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Shrinking Assets - May 2021 Team Chat

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Here is your Team chat room for May 2021. This is where you weigh in every week, post your goals and progress, discuss any issues or topics of interest, share ideas, support your teammates, receive help when you need it, and dream big. Try to post every day, and help each other succeed!

We have six great teams. The group and team leaders are as follows:

Our Moderators:
Liselyn - @jugar
Beka - @Beka3695
Teresa - @TeresaW1020
Megan - @Megan_smartiepants1970

Our Team Captains:
Downsizers - @lindamtuck2018 and @Megan_smartiepants1970
Mission Slimpossibles - @broncobuddee and @TeresaW1020
Trimstones - @mulecanter and @jessicakrall8
Weight No More - @minstrelofsarcasm and @melaniedscott
Waist Aways - @jugar and @micki48
Shrinking Assets - @Boehle and @beka3695

Our Team Motivators:
Downsizers - @TheresaM787
Mission Slimpossibles - @AustinRuadhain @katmary71 and @trooworld
Trimstones - @angmarie28 and @JoDavo66
Weight No More - @goingape
Waist Aways - @Terytha and @conleywoods
Shrinking Assets - @hipari

Every challenger weighs in on their chosen day, every week without fail! At the end of each week, the tallies are done to determine the team and individuals with the most weight lost. The best losers are announced with full fanfare every Sunday. The team competition is all in good spirits - may the most losing win!

We also track those small, steady losses with the Green Week count. If you lose, however small an amount, it counts for 1 week in the green. At the end of the month we celebrate everyone who lost every week. You are heading steadily towards your goal even if you aren't at the top of the weight loss leaderboard!

To make your weigh-in easy to find for your team Captains, please put it right at the top of a message, and use this format:

Weigh In Day:
PW (Previous Weight):
CW (Current Weight):

If you need a week off, a break, a change of weigh-in day - just ask your Captains here on your team chat page. If you take a break, you are moved to the Support Team. You can remain on the Support Team for as long as you need to. You still participate in the discussions and weigh in if you want to, but your weigh-ins will not be counted on the weekly tally. If you miss two weigh-ins in a row without asking for a break, you will be dropped from the team, so be sure to ask if you are travelling, sick, or just needing some time off.

Once you reach your goal weight, you join the Goal Zone! You need support to maintain, and you can help your teammates join you. You continue to weigh in every week, and if you have 2 weeks above your self-defined goal zone, you go back to the regular team to lose that amount before it builds up. You will have a chance to hone those maintenance skills and stick with your team!

In addition to your own team, there are weekly F2F Full Group CHALLENGES. You can do all or none - it's up to you. Participating adds a lot to your success, so we hope to see you there often! These can involve anything fitness, health, or nutrition - and they’ll get you moving, thinking, and learning about this journey. Check the Announcements section for full group challenges.

Let’s show our fellow challengers some F2F love! Introduce yourselves right away, and let the new month and year begin!!
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  • socajamsocajam Member, Premium Posts: 2,686 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,686 Member
    Well I will be the first
    Good news: received my first vaccine today - [email protected]:30 am. EST - I was set to take the J&J, but due to the problems it was canceled and when the opportunity to take the shot this morning came, I jumped at it
    No side effects as yet, second shot May 22nd - but I will still be wearing my masks -maybe not 2, only 1

    About me: I have been on MFP since 2014 - did really well, lost 24 lbs and though I could fly - well you know what comes after that complacency and here I am back trying to really do better otherwise I will be looking diabetes in the face and that frightens the hell out of me

    My plans for May - to have 12,600 calories for the week broken down as follows:
    1200 calories - Tuesday and Thursday
    2040 calories - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
    I do not plan on eating back my exercise calories

    Exercise will be my elliptical. I would like to do: 2 days @ 90 minutes, 3 days @ 75 minutes and 2 days @ 60 minutes - that's the plan, getting it done is another matter

    Water: I have a large container of water on my kitchen counter to keep it at room temperature - I shall try and drink from it every time I enter the kitchen

    I am really looking forward to this challenge as I would like to be at least 30 lbs lighter - from 185.4 to 155. Nothing in life comes easier, but I will need to stick to the discipline which is my biggest stumbling block

    Looking forward to working wit the team - getting and receiving advice
  • MrscanmoreMrscanmore Member Posts: 721 Member Member Posts: 721 Member
    Can't believe it's May! My goal for this month is a slow, steady loss. Ii seem to have a week each month where I lose it, eat everything in sight and then go up. So working on avoiding that this month.

