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    Username: imgwendolyn2015
    Weigh In Day: Friday

    Yep, stress eating got to me. That is definitely the hardest part of this journey.
  • dew11252
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    7/13/21 - forgot to post this Tuesday
    July Weigh week 2
    Weigh in day: Tuesday
    July SW: 283.6
    PW: 281.4
    CW: 281.4
    Lost: 0
    LTD: 38.6
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    Beka3695 wrote: »
    PW 182.6
    CW 180.6

    Finally the scales moved!!! Literally all in one day!!! Decided to post this am since I’m traveling today.

    Nice loss!
  • chublet25
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    UserName: SisuMom2019
    Weight in week: July Week 2
    Weigh In Day: Friday
    CW (Current Weight): 200
    PW (Previous Weight): 205
    This week’s loss: 5.0
    LTD (Loss to Date): 58.3

    Eyes popped out of my head. I am so close I can’t believe it. It was a hard week and last night I ate 2 pieces of pizza and a few gulps of Pepsi. Then I felt so sick, cramping -and I got mad at myself and my husband because I felt like I was in a slump and lost my motivation a couple of weeks ago and he asked what kind of support I needed and I said -the biggest thing you could do is stop bringing pizza was happening a few days a week if he was in town and I was working at home -it was his quick go to solution. I am so hungry and I can’t wait for my food to be ready so I eat what’s ready -it’s my absolute worst habit. He agreed and I looked up recipes and went shopping and we’ve eating clean for 5 days meal prep, whole foods-and yesterday was payday and we didn’t have plans -and he brought home pizza. I told him that yes, I need to have self control, but I’m struggling right now and until I can bounce back -the triggers aren’t helpful. Anyway -I was not prepared for this loss and after how pouty I was last night -don’t feel like I deserve it. But -all is good on the home front and I will send this snap to hubby and he will celebrate with me. prwy7ozmy6cp.jpeg

    Yay, I'm glad you had a big loss! You deserve it! Impressive!
  • hipari
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    Yay, lots of great results posted!

    @SisuMom2019 I share your pain with meal planning and junky food… previously we were pretty good with meal planning and only going to the grocery store once or twice a week. Then we moved into an apartment that’s a 2-minute walk from a 24/7 grocery store and I got pregnant with severe nausea and randomly changing triggers. Now we go to the store every day and figure out our meals based on what we feel like eating any given day, and my husband honestly sucks at making a shopping list. As a result, yesterday we had halloumi cheese with pasta and ketchup, because he forgot to buy the rest of the ingredients and it was too hot outside to go back to the store. Making a meal plan and sticking to it is something I want to get back to once this baby is born.

    My only saving grace with his pizzas is that I find his favorites gross and I have IBS so I need gluten free versions. He’s also pretty good with selecting treats I dislike so I’m not tempted, like the ice cream flavor I hate but he loves. With my pregnancy restrictions he has agreed to keeping all of my favorite stuff out of the house altogether: fancy cheeses, my favorite wines, sushi and so on. If I go out he might get that stuff and enjoy it, but he has agreed to not mention it and leave no trace of those things, and even take out the trash before I come home.

    The temperatures are finally dropping a little, which is great so I *may* have the energy to actually do something. It’s not a given, especially considering I had my ferritin levels tested last week and the nurse called, I have pretty severe iron deficiency which causes fatigue and shortness of breath. The recommended values for women here are 15-125 with anything under 30 being cause for alarm, and my number was 13. I got instructions for iron supplements and booked for a second test in a month to see if the levels improve. This is pretty important for both me and the baby, since the baby is taking all of my iron and if I run out, she’ll run out too. So, today I’m going to the pharmacy to find some supplements that are pregnancy-safe and hopefully ok for my stomach so I can actually absorb the iron without too much trouble.
  • Beka3695
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    Tummy issue update:
    No pain since Wednesday. However, it seems to be portion control related. Yesterday, I was eating a sandwich and noticed 1/2 way through the pain started. I stopped and ate the other half a couple hours later and was fine.

    Looks like Mother Nature is tossing me a curveball.
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    Good morning, I will be skipping this week's weigh-in. My scale decided to pass away. Hope to purchase one soon. Looking online for a decent one.

    Have a good day and weekend all!!! :)
  • jazzadesigns
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    Weigh In Saturday
    PW: 224.3
    CW: 223.9
  • angelic843
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    UserName: Angelic843
    Weight in week: July Week 2
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 374.8
    CW (Current Weight): 373.0
    This week’s loss: -1.8
    Total LTD (Loss to Date): 49.2
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    Hey everyone...sorry I've been MIA.
    Since returning from vacation it's been one busy day after another.

    I've had a couple of bumps...but continue to focus on my healthy habit tracker each day.
    AND trying to increase my non starchy vegetable intake.

    Hopefully I can lose another 5 pounds this month.

    @Beka3695 your post about the water in carbs was VERY helpful. I definitely want to keep that in mind moving forward.

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