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    Happy Tuesday all. The bike ride sounds fab @ashleycarole86 even if you didn't get to see loads of wildlife.

    The weight lifting session didn't go to plan yesterday. I think I managed 5 (unloaded) squats which weren't entirely comfortable, then when I came to start the next set, my IT bands point blank said no. It's a long time since I've experienced pain (as opposed to discomfort) when training, so I listened! My theory is that my glutes are not as strong as I think they should be, so the smaller muscles tried to compensate and couldn't cope - this would explain why I was still aching 5 days after the first workout. Cue lots of frustration, disappointment and feeling demoralised, and anger at myself for giving up the body I had. It wasn't necessarily slim, but it was strong and would have had no issues with the workout.

    Today I will decide how to move towards my goal of resilience.
    That is so frustrating! After a year with a glute injury, I can relate - lots (and lots) of glute bridges, ab work, and gradual re-starting of the quads and hammies is worth the time it takes to get all the muscles working together. My knees are the first to complain loudly when it isn't right - so you are smart to listen to the IT band. It is singing the song of patience.

    I must have missed your steps for July 4 - if you have them, can you post? Thanks!

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!
    I am reading about all these bike rides and it makes me want to get my bike out again. For some reason I have been more hike than bike for the past couple of years, but the bike is fun. I just forget about it, I guess... And horses are more my jam for covering long distances :smiley: Since I am currently horseless, the bike it should be!

    What's inspiring everyone today? Or do you need some? This week's full F2F challenge is a good one for that - just read the thread and you'll get a good dose of it. https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10837580/july-week-two-challenge-fired-up-focused#latest
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    Hey @jugar remind me again when you get your horse back?

    @DD265 Injuries definitely aren't fun to be dealing with, and sorry to hear it's demoralizing (totally understandable!) Hope your day of reflection helps bring you some answers.

    Brad has a meeting this afternoon, so our activities for they day have to fit around that. He forgot to book the time off until really close to the holiday and found there was this one meeting he just couldn't move. We slept in late today - must have been needed after yesterday's full day. As soon as he's ready I'm going to take him to an interpretive trail just north of Red Deer to check that out before the meeting.

    What's on everyone's mind today?
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    @jugar steps for 7/3 were 7507, sorry that I missed reporting them.
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    PW - 206.1 lbs
    CW - 202.2 lbs

    THAT is an impressive week! You have been so amazing and I'll bet you feel that way too :smiley:
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    Some great stepping and exercising was happening last week - a whopping 430,967 steps! That's around 328 km or 197 miles. 7 people reported in, so on average, each person did the equivalent of walking 28 miles (47 km) over the week which is not half bad!

    Everyone put some wear on their shoes, but the top 3 were:
    @ashleycarole86 - 96,313 steps
    @sunny9847 - 76,487
    @jugar - 67,304

    Let's hit 500,000 this week!
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    Heads Up!

    Wednesday weigh-in people:

    Always an exciting day.
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    07/06 exercise -

    Steps: 10,052
    Playing catch - 15 minutes (low intensity)
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    @happimess01 Wow, great loss this week and so close to the 100's now!! Way to go
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    Thanks @jugar and @ashleycarole86. I was so angry (with myself) for most of yesterday, then went for a run in the evening and calmed down lol. At least my body knows how to run, though if I don't run then within a week I'll be injured from no-use. There's something about my lifestyle that my body doesn't like... unfortunately I'm paid too much for working at a desk to consider changing career!

    I've booked in with a sports injury therapist on Monday. I went looking for a physio-personal trainer and came up with this guy. Both (SIT/physio) have degree qualifications, and they'll do similar things but with a slightly different emphasis - of course, that depends on the individual too. This guy is an ex-marine commando, and is active in various sports now, so I'm hoping he's a good fit. Will start with the IT band/glute issues and fingers crossed it turns into more regular training. I do feel like I'm cheating on my PT, but he can't really fit me in and he'll understand. I'd still train with him if the opportunity arises.
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    PW 149.8
    CW 149.2
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    Steps so far this week. Despite my new desk job, I am trying to stay committed to moving throughout the day. It's been a struggle some days but I am thankful to have motivating people around to remind me I'll feel better after i take a walk. Plus the walk makes me feel better about having a bit of ice cream. 😋
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    Hi all! Wow, I had like 5 pages to catch up on. Love the pics.

    Tuesday Weigh In (forgot to post but this was the # yesterday):
    PW: 216.4
    CW: 214.6

    @jugar and delinquent on steps!!

    6/29: 10,545
    6/30: 16,377
    7/1: 15,697
    7/2: 10,685
    7/3: 10,397

    And starting for this week:
    7/4: 13,017
    7/5: 13,076
    7/6: 6,934

    I am actually feeling pretty down this week. I was doing well last week up until about Saturday night (whole family was around, and brought italian food for the long weekend), saw some numbers below that 214, but then got behind on yoga, behind on workouts, you can see I didn't walk much yesterday, and now my job is swinging into one of our really busy months sooooo. It's an ugh feeling. And the anticipation of work stress has made me get poor sleep, which is unusual for me!

    Going to try to just focus on food today since I know I won't have time for lots of movement. It's also very hot in this house haha. Ok. Complaint train leaving the station. Hump Day moving forward!
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    Hang in there! You lost almost 2 pounds for the week - you're getting there even if there might be a tough time coming. You're right to focus on the food when you don't have a lot of time for movement, but be sure to take short stretching breaks, or do any phone calls while walking around if you can. 15 seconds doing some deep breathing can make a huge difference. You've got this! Thanks for all the steps - you were 3rd last week!

    You are lucky to have colleagues who remind you to get up and walk - I used to ask mine to bug me if I had not been to the gym, and it was sometimes the one thing that made me get up and do it. And yes, ice cream afterwards can sometimes be another good reason :wink:

    Bummer about the knee :grimace: that can be really nasty. I hope it is minor and you can get back to full use soon.
    @DD265 too - your plan sounds good, and at least you can keep running/walking. Enjoy the glute bridges :smiley:

    Off to the rest of the day. Have a good one!
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    July 4. 19,920
    July 5. 11,912
    July 6. 7,500
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    @jugar Thank you, I feel so alive. Best part is the interaction with strangers. I have become so outgoing and confident, it's a total 180. Btw, like you, I enjoy hiking more than biking too. But biking helps me burn a lot of calories in very less time. And I am not very exhausted afterwards so that's perfect after a day of indulgence.

    @ashleycarole86 Thank you so much. It's crazy how just a few months ago in September, I was moving from the 300s to the 200s and now I am on the cusp of hitting the 100s. Insane!
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    @jugar PW 185 CW 184
    I'm glad the holiday weekend is done and over. Even though we've never done much for the 4th, there's enough stress in the air to make me feel crabby. It was good to get to the pond to swim, though. I'm seeing improvement in my shoulder strength, minor as it may be. Water movement feels a lot safer than using weights (even 3 pounds). My PT is very helpful and supportive during this adventure of healing from my overuse injury. I started to apply for other types of work. With any luck, I'll be able to land something by the end of July. We'll see!
    More soon.
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    220.1 woo!
    I'm also 2% lower body fat since the beginning of the year or so says my fancy scale that measures that!
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