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    Username: Digger61
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 212 lbs
    CW: 212 lbs
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    Weigh in Saturday
    PW: 148.5
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    @trooworld thanks for the question.
    I've got better eating habits and that's how I managed to lose all the weight I gained. But now I am at a weight that is under obese (according to BMI) but still at the top end of ideal weight of BMI.

    I am eating terribly as I still eat too much choc but just now don't gain as much as I wat choc calories than food.

    I believe if I ate less chocolate but remained eating better, I'll lose weight and it will be more healthy than thinking I'm eating well but it's actually choc calories, if that makes sense.

    I've never been worried about looking overweight. People treat me unkindly but least I know who's genuine. Of course, people around me thinks I eat too much.

    Even there was a reduced cake and a family member brought it for me as a treat. Then had one slice and as i don't know how to stop, i ate the whole rest of the cake.

    I'm not justifying my Goal Weight. I might not get there. I understand least I'm under obese category for me. But people still think I'm large for my height.

    Thanks for caring to ask. I'd be interested if you share what prompted to ask the question? Is it because it's been a year since I've managed to maintain?
    trooworld wrote: »

    @apple852hk Do you think your goal weight is too low? Have a good week.

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    @TeresaW1020 thanks for your support.

    My goal weight is based on the calculated BMI. Note it is not just weight and height but also for my age is calculated.

    Thanks for remembering I use to gold origami. I stopped as I made too many origami cubes and faster than being used to hide treats for my neice.

    I'm thinking of learning how to do collages. Thd course doesn't begin until September. Thanks for asking.

    I've attached my BMI results for both you @TeresaW1020 @trooworld.

    I understand if me staying in Slimpossibiles is triggering for others and posting, that I might be asked to leave.

    @apple852hk Sorry that you are struggling. I do wonder if your goal weight is too low as well. How tall are you? And snacking from boredom is hard to give up. What happened to the origami? Or can you find another project to keep you busy? :)


  • apple852hk
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    Weigh in Apple852hk
    Week 4 Sunday
    PW 149.9lbs (63.5kg)
    CW 139lbs (63.1kg)
    LTD about 37lbs (16.8 kg)
    GOAL weight 121lbs (55kg)

    End of month and although maintained I did eat too many big portions of carbs

    My chocolate eating is low this week. Later on in the week not feeling as hungry. Wonder if eating less sugar, my body craves less.

    Will be a on 3 day trip this coming week. I intend not to splurge on food as it is holiday but maybe get a tiny bag of homemade fudge.

    Have a good week ahead!

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