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    Hey everyone - can't believe Wednesday is already drawing to a close.

    Today Brad and I went west to do a hike called Siffleur Falls... great scenery in a part of Central Alberta I've not done much exploring of yet.

    He is off having a massage right now... lucky guy and he couldn't have timed that better as I'm sure his muscles are thanking him.

    Tomorrow is our last big outdoor adventure for this week of holidays - looks like the weather will be in the cards for our bike of the legacy trail from Canmore to Banff. Not perfect, but no lightning or anything... and hoping any precipitation will be minimal.

    Have a few more activities planned for the rest of the week but nothing that requires as much driving so we'll be able to kick back and relax a bit more. Feels like we'll blink and it'll be time to be back at work, so just trying to enjoy the moments.

    Hope everyone's week is going well.
  • ashleycarole86
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    07/07 exercise -

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    Heads up for weigh-ins:

    Wednesday still due:

    Coming up for Thursday:
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    @jugar steps for July 7
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    @jugar CW 149
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    Happy Thursday!

    Got a plan? Get to it!
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  • jugar
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    I feel your summer daylight! It is hard to plan and track when every minute it is not raining or dark is put to good use.

    You can choose which place you want to go. In the "goal zone" you keep weighing in every week, just to check if you are staying within your 5 pound zone. The ups and downs do not count on the regular team, though, so you are not responsible for keeping green as much as possible! The support team can work the same way, but you don't have to weigh in at all. I would suggest the goal zone so that even if you are not logging and working at losing, you at least have that little check to be sure you don't gain more than you want to. Let me know which sounds right to you. No guilt either way!
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    Goal zone it is! I want to still report in on Wednesdays so I will curb any weekend bad habits during the start of the week. This could work for me!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @conleywoods sounds like you have a solid plan for vacation. Can't wait to see the pics.. I live way too close to Washington to have never been there. Soon, I hope! Will be nice to be on the ocean.. hope you guys get amazing weather
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    Well guys, I survived the Rocky Mountain Legacy Trail. I'm sure for bikers with skill it's easy, but I really haven't biked as an adult so it felt like real work for me. I feel very proud that I finished it. The way home I refused to stop because I was afraid if I did I'd never get going again... lol

    When I was gassed I just kept repeating "this is the most out of shape you'll ever be on this ride". The thought of coming back again down the road and being in a better spot felt very motivating.

    Weather was beautiful and we enjoyed walking the streets of Banff in between rides before we went back.

    Not sure I'll be walking straight for days 😅

    This is great! I love the idea that you will never me more out of shape on this ride. That's some motivation. Well done!
  • jugar
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    Ready for Friday? Here we go:

    @gak71 (unless you are off and away in Alaska!)

    Post those numbers and use the information they give you. Adjust those plans accordingly - let's keep making July work for us!
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