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  • ashleycarole86
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    So so fun about the soccer @PlaneMonkey ... can't wait to hear how it goes on Monday!
  • jugar
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    Congratulations on finishing up your last papers for this year - that must be a great relief. Do you get a good break before your final year begins?

    I started listening to an interesting podcast today - it's by Katy Bowman, who runs a site called Nutritious Movement. She has several books out and I find her approach to building general healthy movement refreshing. I am going to get one of her books and keep on listening to the podcast. Her most well-known book is Move Your DNA, but she has others on foot pain, aging, children, etc. If you're looking for interesting ways just to move in your daily life, you might want to have a look. The website is nutritiousmovement.com

    I'm feeling like getting on the bike tonight while watching something - it was rainy today and my outdoor jobs were not super walk-intensive, so it's time to sweat a bit. Get the rest of those Friday weigh-ins done while I'm pedalling, ok?
  • jugar
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    Heading into the last day of week 1! We're really in July now...

    Weigh-ins due:
    @conleywoods (did I miss yours?)

    Thanks! Hope your weekend is off to a great start -
  • ashleycarole86
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    Friday exercise -
    20 minutes yoga
    8,058 steps
  • MandiSaysHey
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    Steps for 7/2:

    I took a few laps around the store in downtime at work and then ventured out to a hiking trail near my house that I've never been to this evening. Which is good because we ordered Olive Garden for dinner and I needed to walk some of it off lol
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    Caved yesterday afternoon to those silly yummy hazelnut stick cookies from Aldi - curiously, the bar code scanned no problem into MFP but, amazingly, apparently there is no sugar in those things! NOT! Loads per serving but shows up as 0. They are gone now and therefore, nothing to tempt me again.
  • PlaneMonkey
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    Today I will be carrying out round two of 'Operation Poison Ivy Elimination'. The surviving 8 plants I have identified from the first round of eradication are quivering in fear, I just know it! All my precautions last time of wearing long sleeves and 3 layers of gloves worked and I had no accidental contact. I'm going to finish my coffee and suit up! Hopefully not too many more rounds of this before I can safely walk through my garden in sandals
  • jugar
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    Happy Saturday!
    I'm going to hit the farmer's market this today for the first time this year. It is always a good way to see all my local friends in one place (if I get the timing right!) and score some of the veggies I don't grow here. I have to be careful of the sourdough bread people, though... they are out to get me.

    You are doing so well - I know how slowly the weight goes down once you are below 120, but you are amazing. Your steps are strong enough to build a pyramid, and it sounds to me like your husband could not have a more caring and supportive partner. It is also lovely to know your name now! Keep smiling :heart:

    You are freaking me out. I had such serious bouts of poison ivy when I was a kid that I go absolutely weird around that stuff. Snakes, spiders, varmints of all kinds don't bother me a bit, but keep the shiny trileaf away from me! Luckily, we have none here. None. My kinda place. Good luck getting rid of the stuff!

    Saskatoon berries are the bomb - SO tasty. My daughter sent me home from Alberta with a big jar of jam. Utterly yummy. Lucky you! And your little guy with the twinkie is too cute. Soon you won't be able to stop him jumping off the dock continuously - he'll get water everywhere... But he needs to up his fashion game - here's my son on our pond many years ago:


    Oh dear. Just thinking about those cookies makes me crave them. I used to make pirate ship cakes for my son's birthday every year, and those cookies were used as cannons. Needless to say, many of them did not make it anywhere near the birthday celebration.
  • micki48
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    edited July 2021
    Sat weigh in

    CW 197.5
    PW 198.2

    I have had trouble getting on lately. I have 73 posts to catch up on. Busy weekend. Will check back later to catch up. Hope everyone is doing well.

    I’m so out of it, I thought we were finishing up June, not week 1 of July. Oops! That explains why the June thread stopped posting and has been closed.

    Also son is here visiting. Daughter is through round one of her interview. She should hear more this week. If she gets this job, we are looking at a move. The idea daunting.
  • jugar
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    Fantastic photos - look at the "daylight" between your arms and your side. A waist is happening, and that 10 kg (22.2 pounds!) has made a big difference. With the next 10, the difference will be even more apparent as you will be losing a higher percentage of your total weight. It might come off a bit slower, but each kg gone will change your shape more. WTG!

    Big hugs to you! We miss you :heart: but you have your hands full. I'm glad your son is visiting and that it is going well so far for your daughter. A move is huge, but hopefully you will have lots of help, enough time, and a good plan. Keep us posted!
  • jugar
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    The week is ending - let's get the last of the weigh-ins done - thanks!

    It has been a good week - with @ashleycarole86 in the lead so far. Let's try to make next week even better!
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    CW 360.2
  • ashleycarole86
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    07/03 exercise -
    10,448 steps + 18 minutes yoga
  • ashleycarole86
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    Thanks for sharing the progress pics @DD265 ... I can definitely see the changes too! Keep it up!
  • YinxFed
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    Happy Sunday, Friends!

    Sunday weigh in:
    PW - 184.8
    CW - 185.3

    @DD265, I LOVE your transformation pictures - great job!
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    :star:WEEK TWO CHALLENGE is up and ready for you to show us how you are FIRED UP & FOCUSED. :star:

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