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Downsizers Team Chat - APRIL 2022



  • KarlyM59
    KarlyM59 Posts: 15 Member
    This past week I didn't count calories or log into the mfp of food diary.

    However, starting tomorrow I will try to log into the food dairy on mfp 6 days a week, and stay at or below 1,800 calories a day. I will try counting calories see how it goes.

    My main focus is just to learn to eat smaller amounts in moderation and to eat till I'm almost full, but not quite. I know I'll have rough patches and ups and downs with my weight, but will do my best to stick with my weight loss goals and with this wonderful team.

    This week I will work on finding videos to do some simple yoga, and stretching exercises. Zumba exercises would be good for me also, since I love music and dancing and it would help to get my heart rate up.

    Best wishes for everyone on this team! 😀
  • Morethanjustanumber
    Morethanjustanumber Posts: 656 Member


    Date 4/8
    Step count 9616
  • aneedlecraft
    aneedlecraft Posts: 181 Member

    April Goals:
    1. Log food daily
    2. Drink 48oz of water daily
    3. Exercise 4 times per week

    For this 1st week:
    Food logged: 5/7
    Water: 5/7
    Exercise: 4/4
  • peng123
    peng123 Posts: 352 Member
    Happy Saturday, Downsizers! Here's my check-in:

    Calories: 1,141
    Exercise: 70 minutes elliptical
    Steps: 13,761

    I had a great day yesterday - hoping for a repeat today! I'm off to the adoption stand - will stop by this evening. I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 5,293 Member
    The April Week 2 Group Challenge is now open and ready to begin tomorrow, Sunday, Apr 10th. Hope you'll join us every day next week to get active and share as a group. Can't wait to see you in the chatroom! Here's your link:
  • rwood566
    rwood566 Posts: 987 Member
    Good evening everyone. How was your Saturday?
    Check in for 4/9:
    Steps - 15531
    Calories - 1850
    Exercise - several short walks today. Home to food give away, then to the grocery store, then home, then out again looking for a certain spice blend.
  • jayenguk
    jayenguk Posts: 355 Member
    Good morning, you guys are awesome!! thank you so much for all your advice I have took it all on board so really thank you has helped me ALOT!.
    I will set myself a small goal at present of making sure I track daily, which atm I am doing .....I did it religiously before I want to get back to that.
    So far I have had one day where it went to pot that was literally in the evening with some crisps, the next day I jumped right back on and carried on. I feel like I am getting back into the zone slowly. The main thing that scared me was that I do not want to have to wear larger clothes and I felt mine getting tight. I will keep you all updated and looking forward to weigh in Wednesday!
  • mari_moulin
    mari_moulin Posts: 3,717 Member

    Steps :

    Sun - 2,902
    Mon - 20,174
    Tue - 14,107
    Wed - 10,728
    Thu - 13,925
    Fri - 24,767
    Sat - 16,190

  • peng123
    peng123 Posts: 352 Member
    Happy Sunday, Downsizers! Here's my check-in:

    Calories: 1,196
    Exercise: 5-mile walk/jog
    Steps: 16,967

    @jayenguk That's such great news - I know it can be such a difficult challenge to get back on track - congratulations!!
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 9,655 Member
    I think that’s a great plan. Sometimes when we weigh, measure and log our food it can be an eye opener. We have several team members who use dance as exercise. When you do something you love for your exercise it makes it easier to do.

    Fantastic loss!

    Great goals!

    Awesome exercise day! You seem to be enjoying the walking/jogging. Is it something that you might pursue as a regular exercise now that the weather is getting better?

    Great job getting on track. Picking one goal to focus on is a good way to keep from getting overwhelmed.

    It’s great that you walk places instead of taking the car.
  • Morethanjustanumber
    Morethanjustanumber Posts: 656 Member


    Date 4/9
    Step count 7132
  • aneedlecraft
    aneedlecraft Posts: 181 Member
    Making a good start to the new week. The group 5-10-15-20 weekly challenge shared yesterday sounded interesting. I prefer to watch and follow others exercising, rather than creating a routine completely from scratch. So, last night I looked around youtube and found several 5 minute stretch videos. I also found several zumba videos to songs I enjoy that I will combine to get the 10 minutes dance part.

    This morning, I tried this 5 minute seated stretch video:

    It went pretty well, though my knees did not make it to my chest, and my sleepy teens looked at me strangely.
  • aneedlecraft
    aneedlecraft Posts: 181 Member

    Impressive prep work for your trip. That should really help it go smoothly.
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,234 Member


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  • KarlyM59
    KarlyM59 Posts: 15 Member
    @jugar, the pounds lost by individuals is wrong it read I lost (4.3 lbs) it should state 7 lbs.

    My previous weight was 306.6lbs my current weight on Saturday my weigh-in day was (299.6 lbs) that's 7 lbs.
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