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    @LovePBandJ 😂😂. After I read your name I contemplated a pb and j sandwich!! Now I’m changing my screen name to ButteredBakedBread!🤣🤣

    Are truvia packets “problematic” or considered artificial?

    I’ve exponentially increased my vegetable intake and feeling soooo much better. I won’t lie - I’m not there yet - but it’s becoming easier and easier to look past the chips, cookies, pastries - nothing
    since Jan 1.

    Also started incorporating Pilates YouTube workouts. That’s been helping me feel better too.

    I finally feel like I’m on a roll 💪💪.
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    Today's outdoor workout was a riding lesson (horse) - and it was definitely a workout! I think I'll try a month (1x/week) at this barn and see how I feel about it, but it was a good introduction. Wanting some variety for my outdoor workouts, hiking is great, and when the days are longer we can do that in the evenings, but walking/running or some variety gets a little hard on the knees/ankles.
    I am ordering new shoes both for hiking and for walks/jogs around the home, mine are well past the "should replace" date.
    Pic of "Kash" who was today's intro-lesson ride (I hadn't plied him with treats yet lol).
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    @HoneyBadger302 what a great way to exercise!

    @CeeBeeSlim mmmm I’ll support the name change to the three B’s!
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    Monday is my weigh-in day, and I lost 1.6 lbs. this week. Feeling good about that because I haven't felt terribly hungry on my new food regimen. Celebrated by doing a 5km run/walk. Still doing the yoga challenge.
    SW 160 (12/2023)
    CW 154.4
    GW 139
    My big goal is to feel (and look) fit and energetic by my 60th birthday in August.
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    @LovePBandJ I've made it thru the weekend. I had one incident with a smaller rice Krispy bar (homemade though). And, the protein bar (just one ). Otherwise, no added sugars. Bread will always taste delish. I know this is good for my health. Giving up the blue packets of equal was a challenge but, I haven't died or gotten pregnant so far and I've not had any since …. Friday... so why not keep going. Hell, maybe I'll lose a pound by Friday (Fingers crossed 'cause man I'm SOO trying to).

    @SparkSpringtime69 / @CeeBeeSlim, I have resisted logging "EVERYTHING" too. But you are SO right....it is the ONLY thing that keeps one eating correctly. For me its like a parental check-in to explain WHY I chose what I chose to my MOM...and not wanting to disappoint her. I SOOO hope that this week I find a loss on the scale.

    @k8richly safe travel and I hope, as others said, that things go smoothly with wrapping up you fathers estate. I SO dread doing that when the time comes. Us kids joke about selling everything as a packaged deal so that we dont' have to go thru the house and clean it out.

    Damn, I gotta get to work..... I worked out this morning, leg day. Sat in the sauna, weighed myself. no change. Stuck at 108. I guess that's better than 109 but, SUFFERING SUCCATASH .... I kept my calories 1500 - 1800 over the past few days. I'll keep a closer eye on what i'm logging and weighing ... I can't believe I would need to go down further for a loss. Perhaps My body is just preparing / waiting for a whooosh....
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    Well, I can tell it's been about a year since I rode - my legs are telling me ALL the stories LOL - from muscles being rather sore to the tender spots from the leathers rubbing my legs, I'm all kinds of ouchy LOL.
    Still getting my other workouts in though! I think tonight's 'cardio'/outdoor workout will just be a walk with the doggo - we did some jogging yesterday but she was pretty dragging, and my knees/ankles could use a day off too I think.
    New shoes are great though, bit of an investment, but happy I spent the money.
    Weather today is all gloomy, so there's a good chance we'll be getting wet this afternoon LOL
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    @SherryRueter Hope you get a whoosh soon! You may have already said this but have you always been in your goal weight range?

    I’m feeling really good but a little bummed. I’m realizing what I need to better reach my goals - structure, a plan, and quick measurable goals - these all keep me motivated and disciplined. The “bummer” is that I cannot, cannot, cannot lose under 1200 daily calories and I need to get in 8-10k daily steps. Age, hormones don’t know - it’s just wasn’t happening.

    Now since Jan 1 I’m down 4 pounds. I’m sure some of that is post-holiday loss but it’s the only real loss I’ve seen in many many many months - maybe all of 2022. I also traded in a strength training day for a Pilates workout - think my body likes this more - I was ego-tripping with the progressive overload but felt I need to slow it down a bit. If only I knew about this in my 20s and 30s!🙄😡
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    @HoneyBadger302, I'm looking into horseback riding places down here now. I took lessons for a while back in NJ and want to start up again. It's so much fun, a great workout and I love horses. I'm in better shape now than I was a couple of years ago, so hopefully I don't get the screaming leg muscles that I got last time after the first few rides!
    @CeeBeeSlim, I like the three B name too, LOL. Congrats on the 4 pound January loss, and the month is only half over!
    @SherryRueter, I hope your WHOOSH comes soon!
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    Early 60s, 5'-8" (ish)
    SW (02.10.22) - 150 lbs
    Last Month's SW - 141.8 (11.30.22)
    Prior Weeks - 139.4 (01.01.23)
    138.6 (01.08.23)
    CW - 137.6 (01.15.23)
    Jan GW - 135.4
    Final GW - 125 lbs (or may possibly stop at 130, depending on how I feel and look)
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    @ceebeeslim Yes, about 10 years I've been between 100 and 108. Seems that in 2019 I hit 101 for a few months, but went back to 104 for quite a while after that. Bouncing between 104 and 108 recently. When I did my physique competitions, I was able to get to 98. that was 2014 and 2017. Held 101 for quite a while at that point. I just haven't been able to do anything recently to get to 104 and hold it.

