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  • Cornanda
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    @krea4 - good for you on doing the circuits. If you can find me a person who loves burpees, I'd be surprised. Or maybe think they are crazy..... :p

    @TeresaW1020 - glad you are easing back into your routine. We are almost twinsies on anniversaries. Mine is Oct 19. We are starting to plan a trip for this one as it is 30!

    @coolscience181 - Hi! Glad you are here and hope you will find this group helpful on your journey.

    @GabiV125 - all those little stressors can add up to some snacking. Let me tell you how glad I am I will never have to teach a kid to drive ever again! I would grab the door handle or clutch my purse and they would yell at me. Good job maintaining and planning on how to counteract the snacking until things settle down.

    @trooworld - Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the recipes! I'll have to get to work with some more experimenting. I do like trying new things in the kitchen, but I can be rather critical of myself at times.....

    @laurelfit57 - Looks like you are doing super if you are maintaining while you have guests. Keep up the good work!

    My stress is way down since the move is over, but sleep is still giving me trouble some nights. Last night was not a good one. I skipped my step work out today, but I did take an extra long walk. I will make up the workout tomorrow. I'm working on some techniques to help me get back to sleep when I awaken in the middle of the night. Lately the pattern is to wake up 2 hours after I went to bed, feeling like it's morning. Except it's not even close! Yuck.
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    @krea4 congrats on the circuits! I know I can’t do burpee at all. The 15 pounds has me so stuck I almost gave up but let’s give it another try!
    @trooworld thanks!
    Have a great day everyone! Still trying to learn how to navigate this site so I will check in multiple times for a while until I get the hang of it.
  • TeresaW1020
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    @coolscience181 We are glad to have you here! Congrats on already losing 15 lbs. Do you have a particular diet plan that you are following? You will find that we are all different here but also always interested in what each other is doing. :)

    @krea4 Good job on getting your sweat on! I know for a fact that I will NEVER grow to love burpees. :D

    @GabiV125 Hey, you have every right to feel stressed right now. Your kids are making big changes and that of course is going to affect how you respond. Getting in extra dog walks is a great idea as well as extra hydration. Try to remember that nothing in the fridge is going to solve your stress. You have to find ways that are constructive and will actually work. You can do it! <3

    @trooworld You are the recipe queen! B) Yayy for joining me on the no sugar challenge. I’m putting some stuff together and will post it by this weekend. Pizza casserole is yummy! All the good stuff with no carby bread. I hope you were able to resist the office temptations. >:)

    @laurelfit57 Good job on holding steady! Have fun with your guests. :)

    @dawnhill1266 Welcome to the team! Jump in and make yourself at home. :)

    @Cornanda Ohhh what fun that your anniversary is so close to mine. 30 years is incredible!! Do you know what you are going to do yet? I hear you about waking up and laying there trying to fall back to sleep. On nights when I just can’t get back to sleep, I will take 5 mg. More of melatonin and that often helps. I start out the night with 10 mg. :#

    Hi Team! Today has been a good day. I got in and deep cleaned my bathroom and bedroom and even organized my make-up drawers, which were a hot mess. I have an Ipsy subscription that I love but it does give me a lot of little products that I end up keeping forever. I feel good today and just have a bit of fatigue. Tonight I’m going to church where I will be helping with our Awana kids. It’s crazy hair night so I have to show up looking extra special. :D Food was good today.

    Target Goals—Cal: 1350, Pro: 95 gm., Total Carbs 50 gm., Fat 85 gm.
    Tracked I pre-tracked today
    Target Goals Cal 1106, Protein 108.8 Total Carb 27, Fat 66

    :star:SEPTEMBER NO SUGAR CHALLENGE!! Starts in one week! I will have a list of “suggested” rules for us to follow. @trooworld has already told me she is in. Who else is in? I know that we all can do anything for just 30 little days and giving up sugar has NO downside for our health and weight loss. I’m excited!!
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    @coolscience181 Welcome to Slimpossibles, we love having you as part of the team! Congratulations on 15lb down, that's amazing!

    Just got back from watering at the food bank farm, it's that sad time of year when things are starting to die. I had a cuff bracelet repaired that my brother gave me, he bartended a jewelry party years ago and bought me a Celtic bracelet and doesn't even remember getting it for me but I love it, I'm so glad it was repaired so I can wear it again. Did my workout, still having trouble eating but I made a huge batch of rice and chicken so I'll be eating that for a few days.
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    @Cornanda and @TeresaW1020 - thank you for the kind words and for the encouragements.
    I’m right there with you with the napping instead of sleeping at night- and if you find some successful non-medication methods , please share.
    Speaking of Melatonin I heard there are two types: regular and slow-release . Did not try either, but plan to on my future Europe trips.
  • dawnhill1266
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    Hi everyone....

