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    I am afraid that I need to disconnect from the group for a while. I am feeling quite overwhelmed with everything I have going on at the moment and just don't have the time to visit often enough. I'm sorry to let the team down, I just feel like I need to minimise my online time right now. I may rejoin later on when I feel more in control, but for now I need a break.

    Christie, you will be greatly missed!! But I know I speak for us all in saying that you have to do what feels right for you. I wish you nothing but the best and I truly hope to see you rejoining us again when you feel it is the right time. We will always be here for you! <3

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    Hi Mission Slimpossible.. You have a new member heading your way ... Please welcome @mcmart11 :)
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    Hi all, happy to be aboard!

    I usually do reddit challenges but we are in-between challenges until October, so I wanted to check out MFPs community.

    I (29F) 5'9" have been sucked into yoyo weight gains and losses due to my lack of activity and higher food consumption when I stopped tracking. My heaviest weight was 209lbs, current 194.6lbs, and end goal 140-150lbs.

    For this 4 week challenge I would like to lose 1lb a week.

    Excited to see how this works.
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    @askewcr You and hubby look so cute!! I’m glad that you had such a good time at the gala and I’m sure your dance was a big crowd-pleaser. :)

    @mcmart11 Welcome to Team Mission Slimpossibles! You will find us very chatty and supportive. There are weekly challenges with the entire Fat2Fit group that you can join each week. Go ahead and jump into this week’s if you want. :)
    Your WEEK FOUR CHALLENGE is up and ready for you!

    Hi Team! Not much going on here today other than the same old thing of me resting and getting better. I didn't have any headaches today and I don't feel as fatigued as I have been. I had a call from the health department following up with a ton of covid questions. They recommend that I stay locked up until Wednesday and then if I don’t have any new flare-ups I can go out and about. That will be good because I have church Wednesday night and want to see the kids that I will be helping this year. I was supposed to get my hair done tomorrow, but of course, called and postponed it until next week. No exercise but my food has been really good. :)
    Target Goals—Cal: 1350, Pro: 95 gm., Total Carbs 50 gm., Fat 85 gm.
    Tracked I pre-tracked today
    Target Goals Cal 1393, Protein 122.7 Total Carb 27.8, Fat 89.8
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    edited August 2021
    PW: 69.65kg 153.6lbs
    CW: 69.35kg 152.9lbs

    Well... didn't start the c25k 🤣
    I went to visit my best friend who lives in Wales. Lots of hill walking and also went paddle boarding for the first time - I loved it!
    Not sure when I will start but I am doing circuit training tomorrow (another first). I'll see how that goes... hopefully no burpees. I HATE burpees! 🤣
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    @TheGlwUp I hope your ear infection continues to improve quickly.

    @TheGlwUp @vegan4lyfe2012 @Lulu_Jo way to go big losers! Haha, I'm serious but I'm kidding, you're "good" losers!

    @TeresaW1020 My birthday is September 30th, so your anniversary is the middle of October then? Congratulations! I'm glad you're starting to feel better and hope you make it to church Wednesday.

    @TwistedSassette Totally understand, we're here for you whenever you're ready to come back. You can just check in when you want or do it how you'd prefer, you don't have to comment on everyone either, you can just say hi when you feel like it but I'll leave it up to you. Hugs!

    @askewcr Look at you go, you and your husband look awesome and you look beautiful in that dress!

    @mcmart11 Welcome to the gang, can't wait to get to know you! I joined a bunch of groups and this is the only one I stuck with, everyone is super supportive and you don't get in trouble if you don't lose or on weeks when the scales go up, it's truly a group of friends from all different walks of life and you can be as active as you'd like. I'm glad you decided to give us a try and if you have any suggestions to make it a better place we'd love to hear them.

    @krea4 Sounds like a great time with your best friend. I love that you're trying all these new things, I'd love to hear what you think you'll keep up and what you'll pass on.

