    Where do your stickers come from? I might need some!!
  • YinxFed
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    Steps and exercise updates for 12th and 13th November:

    12th steps - 2582, exercise - 37 mins core workout
    13th steps - 2594, exercise - 38 mins Upper body strength workout
  • CurvyCalorie
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    Step report for November 14
    Steps: 9,356
  • once_mas
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    @conleywoods What a cute doggie. 😊❤️ After walking in snow he definitely deserved a cookie 😋 what's his/her name?

  • Pearl4686
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    micki48 wrote: »
    Saturday weigh in

    PW 195.1
    CW 194.3

    Woohoo! It's going down! That's all that matters!
  • eggfreak
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    Saturday steps 26105, a killer day of raking leaves, dragging leaves and finishing up one client's garden for the season. I had enough calories to indulge in extra treats last night and still have a deficit. Today might be the same although it needs to warm up first, ice in the birdbath.

    @jugar and @conleywoods - I will try to remember your marches through the snow when we finally get that weather - I'll dress for the occasion and get out there, not be a wimp. @conleywoods I would think the calorie challenge might be the overall calories used for the day (not just specific activities)?

    @MandiSaysHey isn't that utterly frustrating? you lose all umph to write your post over again. I stick to the computer for this group and learned early on not to try to scroll back to other pages in the midst of a post.

    @SMcFall0215 forget about a backseat...your posts are fine...we're here for the good AND the bad.

    @mbakhtiaruz How much water were you aiming to drink per day? I also try to avoid added sugar - it is a big help that over here the nutrition labels now have Added Sugar on it.

    Sunday ahead - more raking, more dragging leaves, and one more garden customer to finish up. Have a great day everyone!
  • jugar
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    I totally missed my weigh in yesterday.. partially because I was busy and partially because I had a gain AGAIN this week and I was to embarrassed to post it.. I keep telling myself I’m going to do better and yet I still seem to keep falling into the same ol slump.. it’s nobody’s fault but my own... we are staying with family while building and they do all the cooking and also bring in sweets daily.. the body and mind I’m in right now I just don’t have the strength to say No to my triggers... I lost 100 lbs by being strong and saying no and over coming my addiction to food.. In my current state I feel like I have “relapsed” I know when most think of addiction and relapse they think of drugs... my drug is FOOD... I feel like I have totally failed my self and I feel like I have failed you all.. I come here every week and post my weight just to watch it keep going in the wrong direction... I don’t know if I should take a backseat in the group to try to get my mind right or if I keep showing up here just to let all of us down... I truly feel like the past 2 months everything I have posted has been negative and I am NOT normally a negative person. I want my happy go lucky self back I want to get back on track I WANT the will power to say NOO! Please bare with me guys... I WILL get back to the good me. I just need to figure out how to get there first.. I really do appreciate y’all excepting me even in my worst moments.


    You can't leave! I don't care how much you have to gripe, complain, moan, groan - this is the time you need to just stick with us and ride it out. We can handle the rants, I assure you! Have a good hour or day whenever you can. We don't want just the "good you" - we'll take it all. You can't go back to the old you, though - have a talk with the family, give them a list of healthier treats just special for you, peel a grapefruit and eat it section by section, drink a glass of cold water very slowly. Use all your tricks, and if you still hit a trigger and lose it, well - you won't be waiting for your house to be built forever! You still only weigh 162.4 pounds. That's pretty danged good. If you put on a few, you can kick them to the curb later. But right now, I think you need to keep us in your back pocket :heart: :heart:
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @SMcFall0215 I completely agree with @jugar! Don't leave us. Even sharing your negative thoughts is helpful to the rest of us because it makes us realize we're not alone in our negative thoughts when we have them. Too many people try to share only the glossiest parts of their lives online. The real you with all the real world struggles is who we need. I was in the same spot as you a year and a half ago. I'd dropped a bunch of weight on keto but then we put our house up for sale and I could no longer meal prep or cook large meals because the house had to be in show-room condition at all times. Flash forward to the house we moved to being in a constant state of renovation for the first year. I struggled and put back on a bit of what I'd lost, but now I've found this group and it helps me to feel that connection with those who have also struggled. You all make me want to be better, but also make me feel that I'm allowed to be human and have the right to be unhappy when things that are out of my control slow down my goals.
    Even just venting your frustration should help make you feel better! Take the tips of the people who've been there in this group. Healthier snacks, refuse larger portions of certain meals.

    You will be back to your positive self soon
  • MandiSaysHey
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    @eggfreak unfortunately I don't have a computer so my phone is my only option for this group.
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