    Just a warning...I have never posted anything on MFP before and a little technically challenged.
    I can't believe I'm back trying to lose weight again. Why oh why do I like food so much?? Lol
    I think this group is going to help me a lot.
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    Weigh In Day: Tuesday
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    @laurelfit57 Wow, you have guests and didn't gain anything? That's amazing, congrats! Cream cake sounds delicious.

    @Cornanda You are welcome! I hope you can figure something out. Are you just critical of yourself when cooking or does it flow out to other areas of your life? I hope you can get the sleep figured out. I still haven't, I thought I did but no.

    @TeresaW1020 Haha! I literally have over 5,000 recipes so it's no problem for me to pull recipes out of my bag of tricks! I was able to resist the office cr@p for the most part: I did have a ginger cookie in a moment of stress. But just one, which is a lot better than I would have done in the past! It sounds like you have a lot more energy, I'm glad you are feeling better. Crazy hair night sounds fun.

    @Katmary71 I'm glad you got your bracelet fixed and can wear it.

    @dawnhill1266 Welcome! I love food too, that's how I ended up like I did lol. No worries about being technically challenged...if you run into a problem, let us know and I'm sure one of us can help.

    @renaegry Congrats on the loss!

    Hi all. Today will be challenging: I have a family member that is having health problems (not the first time) and I'm stressed about it. I'm going to try not to get into the snacks today, besides what I plan.

    TRACKING CHALLENGE: Tracked 100% yesterday, not tracked today yet.
    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
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    Username: coolscience181
    Weigh in day : Thursday
    PW 159
    CW 160

    I guess my surprise dinner out didn’t do me any favors but it was delicious. It must have been the Sangria that I splurged on. I will get at it this week.

    I am working on tracking as I eat so I don’t forget. I suspect that is part of the problem.
    @dawnhill1266 welcome! I am brand new too.

    @trooworld i hope everything works out for your family

    @Katmary71 and @TeresaW1020 thank you! Still trying to get the hang of these boards but I will work it out.
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    Another new member heading your way .... Please welcome @jan110144 :)
  • Cornanda
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    @coolscience181 @dawnhill1266 - ask if you have any tech questions. I've needed help a couple times myself and someone here will know the answer.

    @renaegry - Congrats on the loss!

    @trooworld - yes, I am critical of myself in other areas. I've been working on it, and have made progress and gained some self confidence. However, if I make a dinner, I want it to be tasty and get pretty disappointed if it's not! I'm sorry about the thing with your family member. Why do those things make us want to eat? (yeah, because that's how we deal with stress). But it doesn't help anything! I'm the same way. Hang in there.

    @TeresaW1020 - if you are feeling good enough to do a deep cleaning project, you are doing GREAT! Hope crazy hair night was fun. I'll keep you posted on the trip when we get further along with planning. Thanks for the melatonin tip.

    @Katmary71 - Yes, I think it would be sad when the garden is finishing up. Yay for getting your bracelet fixed. Good work getting your exercise in when your tummy is still a bit off.

    @GabiV125 - I'll keep you posted. Right now, I'm looking at things like visualization techniques and sleep music/stories. I just need to get my brain to shut back off!

    @dawnhill1266 - we're all here because we like food too much lol.....

    @coolscience181 - You've weighed in, so now it's a new week. Press Restart and start fresh.

    Well, it's Thursday, so we are almost to the weekend. Last night I was awake from 2:30-4 am. I'm not tired today, and I still got about 7 hours in. Not stressing about it. Stressing only makes it worse. Just ate a bowl of cauliflower rice with salsa, chicken and veggies. Yum! Did a step workout that kicked my butt today. I have my fingers crossed for a good weigh in tomorrow.

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    Hi Team ! Looking forward to joining you for the Sept challenge. I am recycling with MFP after a significant relapse during Covid. I had been maintaining decently for nearly 9 months before I derailed. Now back on track and hoping to get back to goal by Christmas.