    Hey team, I'm waiting for my Walmart pickup order to be ready, it's a bunch of Gatorade Zero, crackers, Top Ramen, and broth then stuff to make chicken noodle soup. I don't feel bad aside of being a little worn out, of course nothing I'm eating is diabetic-friendly but my diabetes is diet controlled so a few days won't get me in trouble, I think at this point I just need to keep something in me. I'm almost done with the antibiotics. I can't remember if I just posted it on my feed or in here too but no one was offering to take some of the HOA positions so I offered to be the secretary, it's not official but the gossip is going around the neighborhood as I took some garden bounty to a neighbor yesterday and they heard I was on the board already. Still helping at the food bank farm but not as much since I haven't been feeling well. On a fun note I'm helping with a fundraiser for an animal shelter next month, in the morning I'm collecting food donations then in the afternoon there's dog races and costume contests, it should be really fun. You can't take any animals home that day so there's no risk of adopting more pets! That's about it here, did my workout and am anxiously waiting for my ex-boyfriend to move, he paid rent for this month and his Jeep is in the shop, he's been mad all day at how much it's going to cost so I haven't brought up him not having anywhere to go yet but I really want him gone by September.
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    @TheGlwUp @Lulu_jo @Vegan4lyfe2012 Woo hoo! You made it on the leaderboard, congrats!

    @askewcr Definitely don't give up. The time will pass whether you are working your program or not, you may as well put in the effort and see results! I'm glad you had fun dancing. You look really pretty happy in your picture and your hubby looks like he's having fun too!

    @Jwhitegarcia Sounds like a busy week.

    @TeresaW1020 Yes! I didn't know that. I don't usually do well with date goals or weight goals but maybe I'll aim loosely to be at a lower weight by Halloween. You know I love Halloween!!! I'm glad you are resting up and not pushing yourself. I'm glad you are starting to feel better.

    @TwistedSassette I'm glad you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. Hugs to you.

    @mcmart11 Hi and welcome!

    @krea4 Congrats on the loss! I hate burpees too. I'm glad you had a good time with your best friend.

    @Katmary71 I hope the soup helps make you feel better. The fundraiser sounds fun. Hopefully your ex moves out by September.

    Hi all. Not much going on here. I'm over my WW points but I'm doing the best I can to right the ship, so to speak.

    TRACKING CHALLENGE: Tracked 95% yesterday, somewhat pre-tracked today.
    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
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    You have another new member heading your way .... Please welcome @coolscience181 :)
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    Welcome @coolscience181 and @mcmart11

    Had a fun time at the wedding. Back on track yesterday. Got in an early morning walk yesterday followed by a 10 min ab workout from fit on and 3 sets of 8 of bench presses. Today it’s raining so will get on the treadmill at some point today for 45 min. Other then that will be a pretty lazy rainy day. Will make some chicken soup for lunch (just seams the thing to do in the rain. lol)

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    Hello all- been reading posts since last week, but no time to post myself. Now I'm hopelessly behind! Thanks for all the good wishes you sent my way on the move. It went well. And I'm sooooo glad it's over. Just Hubs and me and the dog in the house. It's quiet and I don't mind. Stress level is much decreased. Been eating well and getting my exercise in this week.

    @TeresaW1020 - glad no one else is sick and that you are feeling better

    @Katmary71 - hope you start feeling better!

    @trooworld - I bought an air fryer. Got any tips for me? Or maybe a no fail food I can try? I've made some things, but not super impressed with my results. Last night, I made your air fryer pork tenderloin and while the flavor was out of this world, it was not crispy. Maybe I'm expecting too much? I've also roasted some veggies and so far, I like them done in the oven better. Planning to do some reading about this......

    @TwistedSassette - will miss you! Take care!

    Welcome new members!

    @askewcr - Beautiful dance photo!

    @renaegry- Good for you for getting on the treadmill and chicken soup sounds like just the thing!
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    @krea4 Congrats on your loss this week. I’m with you on those evil burpees!! >:)

    @Katmary71 Yes, our anniversary is on Oct. 20th. We are returning to Savannah where we got married for three days and then ending our trip with a Crowder concert. He is our favorite Christian artist, and we are excited!! :grin: Good for you for joining your HOA. Now you can be in the “know” of all the latest gossip and who isn’t cleaning up their yard. That fundraiser for the animal shelter sounds like so much fun! Yeah, I’m hoping your ex gets on down the road for your sake too. ;)

    @trooworld Love the quote! It’s such a good reminder for us all that weight loss is about the overall trend and not the day-to-day fluctuations. :)

    @renaegry Glad you had a good time at the wedding. Good job on getting back on track and getting in such a good workout. Mmmmm chicken soup! <3

    @Cornanda Enjoy your quiet time! I’ve been thinking about air fryers lately too. ;)

    Welcome@coolscience181 :) Please just jump in and make yourself at home.

