Jammin' January

Let's make this our best January ever!


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    Happy New Year!! B)

    Well I'm starting my new year off with a bit of a head cold. I started feeling off yesterday, kind of feverish but I didn't have a fever. Today a bit of a sore throat and sinuses feel a bit stuffy. I'm going to spend the day chugging OJ and lots of water - hopefully it won't get too bad.
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    I've noticed a few spam topics in our group. From what I understand, if 5 people flag them they will be removed (or at least reviewed). I've already flagged all three so if a few more of you can also do that we should be able to get rid of them.
    The three I've noticed are:
    Don't do THIS in the morning increases belly fat )
    Fat mom now looks like THIS...
    Sexually transmitted diseases

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    Happy New Years. I dropped off this group when I found out I had to have shoulder surgery. It's been rough. I'm 4 weeks post op but I've decided I need to get back into other parts of my health. I only gained a pound in the last 2 months, which is a minor miracle. Exercise is a few months out. So I'm here to pay attention to what I eat and to lose 7.4 lbs
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    @GoRun2, welcome back, good to hear from you. Only gaining one pound after a big surgery with no exercise going on is a big deal, congrats!
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    Thanks for starting the January thread @SparkSpringtime69! Love the title. Positive and active! I plan to be jammin this jelly off me this month!!

    Welcome back @GoRun2! I’m sure you’ll lose your pounds in no time. One pound after surgery?!

    I noticed the spam - will flag!

    Happy New Year!
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    @kdmontgo215 I hope this group can provide the support you want. Any idea what your challenges were over the last 3 months.
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    @GoRun2 Thanks so much for your reply. I think a lot of the time I snack when my brain is looking for endorphins. I need to figure something else out. I am a single mom during the week and just have a hard time making my health and exercising a priority. And really I just need to forge new habits.
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    @Kdmontgo215, welcome to the group, the folks here are very supportive and helpful.
    Do you have an eating plan and exercise plan already in place, or are you looking for starting points?
    I've found that I get into a new habit best if I break it down into smaller goals and then add on each week or month. For instance, I wanted to start getting up earlier in the morning but, rather than just set my arlarm for 1 hour earlier, I set it for 10 minutes earlier and every 3 of 4 days added 10 minutes until I was up to the hour. This allowed my body to get used to the change without major shock ;)
    Do you have access (physically/financially) to any professionals - gym, trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, etc.?

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    @SparkSpringtime69 Thanks so much for the advice! I don't really have an eating or exercise plan...just tracking my food on this app and constantly saying I need to exercise and then feeling guilty for not doing it. I find it hard to find time with my kids and my youngest is clingy so even the YMCA kid room is daunting to me...but I like the idea of smaller goals. Maybe a shorter time periods to start, like 15 mins and moving up to an hour over time so she can get comfortable. I also struggle to feel internally motivated to exercise. I always feel good when I do it but starting is hard for me.
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    Welcome to the group @Kdmontgo215.

    Is your goal now to lose 15-20 pounds? Have you done the calculations to determine what your daily calorie should be to lose weight safely and sustainably?

    What’s worked for me (before I backslid ☹️😫) was to weigh everything on a food scale that went into my mouth. What an education for me to see where those extra calories were coming from. With not so much to lose, it becomes necessary to track as accurately as we can.

    Just wanted to start there. Some quick thoughts - if exercise is hard, can you increase your NEAT? Plan your meals?
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    @CeeBeeSlim Thanks :)

    Yeah my goal is 16 lbs technically, but trying not to get TOO too hung up on the exact number because I want to gain muscle as well.

    I had to Google NEAT lol but that is definitely a great way I can increase my calories burned. Being a mom and cleaning is my main exercise right now...if I could just add in some actual cardio I would be happy.

    I've never used a food scale. I track my food on this app and try to stay within the calorie range it gives me to lose like .5 a week, which was my original goal.

    Honestly even connecting with others on here I think will be helpful. Thanks for your reply!
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    Welcome back @GoRun2 and welcome @Kdmontgo215.

    @Kdmontgo215: if you are saying you want to exercise but it never happens is probably because you don't have a plan. First things first: sit down, and picture your day and think how you can incorporate some activity: when will you do it? Will you have your clothes ready, packed everything you need? Will you have eaten already or will you do it afterwards? Think about all this. When you have your plan ready, then stick to it. As you say, you can start with 10 or 15 minutes, then if you get the hang of the routine, you can up the time if you want to.
    And for food: weigh everything, as Ceebeeslim said. That is the most sound advice really.
    Good luck !!
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    As for me, these are my January goals:

    * 350.000 steps
    * continue to read Becks daily and do the exercises
    * 2 fitness sessions and 1 PT weekly
    * Lose a bit: from 76.7 to 73.5, so roughly 3 kilo
    * Diving and bicycle rides according to weather
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    Hello 2023! The last 2 months of 2022 were not great (family stress, work stress, no routine, hurt my back, blah blah blah) but I love me a new reset and fun goals, so here we go!!!

