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    7/10 exercise - 11,326 steps
  • ashleycarole86
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    @sunny9847 sorry to hear about your husband's situation..sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery for him in rehab. Can't imagine how scary that must have been
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    @sunny9847 That sounds really stressful! I hope you are both okay. While he is in being cared for make sure you squeeze in some rest and recovery for yourself before he arrives home. Do they allow you to visit him? Sending hugs💛
  • YinxFed
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    Sunday weigh-in:

    PW - 185.3
    CW - 186.4

    Not a good result from the past 7 days. However, I did no exercise, felt sluggish all week, didn't log at all, so it's no wonder! And to top it all, this morning I was "pinged" by our NHS app to alert me that I had recently been in contact with someone with Covid and so I have to self-isolate for the next 8 days! I feel perfectly fine and I am blessed in that I work from home, but I had such a fun week planned! I was meant to join friends for a picnic in the park this afternoon, go into work at the Museum cafe a couple of days, have lunch with friends and go out on a few long walks too!

    Anyhow, after sulking for a bit, and checking my journal, I have called everyone who needs to be called and swapped my practice walks for some new indoor walks to do while I'm isolating.

    It's ironic because hubby and I both had Covid tests last Wednesday morning because we were due to go away to a wedding in Yorkshire the following day, and that was one of the conditions placed upon all guests. We were relieved to have negative results and thoroughly enjoyed the wedding.

    Anyway, that's the end of my rant. I will be reporting my steps in a separate message.
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    Happy Sunday all!

    Hugs for you @sunny9847 and best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband.

    It's been a fairly chilled weekend here - we've done some shopping and today I bought some new medium/size 12 t-shirts, as my large/size 14 t-shirts are getting too big. They fit (a couple are going back as they aren't as fitted as I would like) so I'm pleased with that.

    My sister opted against the mini lemon drizzle cake and we ate a big brownie we had in the freezer - that fed 6 and we had it between 3 of us, as you had to heat the whole thing. I went over my calorie goal, but still comfortable for the week. This journey will never be sustainable if I can't go over my calorie goal occasionally though.

    Today - despite being 'injured' (though a chiro session/sports massage on Friday helped) I accomplished my next sports goal and broke the 35 minute 5K barrier with a time of 34:07. Very pleased with that! I think I could've pushed on and gone sub-34 if I'd clock watched more, but I don't enjoy my running as much if I'm watching the time or distance. On the whole then a good weekend.

    Looking forward to tomorrow to continue the trend. I'm off work, excited about the sports injury therapist session (I really hope I can get what I want out of it) and then I shall be meeting my mother and sister for more shopping and lunch out. And weigh in of course. ;)
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    My steps for the last week:

    04/07 - 5160
    05/07 - 6920
    06/07 - 2839
    07/07 - 7552
    08/07 - 8512
    09/07 - 4991
    10/07 - 3313

    Dismal figures, I know, but it will be so much better next week!
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    CW: 162.2

    Stuck in a bit of a rut. Keep eating too much. Can't exercise cuz of my injuries.

    Finished out today at just over 1300 calories though so we'll try for better news next weekend.
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    07/11 exercise:
    13726 steps
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