    I am soon to be 77 and pretty active. I have a 16 month old dog and a horse who keep me busy, along with several volunteer activities. I live alone, so there is nobody to blame when I screw up. Also, nobody here to help keep me on track. Hoping the challenge will fill that gap.
  • TeresaW1020
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  • TeresaW1020
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    @Katmary71 I’m glad that all is going well and that you got the bracelet repaired. Do you still work the food bank year round? :)

    @GabiV125 I’ve not used the time-release melatonin but would be interested in finding out if it works better than what I’m taking now.

    @dawnhill1266 Welcome and don’t worry about being technically challenged. You will get the hang of it in no time and we are always here to help. If you go to the top of the page and click the little star on the right that will turn on notifications for this thread. We do a new thread every month and will have a new one with a link on Sunday. :)

    @trooworld I probably have that many recipes on Pinterest and I’m moving my favorites to the Recipe Keeper. Crazy hair night was fun but I shouldn’t have tried to spray my own hair with bright pink hair paint. I ended up spraying the left side of my whole face and looked a bit silly and took a lot of ribbing from the kids and other volunteers. :D I’m super sorry about your family member and hope all will turn out ok. Try not to stress eat if you can! <3

    @coolscience181 Mmmm sangria!!! Sometimes it’s totally worth it and now you just get back on track for this week. :)

    @Cornanda Yup, I’m feeling so much better. Hubby keeps trying to get me to be cautious and not overdo it, but that isn’t my style. ;) I love cauliflower rice. For dinner, I’m adding a can of Rotel to it and then will top it with chicken fajita mix. Who needs tortillas? NOT me!! :grin:

    @jan110144 Welcome to the team!! Many of us had relapses during Covid but you are here now and we look forward to cheering you on to your goal. What kind of dog do you have? I love horses but they have always scared me a bit. Is that you riding in your profile picture? :)

    Hi Team! Today was a good day. I went to work and cleaned one of the church buildings and felt good the whole time. I’m calling myself Covid healed and I’m very thankful for how easy it was for me. I have a dear friend right now in the hospital and another friend being treated at home for pneumonia. ☹ I’m calling today and my cleaning tomorrow my workouts, but I’m excited that on Saturday I will be starting a new program called Let’s Get Up that is a 30-day dance fitness program that looks like so much fun! There are bonus workouts to use with weights that I will also add. As you can see from the graphic above, I’ve decided to do the 30-day sugar-free challenge for the whole Fat2Fit group. I think it’s going to be lots of fun and very motivating. I hope to see a lot of my team members in the group! :)

    Target Goals—Cal: 1313, Pro:141.5 gm., Total Carbs 47.8 gm., Fat 64.9 gm.
    Tracked I pre-tracked today
    Target Goals Cal 1106, Protein 108.8 Total Carb 27, Fat 66
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    @TeresaW1020 thank you. When I click on the star it tells me I have no bookmarks. Nothing about notifications.
  • jan110144
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Yes that is me in the picture on my horse Annie. My dog is an almost 17 month old Standard Poodle. That means I now have a good-sized dog with a puppy brain 🙃
  • askewcr
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    I had a pretty good day today. Went for a short walk and tutored. I have been so hungry most of the day. Still getting it together. tomorrow's a new day! B)
  • Katmary71
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    @jan110144 Hi Jan, welcome to the gang! Beautiful horse!

    @TeresaW1020 It's my first year working at the food bank farm, it's the first year they had a farm which is why I volunteered, I'm not sure how it'll go, there's fall crops going in though. Your dance program sounds like a blast!

    @Dawnhill1266 Welcome, feel free to ask but I probably won't know the answer, I'm technologically challenged!

    @Cornanda what step workouts do you do? I know @AustinRuadhain used to do step workouts, not sure if she still does? I must've given my step away, it hasn't turned up in all my decluttering.

    Hey gang, yesterday was my kitten's two-year anniversary gotcha date, I've been in this group a long time because I remember telling you all about how I went to look and came home with not one but two feral kittens! I'll post my favorite baby picture of them for you all. I did my workout today then spent a long time in the garden, watered at the food bank farm, then had a pretty mellow day. Tomorrow's two appointments so I have a lot to get done. I'm keeping more food in me so I'm finally coming out of this thank goodness. Here's my kitty pic! aorts1sogulm.jpg

  • Katmary71
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    OK, I'm willing to do a modified sugar pledge because I just bought a big thing of coffee creamer otherwise I'd get sugar-free and go all-in aside of birthdays in Sept (mine and my dad's). Let's do this! You know I love challenges, it won't be perfect but I can't have much sugar anyway being diabetic so it's an easy one, I just want a piece of cake for my 50th birthday.
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    Hi all
    Weigh In Day:Friday
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