    I've really upped my exercise this week. I joined an endurance challenge through my local triathlon club, so trying to increase my biking. The challenge runs over several months.
  • hiparihipari Member, Premium Posts: 1,271 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,271 Member
    Yay, it’s May!

    I’m 29, live in Finland with my husband and we’re currently expecting our first child. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and things are looking up in terms of nausea and exhaustion after a very difficult first trimester. I’m not participating in weigh-ins due to pregnancy, and my focus is a healthy pregnancy. My May goals include getting some physical activity every day, having a healthy blood pressure and gaining weight at a suitably slow pace.
  • imgwendolyn2015imgwendolyn2015 Member, Premium Posts: 341 Member Member, Premium Posts: 341 Member
    Hi everyone!
    My name is Wendy. I live in Wisconsin with my husband and two dogs. I've been on the rollercoaster of weight loss for about 20 years. Something clicked in my head when we were sent home to work because of COVID. I decided I would go back to work smaller than when I left. Being at home has made it much easier to get my eating under control and start exercising again.

    I have lost 60 pounds from my heaviest weight of 214. I use intermittent fasting, 16:8, and watch my calories during the week. Weekends are much more laid back and I usually don't track at all.

    I am having knee surgery on May 3rd so exercise for me is very limited. I am also just trying to maintain my loss for now until I am healed.

    Welcome to all the new members! Feel free to add me as a friend!
  • FrecklePatchFrecklePatch Member Posts: 61 Member Member Posts: 61 Member
    Okay, I need to have a weight! Thanks @jugar

    SW 241
    CW 226
    GW 170-175
    Height 5'10"

    Hello I am a new member!
    My name is Lori. I've been struggling to lose for about 6 years. I've had 3 accounts here and have started about 20 times. This time I'm trying things differently!

    I'll be weighing in officially tomorrow. I did weigh today, however.

    We can do it, Team!!

    P. S. If anyone would care to be friends, that would be fantastic!
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    1st @Rachelrjh 2.47 %
    2nd @beautyofdreams 2.13%
    3rd @KristieJC 2.07%

    1st @KristieJC 4.2 Lbs
    1st @ashleycarole86 4.2 Lbs
    2nd @rachelrjh 4.0 Lbs
    3rd @Beautyofdreams 3.2Lbs



  • Beka3695Beka3695 Member Posts: 4,095 Member Member Posts: 4,095 Member



    1st @bumpbreakcar 8.58 %
    2nd @Rachelrjh 7.60%
    3rd @KristieJC 6.86 %

    1st @laceyf53 15.5 Lbs
    2nd @Ashleycarole86 14.6 Lbs
    3rd @rwood566 14.4 Lbs



  • jugarjugar Member Posts: 6,049 Member Member Posts: 6,049 Member
    The MAY WEEK 1 Challenge is up! This is always our week for commitment and reflection - try to post there every day if it helps you! Or post them here if you would rather:
  • Beka3695Beka3695 Member Posts: 4,095 Member Member Posts: 4,095 Member
    I am Beka, one of your Team Captains and Group Moderator. My counterpart and bestie is Julie,aka @Boehle.

    I am 44, married, mom of 2 daughters, Mimi of one amazing grandson, and human mom to 3 fur babies. I usually live in the beautiful mountains of Northern Georgia, but currently residing in Florida as I am acting nanny to my sweet grandson who just turned one.

    I started my journey 3 years ago at 242 lbs, lost down to 174 (-68 lbs) and maintained almost 9 months before gaining back to 232. It is only failure if you quit... right???

    For my second time around, I am currently down about 63 lbs from my highest...

    Age: 44
    Height: 5'7"
    Highest weight: 242, November 2016
    Current weight: 179
    Goal Weight: SEXY AF

    May Goals:
    Just a copy and paste from prior months...
    - Reduce my binging
    - Reduce intake of sugary foods
    - focus on consistency of steps.

