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  • 28Haveitall2020
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    Hi Team

    Pw 250.8
    Cw 250.2
    Weigh in day Saturday.

    Have a blessed new week
  • 28Haveitall2020
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    jugar wrote: »


    Team Results
    By Percentage

    By Pounds

    Individual Results
    By Percentage

    By Pounds

    Team Downsizers Winners

    Well done Team
  • cormierannie
    cormierannie Posts: 2,605 Member
    Weigh in day Sunday
    PW: 153 pounds
    CW: 152 pounds
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    edited April 2022

    Here is my Sunday friendly reminder of the people's steps I need ...Please have them in no later than Tuesday Evening 4/12/22...If I do not have them in by then I will have no choice but to zero them out ...Thanks for your cooperation and understanding :)

    @red1185 4/4-4/9
    @tahm42 4/3-4/9
    @2BThinAgain5 4/3-4/9
    @aactuallyaash 4/3-4/9
    @melissadreed903 4/3-4/9
  • gharvey2753
    gharvey2753 Posts: 56 Member
    Weigh in gharvey2753

    Last week 174.4ibs
    Current 176ibs

    Good week just had a blow out night before 1st drink in about 6 weeks. Back on it for a good week this week. Hope everyone has a good week!
  • Jpedno
    Jpedno Posts: 256 Member
    Username: jpedno
    Weigh in day: saturday(I’m late!)
    CW: 157

    4/7 12905
    4/8 8597
    4/9 10538

    Haven’t been tracking lately. Difficult while in the middle of job transition and about to board a plane to San Diego for quick vacation.
  • lindamtuck2018
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    Cheesy567 wrote: »
    Weigh-in Sunday
    PW 230.2
    CW 228.4 (-1.8 for the week)

    Cheesy567 wrote: »
    User Cheesy567
    Sunday 4/3: 4391
    Monday: 3801
    Tues: 1923
    Wed: 3159
    Thurs: 5544
    Fri: 2523
    Sat: 4226

    Your progress and ability to find solutions to challenges is impressive and inspiring!

    I’ve been busy preparing for a trip leaving this Tuesday and driving to/ from an appointment several states away. I’ve scheduled a little over two weeks for it, so I’ll have to drive just 4 hours a day on average. That will hopefully save some energy for a walk each day, to be able to get food in a store instead of gas stations if needed, and more rest breaks.

    I have a “kitchen kit” with a good cutting knife and cutting board that fits in the side of a cooler bag, a set of utensils for dining in the hotel room, a small “to go” type container that has a metal base and collapsible top that doubles as a reheat-able bowl, and a small food scale that fits in the side pocket with the knife. It lets me prep food and freggies for the day’s car ride, and do some simple microwave cooking in the hotel room.

    Goals for the trip:
    -Daily weights (I’ll have to calibrate my travel scale and home scale tomorrow, checking the batteries today.)
    -log food daily, weigh it as best I can.
    -5 freggies daily (I struggle with this at home lately too)
    -Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) once or twice a day to help with swelling in legs, just learned this and it seems to help. Need to make it a habit.
    -visit a State, National, or Regional park each day.
    -walk daily. Rest breaks at somewhere to walk the dog.
    -train the dog each day too, active training and Relaxation Protocol in the hotel room and somewhere public/ a park.

    You have a well laid out plan for your trip.
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 7,671 Member
    Great job preparing to start week two. YouTube has some good exercise videos.

    I will send a message about the results. Congrats on losing the most weight for our team!

    @gharvey2753 @888Angie888
    Congrats on making it to the top three weight losers for the team!
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 7,671 Member
    @28Haveitall2020 @cormierannie
    Nice loss!

    Enjoy your vacation!

    It happens. You are doing the right thing getting right back on plan.
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,374 Member
    So sorry @KarlyM59 !!! I got sloppy in my name cutting/pasting, and put the pounds lost people in the wrong order...

    So everyone - CORRECTION! The winners by pounds lost are:

  • Gwiz401
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    User name: Gwiz401
    Weigh Day: Saturday
    SW: 179.8 (1/7/22)
    PW: 176.6
    CW: 178.0
    LTD: 1.8

    OMG!! Off the rails --- on the scale :-(
    Reset - Reset - Reset
  • jayenguk
    jayenguk Posts: 355 Member
    good morning hope your all ready for another week. I am still managing to keep on track at the moment and feel more and more in control every day and feel better in myself again. Keep looking at new clothes to buy and trying to hold on until I can fit in them. Next step after this is getting back regularly to the gym. Have a fantastic day all!
  • roz0810
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    Morning all. I've been off track a few days. Scales aren't happy but I know it's water weight too so I'm hoping it will be back down soon. Continuing fasting 18:6 and some days 20:4. Have a good week all.
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 7,671 Member
    Steps 10,877

    Busy day again so not sure about the pool. Definitely going to get my walker this afternoon.

    You can do this!

    You are doing great. Write the days you want to go to the gym on your calendar and treat it as any other appointment you can’t miss.

    How long have you done intermittent fasting?

    Fantastic weigh in! I think any movement helps. Raking would burn lots of calories.
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 7,671 Member
    Exercise Question

    Tell us about your exercise. How often do you exercise? Do you schedule exercise time? How long do you exercise? What do you do for exercise? What is a type of exercise you would really like to try or add to your routine?
  • Morethanjustanumber
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    Date 4/10
    Step count 8108
  • tahm42
    tahm42 Posts: 4,245 Member
    PW 223
    CW 221 (-2)

  • melissadreed903
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    *Jumping up and down* I'm here! I'm back and vacation STUNK!!!! The only thing accomplished that I did was rest. I didn't know how bad I was tired until vacation. We did absolutely NOTHING. Washington is a BEAUTIFUL state... just wished we had the opportunity to go sight seeing.

    I stayed on program but did NOT exercise one bit. No step counts for me. My weight stayed the same as well.

    PW: 228
    CW: 228

    We had our furbaby in boarding and he got kicked out on the 2nd day we were on vacation. Our friends saved the day and he stayed with them until we got back.

    I'm so glad to be back with you all. Sorry I didn't check in. ♥
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