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  • YinxFed
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    Stats for last week's steps and exercise:

    27/06 - 15174
    28/06 - 6277
    29/06 - 7426 / 50 minutes Dumbbell Full Body Strength workout [Epic 1 Day 26]
    30/06 - 3562
    01/07 - 7419 / 51 minutes Arms & Abs workout [Epic 1 Day 27]
    02/07 - 6348
    03/07 - 5284

    My goal is to have at least 2 days at 10000+ steps during week commencing 5th July.

    Happy 4th July to everyone celebrating!
  • CurvyCalorie
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    Hi ya'll! I'm back.....Apparently, accountability IS key for me! ha!! I reached my goal on April 6, 2021 and have since gained 11 pounds back. The good news is -- I can come back!! I loved the friendships I made, and understand how important this group is!

    Username: CruvyCalorie
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): The last time I weighed is July 1 Thursday 161.6
    CW (Current Weight):

    Monday's will be my weigh in day. My 10 step goal (Not necessarily landing on a Monday)

    July 1 161.6
    July 5 160.4
    July 13 158.2
    July 17 157.0
    July 21 155.8
    July 25 154.6
    July 29 153.4
    Aug 2 152.4
    Aug 6 151.2
    Aug 10 150.0

    I'm super excited to catch up with everyone! Have a great 4th of July, and make lots of memories!

  • CurvyCalorie
    CurvyCalorie Posts: 263 Member
    Oh also... Would anyone with an apple watch like to be my friend on the fitness app? I set my Cal to 600 on the 1st. I have yet to make that goal! ha! Setting goals. :)

    Can I join the step group @jugar
  • jugar
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    Oh also... Would anyone with an apple watch like to be my friend on the fitness app? I set my Cal to 600 on the 1st. I have yet to make that goal! ha! Setting goals. :)

    Can I join the step group @jugar

    You certainly can join the step group! Report steps and any other intentional exercise (which gets converted to equivalent steps just to make things simple) and you're on. Start today, weeks run Sunday - Saturday. Report as often as you like, but latest by Sunday for the previous week. Great to have you there!
  • jugar
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    Speaking of the step team - send in your numbers for this past week, if you have not already done so -

    @Kali225 - Tuesday through Saturday
    @ashleycarole86 and @MandiSaysHey just Saturday

  • ashleycarole86
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    07/03 exercise -
    10,448 steps + 18 minutes yoga

  • deniners2
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    PW 156
    CW 155

    I did it! Finally. After a hug yesterday, my husband said, "It feel like you lost around your waist." =) I tried to hold my weekend gain down last weekend, but I still got up to 158.5. I did not snack the last 2 nights, so that helped.
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Sun 10,146
    35 min intervals
    Mon 12,178
    20 min elliptical
    Tues 11,149
    35 min intervals
    Wed 11,331
    35 min intervals
    Thurs 6,402
    Piyo 29 min
    Fri 6,571
    Sat 15,467
    Intervals 35 min
  • DD265
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    Thanks for the encouraging words :smile:

    Sunday is long walk day for us if we don't have plans that prevent it, and today we did a nearly flat 10.5 miles - longest walk so far this year. We did stop at a cafe for breakfast but skipped lunch. We managed to miss the weather, having had a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon, and I (unexpectedly) caught some sun. 10 miles seems to be a comfortable distance when walking then I find myself crashing when we get home so this afternoon has been about rest more than anything else.
  • conleywoods
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    Happy 4th of July to all the USA teammates 😀

    @jugar I absolutely love the picture of your son 💗 That is definitely a keeper and I bet he doesn't mind at all that you shared it with us!😁

    @DD265 Great job! It's nice to have those pictures to see how much you really have changed. Sometimes it can feel like things are not changing and it's nice to remind ourselves that they actually are.

    I am going to cut it close on the calories today. I will try to control myself with the homemade potato salad... sheesh! Got a nice walk in with my doggie this afternoon. Was hoping to do pilates too but my husband took a nap about the time I was going to exercise. My reformer won't fit anywhere else in the house except our room. My tower is stored under the bed. Fingers crossed for later!
  • jugar
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    What a beautiful day - even if cool and cloudy. I had a great walk with a friend, and we also went to a local ceramics exhibit - 30 artists' works were displayed in a beautiful village green nearby. I bought a wonderfully whimsical mug to enjoy my coffee in something less boring.

    Sunday peeps, you are, as always, fabulous and there without reminders. Only one person left for today! @once_mas

    Monday? Here is the list:

    Off we go!
  • ashleycarole86
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    Brad and I were just in Red Deer at one of our favorite parks and the rain absolutely started coming down in sheets. I was soaked right through my jacket and tshirt by the time I got back to the car.

    I secretly love rain and would have kept going if our little dog wasn't with us... she HATES being wet and it was clear she wanted to get back pronto. I had just surpassed 10,000 steps so the timing for me was perfect :)

    @jugar the right glassware totally makes the drinking experience better doesn't it? I recently got a new water bottle and I like drinking out of it so much that I actually drink more than if I'm drinking from a bottle I enjoy less. Seems silly but very true for me.
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @ashleycarole86 what brand of water bottle did you get? I've misplaced mine about a week ago and I feel lost! It's not the same drinking from a cup. 😕
  • ashleycarole86
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    @PlaneMonkey The funny thing was, it was a free gift water bottle! When we place our once a year Nespresso order they often seem to send something for free. In this case it was this water bottle:


    I like glass water bottles, but I have others and was surprised when I started drinking from this one how much I liked it. The mouth of the bottle is a nice size and I like the style of the bamboo screw top.

    For a free bottle, I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do.

    Back home and showered the chill off me... tomorrow we were hoping to do our Canmore to Banff bike ride but the weather isn't looking amazing..

    How is the poison ivy extraction going? I asked Brad on our walk today if he'd ever had any encounters with it.. neither of us have... by the sounds of it and what @jugar said, I am very thankful for that.

    Night all.
  • ashleycarole86
    ashleycarole86 Posts: 5,455 Member
    Sunday 7/4 exercise:

    10,595 steps and 15 minutes yoga
  • CurvyCalorie
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    Sunday July 4 steps:
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