    Hi Team! Another day at home, laying low and getting better. Hubby insisted on doing the grocery shopping today, so I let him. I’m anxious to get back to normal and get back to workouts. Since I have the church to clean on Thursday and Friday, I will use those days to ease back into activity, and maybe on Saturday, I can go do something in my workout room. My food was ok but I ate too much of the pizza casserole that I made for dinner and that put me over my calories. I’m thinking about my September goals and definitely plan to keep up the tracking and focus on protein because that really seems to be working for me. I am also joining a no sugar September challenge. I haven’t had any sugar this month and going for another month will be a good idea and maybe help me continue to drop weight. Does anyone want to join in with me? :)

    Target Goals—Cal: 1350, Pro: 95 gm., Total Carbs 50 gm., Fat 85 gm.
    Tracked I pre-tracked today
    Target Goals Cal 1481, Protein 119.4 Total Carb 40.7, Fat 96.4
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    Hi everyone! Excited to be here but it took me a while to figure out to hit the join button so could post🤣🤣
    I have put on 40 pounds in the last 5 years and it was making me feel miserable. I have recently lost 15 pounds but I am stuck. Looking forward to some motivation and hoping to provide some too.
    Highest weight was 176
    Current weight is 159
    I am looking for a pound a week for this challenge.

    Good luck everyone!
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    krea4 wrote: »
    I am doing circuit training tomorrow (another first). I'll see how that goes... hopefully no burpees. I HATE burpees! 🤣

    Circuits done! I haven't sweated that much in ages ... it felt good to work hard. Yes - there were the dreaded burpees! Perhaps I will grow to love them as I get stronger 🤣
  • krea4
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    @coolscience181 Welcome
    Congrats on the loss of 15lbs. That amount is my goal but my consistency is rubbish so I'm losing and gaining the same few pounds.
    Good luck with this challenge
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    Username: GabiV125
    Check in day: Wednesday
    PW: 131.1
    CW: 131.4
    My car of 15 years broke yet again and we decided to let it go, my youngest started school in person 2 days ago and she has Driver’s Ed this Quarter -I’m not ready 😬-, and in 3 weeks my oldest is moving to OR (from VA) for grad school -so far-.
    I know these are not big or horrible stressors, but they keep me up at night and do not help with evening nervous snacking.
    I’m planning to walk my dog extra until everything gets to slow down and to drink a cup or two of water when I feel like unhinging the fridge.

    Thank you all for posting good and bad and for being here for us sitting on the sidelines .
    Happy Wednesday and welcome to the new friends!
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    @renaegry Yay for getting right on track after the wedding!

    @Cornanda Sounds like you are doing well. Congrats on the air fryer purchase! I would say not everything gets crisp. You also do need to use SOME oil, not a lot but some. It also helps to not overcrowd the air fryer. I love these recipes in the air fryer:
    If you eat bacon, this is a great way to make it: https://www.adventuresofanurse.com/make-bacon-air-fryer/
    And here are some articles on why things might not get crisp:

    @TeresaW1020 Yes! And I will join you in the no sugar challenge. Pizza casserole sounds yummy.

    @coolscience181 Hi and welcome to the group! Congrats on losing the 15 lbs, that is awesome. A lb a week is a good, reasonable goal. You can do this!

    Hi all. Last day in the office this week. Doing well not eating in the cafe and vending machines but am getting tempted.

    TRACKING CHALLENGE: Tracked 100% yesterday, 100% pre-tracked today.
    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
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    Weekly weigh in
    Username. laurelfit57
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 157
    CW. 157

    Stayed the same, which I am happy with:). This week and next are super challenging, I have house guests and we’re doing lots of tourist things. I definitely fell off the wagon for a day and a half, back on track, but can I just say the cream cake was delicious 😋 😜
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    Another new member heading your way......Please welcome @dawnhill1266 :)
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