    If you have not already, feel free to friend me. Please make your diaries open. Your teammates (umm - or me) might want to borrow your ideas that keep you in check.
  • socajamsocajam Member, Premium Posts: 2,686 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,686 Member
    My goal is to try and exercise every day this week, even when I do not feel like it
    I have already carried out one of my goals for the week - eating my weekly [email protected] grams
    I am addicted to cereal and made the decision that being so high in carbs, I would eat it only one day a week on Sundays only. So far I have completed that and I am proud of myself. On Sundays, I look forward to my cereal and savor every spoonful
    If you look at my diary you will wonder why I eat my cereal with carrot juice - but think of this - who says that cereal must be eaten with milk. As someone who is lactose intolerance, we made the decision to try eating cereal with carrot juice and it's the best decision we ever made. I do have it with lactose milk some times, but do not have to go out of my way to buy milk
    Bread: I love bread, but refuse to keep sliced bread in the house because I cannot make do with one or two slices especially if the bread is my favorite. So I decided to buy the rolls instead and keep them in the freezer - I eat one bread roll maybe two or three times a week and that completely satisfies my bread hunger
    I love cottage cheese - in place of cereal during the week, I have cottage cheese with pear, prunes and nuts, other times I have a green smoothie made with organic spring mix, almond butter, ginger, 1/2 frozen banana, cacao powder and carrot juice
    I really would like to lose at least 5 pounds this month, and know that I have to put in the work to reap the results - the work is really sticking to my exercise daily - get out of bed in the mornings and go straight on the elliptical to get it out of the way - leaving it until later means it never gets done
    I wish everyone a good week and hope we can achieve our goals
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  • LaurieWroboLaurieWrobo Member Posts: 574 Member Member Posts: 574 Member
    Who is joining me in the Habit Tracker for May?
    I have signed up-I didn't see an announcement for it; it starts today!!
  • savannahs21savannahs21 Member Posts: 351 Member Member Posts: 351 Member
  • LaurieWroboLaurieWrobo Member Posts: 574 Member Member Posts: 574 Member
    What is that? @LaurieWrobo


    TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member
    May 2, 2021 7:09AM edited 7:09AM in Social Groups

    Everyone on any F2F team is welcome to use our habit tracking spreadsheet. Follow the easy steps below to get tracking the habits you want to make a part of your healthy lifestyle!

    Here is how it works:
    1. Open MAY HABIT TRACKER and go to the bottom of the spreadsheet to choose your team from the tabs.
    2. Put your MFP username in the column on the left (highlight "name" and type yours to replace it)
    3. Add up to five habits you want to track daily
    4. Check the box every day when you do it!
    5. Watch the green check marks accumulate

    *TIP* Bookmark the Habit Tracker so you can find it easily on your computer or device.

    It is completely up to you to update your own tracker. Do it every time you finish, daily, weekly - however you want. Tell your team how awesome you are!

    Any problems? Message me @jugar or ask here and I'll try to solve it!

    Report to your team as you go along - what is working? What goals need tweaking? It is a good way to see what you stick with and what needs a re-design. Go for it!

  • savannahs21savannahs21 Member Posts: 351 Member Member Posts: 351 Member
    Where is the May Habit Tracker?
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  • LaurieWroboLaurieWrobo Member Posts: 574 Member Member Posts: 574 Member
    Where is the May Habit Tracker?

    Go to the top of this post where it says FAT2FIT WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE AND SUPPORT GROUP; it will take you to the main page, look for the May Habit Tracker Announcement, click on it & it will take you to the link for the tracker
  • Be_theBest_MeBe_theBest_Me Member Posts: 705 Member Member Posts: 705 Member
    Hey y'all Lacey here from Texas!! Crazy mom of 2! Got an up and coming ranch 50 pigs and counting!! Also run a residential cleaning business with 7 cleaning specialist and 600 clients!!

    Goals may 7 strong lbs gone!!
    Drink the water
    1200 calories a day
    Work out 4 days a week
    Move at least 2 hours a day even on rest days!!

    I am currently 185 wanna be at 150 ASAP!! 🦾🦾🎉🎉🦾🦾


  • junedave3junedave3 Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    Weigh In Day..monday
    PW 152lb
    CW 152lb
  • machchicmachchic Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    @imgwendolyn2015 Goodluck and sending lots of vibes, let me know how things go. Speedy recovery
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