    2023 GOALS:
    - strengthen glutes as per physios orders (Bret C program?). Strength, period.
    - get back to soccer and hockey
    - bootcamp 2xweek
    - walk dog Every Darn Day
    - tea, not coffee
    - no more handfuls of chocolate chips in the afternoon
    - get batteries for the scale and weigh myself

    And most importantly, execute fitness plan for 50th birthday in June.... still a secret for now. Have a couple of decisions to make, building blocks to put in place and life events to get through in February and then I will put my fitness dream/goal out into the MFP-verse. 😀

    Thanks all for being here. ❤️
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    ** playing catch up.... Missed the fact that we have a new January thread.

    I was reviewing my weight logs that I've kept on MFP since 2009.
    2009 - 102
    2010 - 102
    2011 - 102
    2012 - 102
    2013 - 102
    2014 - 102
    2015 - 103
    2016 - 103
    2017 - 103
    2019 - 103
    2020 - 102
    2021 - 108
    2022 - 107

    And within 2022, I we3nt from April 104 to December 108 (and was able to find 104 in Sept. and Nov.)

    So, I don't want the trend to continue to rise, but, Its a mere 5# over the course of how many Years.
    and, in that time I am a hell of a lot stronger.
    now at this point, I wish I would have solid data on waist measurements as well as hip measurements and thighs.

    My goal is still get to 104.
    Planned my food and I am Tracking today. Goal is to maintain a deficit (obviously). and to lose 1# this week (hoping that's easy).

    Do you all keep logs?
  • Antiopelle
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    I do:


    My target weight is between 69 and 71, that what those colored lines indicate.

    Downward line in 2013: the discovery of Beck
    Downward in 2015: mental health issues when life kicked me in the butt big time
    Downward line in 2019: Beck again
    Then 2020 - 2021: lost all exercise due to Covid lockdowns AND frozen shoulder at the same time
    2022: l didn't come to MFP, didn't feel like dieting, I was sure I got it under control :neutral:
    2023: back to Beck!
  • SherryRueter
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    @Kdmontgo215 Welcome. I work out at home 100% and have since 2009. Besides there being a TON on YOUTUBE, I have a subscription to an online service, Beachbody on demand (have been their fan since 2009) I also love a few Youtube channels:
    __ Get fit with Rick (easy but effective. not scary or daunting)
    __ Caroline Girvan *Love her, she has some bodyweight series out there also. Amazing content...I put my music on while she's on and GO for it.
    __ Of course if you search Youtube for Beachbody free workouts, you'll find some of those also.

    The easiest way to lose weight though is thru nutrition.
    Workouts are meant to make sure the body can do things, so that when we get older, we don't have any issue falling down and getting back up. Exercise is meant to help you to stay mobile and active as we age.

    Nutrition, and minding what we put in our mouth, that is how you gain or lose weight.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I've really enjoyed checking in with this group and plan to continue.

    This weeks goal.... Make that 107.4 that I found this morning into a 107.0 by friday or saturday.
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    Happy New Year!
    Kicked off my "Live Hard" year with 75 Hard yesterday - and it kicked off in classic fashion of my plans going out the window (weather did a 180) so instead I was "that person" outside doing laps around our buddy's shop in the rain to get my 45 minute outdoor workout done. Oy vey lol!
    To add to it all, today is one of my two in-office days a month, so on day 2, I had to get up extra early to get workout 1 in, and will try to grab 45 minutes of "lunch" to go get my outdoor workout in since I'll be home too late to walk in my neighborhood most likely.
    Goals for the month are just sticking to the 75 Hard, anything else I will consider a bonus. I should start to lose weight eventually but right now body is having a fit and I'm SO bloated as I adjust to the workouts and water my pants barely can be squeezed into....
    GW: 128-135(ish - TBD)
    CW: 157.6
    Weigh ins will be on Wednesdays for me, so will kick off my first weigh in tomorrow.
    @SparkSpringtime69 thanks for kicking off our thread for January
    @GoRun2 welcome back, pt/rehab sucks but definitely worth it
    @Kdmontgo215 I, too, not only didn't reach my year end weight plan, but also gained as well - so you're not alone in that one!
    @CeeBeeSlim same, tracking and weighing is a good reality check I need regularly (apparently)
  • GoRun2
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    My January Goals:
    - Continue with shoulder rehab in January. I should be over the hump by the end of January. I'll evaluate how to get back in shape then.
    - Be able to put my own hair in a pony tail. Hubby has to do it now and he's not the best. It's passable.
    - I'm going on maintenance in January. I need to get back into logging my meals. In February, I'll work on losing the last 5 lbs.

    I should add that hubby has been wonderful while I can't do anything.