    @ceebeeslim - yay on the 4# loss. So, you've found that 1200 is what you need to lose weight? At least you know. I'll stay at my 1500 for a little while yet and see what happens. Otherwise, I'll start decreasing calories also.

    Okay, so today I was listening to a podcase on youtube. Finding this highly interesting on how Salt & Sugar are (according to this guy) opening up pathways to retain and accumulate fat. And..... come to think of it...I love my SALT as well as a sugar. Yet, i've kinda given up my sugar, next up....salt. (well not all of it, but I don't have to add near as much as I do!).

  • SherryRueter
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    accountability: Kickboxing 60mins
    Scale down .5 # from yesterday.
    I'll take that as yesterday was a weight loss day :smile:

    That burned some calories! Got in 7000 steps from it. Man I'm dog tired now, thankful that my job is to sit at work. I prepped my meals this morning from 5:15am- 6am and I logged most of the food while I was preparing it. IT comes in around 1500 calories, so I feel like I am set for the DAY.

    @SparkSpringtime69 : looks like your weight is trending downward! WOO HOO! great job.

    Next up..... heating up my breakfast.
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    No woosh yet (sadface) - actually been pretty sore this week, so guess I shouldn't be too discouraged by the "stuck" scale. There's a difference in my day 1 pic to today, but my pants aren't feeling much better yet - will probably give it one more week, if things still aren't moving, will have to adjust my diet.

    44, F, 5' 7"
    GW: 128-135(ish - TBD)
    CW: 157.6

    1/4/2023: 157.2
    1/11/23: 155.2
    1/18/23: 155.4
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    @honeybadger302 Hopefully soon (as I eat my plain green beans and grilled chicken breast, silently trying to convince myself that this is 110% the best meal for me....and secretly really wishing I didn't give up sugar).
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    👏👏👏👏 @SherryRueter - a loss is a loss!! Yeah 1200 is my max. Gosh. Not sure if with each year things gets harder and harder. Didn’t seem this hard two years ago.

    @HoneyBadger302 if you’re sore you’re probably retaining water! We’re all hoping for that whoosh!! Wishing I could just spot reduce - if this belly pudge would just disappear! 😡😡
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    @Ceebeeslim Maybe I'm in a similar boat as you, I feel I"m needing to bring my calorie tracking down 100cal. and see what that does.

    Scale didn't move this morning. Taking that as a blessing. Tummy feels off, probably adjusting to No sugar Sherry. Which I may coin as N.S.S. No Sugar Sherry!
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    @SherryRueter thanks! I'm hoping the downward trend continues.
    @CeeBeeSlim I'm with you on the belly pudge. My current weight is actually what I weighed in my 20s and 30s, yet the clothes I still have around from that time don't fit me yet - FRUSTRATING! I've been building muscle, but I guess I had a lot more of it in my younger days even though I didn't always intentionally work out for it. So, now I have more weight around my middle (and that's the worst place to carry it). I just have to keep moving along with my current plan as it seems to be working.
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    You can add me to the belly pudge and saddle bags crowd. It's where I carry my largest fat stores, it looks absolutely awful (curves? what curves?), and right now some layers seem to be going into the mushy fatty cell stage.
    Did have a slight drop in the scale today, so that's a good sign.
    Today was an in-office day which means I try to get my outdoor workout in over lunch - which also means it needs to be more "active recovery" than a serious sweat session, so just went and walked (quickly) some of the greenway trails across from my office building complex. Still got my HR up a bit so not a bad walk. Did more intense cardio yesterday and will figure out something more intense for tomorrow, too.
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    There's an author you can find on Amazon, S.J. Scott. He has several books for free if you have Kindle Unlimited but none of his books are expensive. His special area of interest is "habits." We all make big, dramatic declarations that we're going to make big dramatic changes in our lives. Scott's premise is that change is achieved with small, humdrum changes in our habits that build on each other. His best book is "Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness." Check it out.
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    Welcome @pmastro724! I'm with you waiting for the shorts weather, and I'm in SC!

    Hey! I've visited SC for the first time last year...I absolutely LOVED it! Can't wait to go back :smile:
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    Hey group-

    I’m new here and appreciate this thread

    I lost 60lbs using Noom but developed an eating disorder. I’ve gained back 20lbs and want to lose 10 in a healthy way that doesn’t trigger the disordered eating.

    I’m 48, single mom, full time elementary school teacher and a Pilates teacher. I exercise at least 60 mins a day and walk a lot too.

    The biggest challenge for me in nighttime… I’ve developed a habit of snacking late at night and I’m not sure how to stop the behavior.

    Any ideas?

    Tedra (Tay-dra)