January 16



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    @Mail4mand, welcome to our incredible and fantastic group
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes a brisk two mile hike through the woods as the snow started today
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    I’ve got outfits I’m planning on wearing for our cruise in April - every so often I put one on and see how it’s looking. Generally it rejuvenates me to keep it up!


    Well done today! A cruise in April is wonderful motivation (and an plan to escape that snow!) Where will you cruise to? I’ll live vicariously through you 🥰
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    Super Sunday ✅✅✅ Posters:

    Cheers go out to @SummerSkier @TerriRichardson112 @ForLangston @jjjcat @lesdarts180 @victorious55 @Caramel_Apple @Ginharbe @ideas2 @Bill70sStrong

    @snowshoe072 I agree on the great NSVs posted this weekend (thanks @Mrs_Hoffer for leading this for us this weekend). I need to start writing these down too! Well done on your three “yeses” today Kate. 10,000 steps is a big achievement on a sore knee. Take good care 😊

    @WhatMeRunning Thinking of you and your family today Chris and hope some relief is in sight for your wife, and that the other four of you have mild cases. Well done on 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 despite the circumstances you are in. You are truly a superstar and an inspiration to so many of us. 🌟
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    Pass day

    Thanks for checking in @Winner_in_Life Sending you good wishes 🥰
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    Mail4mand wrote: »
    Hi there , joining mid month. These 3 daily goals will be more achievable for me than all the fads ive been trying recently and im looking for some consistency to be a spring board. Ill look fwd to reading the posts which will inspire me and maybe one day I'll be able to give something back. Am very overweight so walking for exercise and have done an hrs walk today, tracked every single calorie and am under my calorie limit so today is a success pleased!!

    WELCOME @Mail4mand . We have such an amazing group here.... and we hope that you'll feel like you can jump in anytime! We're looking forward to getting to know you better! <3
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    ✅ Exercise: 110+ mins
    ✅ Calories: under goal
    ✅ Tracked

    Remaining pass days: 3️⃣

    So many great NSVs, I couldn’t pick just one out.

    I know, right!!!!! It's very difficult to pick just one!!!
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    @Intrinsicat Great photo! And yes, tell us where you are cruising to! I'm jealous!!! :)
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    roma7774 wrote: »
    NSV my watch strap is too loose!!
    Who knew I would loose weight from my wrists 🤣🤣🤣
    Although it is 3 x yes from me today - I have had to dig deep today not to binge on sugary foods, at one point I even considered have an alcoholic drink neither of which I have indulged in since before Christmas this is possibly because Beloved goes into hospital on Wednesday for his cancer operation and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed for the both is us.
    Congratulations to everyone tracking, exercising or just getting through the day the best way they can xx

    Your husband and you are in my thoughts. It’s great that you’re taking care of yourself through this.
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    For both days 15th & 16th 》

    Exercise: Yes I do atleast an hour a day collecting carts (nonstop walking, pulling and pushing)

    Calories: Yes on both days. I reached my nutrition goals both days and really all of the days I've been on this app. :0

    Tracked: Yes also for both days. Again, I really have to count water into my entries.

    Weigh-in tomorrow I hope I do well. UPDATE: The cravings have left me for now :) I still cant eat american cheese for some reason, atleast not in squares but I can have it shredded. Chicken is getting abit old but it's an okay add on for extra protein. I'm obsessed with seafood right now and my body is absolutely navigating towards that.

    I feel good. 😄
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    @roma7774 Sending positive thoughts to you and your partner this week.

    @Mail4mand Welcome! You'll love it here.
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    Sunday January 16

    Such a busy day today, and normally Sundays are a real relaxation day for us. A list of seven errands was accomplished ✔️✔️✔️ It was SO beautiful out today — blue skies and sun, and lots of melting could be seen and heard. It was great to be out and about. ☀️

    Ready for the week ahead, and the storm that is to sweep in tonight and snow and freeze us under (again) for a few days.

    For today:
    Tracking 🤩
    Calories 🤩 (and was even able to enjoy a glass of wine with our homemade pizza)
    Exercise 🤩 Walking outdoors; treadmill; deep tissue stretching

    0️⃣ Pass days used in January
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    tahm42 wrote: »
    Yes for 3!!
    1/3 days used
    88.5/2022 miles

    Another NSV
    I can wear one of my daughters tee shirts that is a MEDIUM!!! Of course I am going to say it is generously sized but still it is smaller than an extra large.

    Awesome NSV @tahm42 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