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    @GoRun2 : I feel you girl. Hubby had to do my hair for a long time: lopsided ponytails it is. Not being able to use your shoulder is a real pain, both in actual physical pain, but also in being dependent on everything: from ponytails to putting on shoes and everything in between... Hopefully you'll get better soon.
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    @GoRun2 - Hope you heal quickly.

    Yesterday was a win. on plan, on track. feeling momentum. Made it thru the afternoon- by sitting in the urge and not giving in. Yes, a lot of it was resisting the urge, as opposed to recognizing the urge and dismissing it. Either way I built a little of my resistance muscle.

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    @Antiopelle , are you doing the Beck Diet Solution? I may pick that back up in February again. I've lost 20 covid pounds in 2022. One thing that worked for me was to log my weight everyday in a word document and then reflect back on how the day went (food and exercise wise). Taking the time to reflect back helped me think about behaviors.

    I want to share one tip that has really worked for me. I have a 12 oz can of carbonated water before I snack. It takes time to drink 12 oz and it fills me up so most time I don't snack. I also have one with lunch and one with dinner. It doesn't have to be carbonated, I think it's the 12 oz. Telling myself I can have a snack if I still want one after the 12 oz is easier than telling the 5 year old inside me no snacks.

    Anyone else got a tip that works for them?
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    @GoRun2 Wishing you a speedy recovery. Staying consistent with the no snack and no eating after 9pm - period. Nothing. Not even sugar free gum or candy.

    Went to bed yesterday and what was there to greet me? A box of Entenmann’s cinnamon swirl buns. That’s what little brothers do when trying to sabotage. BUT that’s all I needed. Even more determined to keep going.

    I like that tip @GoRun2. Better than the gum or candy I use. Somehow I find one baby carrot (???) does it for me. Or I just get up and move.

    So far so good. First 4 days of Jan - meeting or close to protein goal, at or under calories, 10k steps a day, daily exercise, and ST at least twice a week.

    Think I lost my holiday weight carbage eating - so just have to stick with it!!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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    Looks like everyone is getting the year off to a good start!


    Early 60s, 5'-8" (ish)
    SW (02.10.22) - 150 lbs
    Last Month's SW - 141.8 (11.30.22)
    CW - 139.4 (01.01.23)
    Jan GW - 135.4
    Final GW - 125 lbs (or may possibly stop at 130, depending on how I feel and look)
    I've been getting to the gym at a pretty consistent rate and am happy with that. I do want to start spending more time on the treadmill though so I can start building up to a 5k run.
    My eating has been going pretty well, but I really have to start planning out my menus a few days ahead of time so I'm not staring into the fridge wondering what to eat.
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    @Antiopelle Thanks so much for the advice!! I think creating an exercise and eating plan is definitely what I need to get into a routine. Even something like laying out my clothes and setting a time of the day I can see really helping me! Thank you!

    @SherryRueter Thanks so much for the information!! I am most definitely going to check those out! Now I feel silly for not thinking of YouTube, but it can be overwhelming so having specific things to search is really helpful, so thank you!

    @HoneyBadger302 Sounds like we are similar in our goals and numbers! Thanks for your response and connection!

    Thanks everyone in the group and I hope to stay connected and get/stay healthy together!!!
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    44, F, 5' 7"
    GW: 128-135(ish - TBD)
    CW: 157.6

    1/4/2023: 157.2

    Unfortunately the scale is pretty inflated at the moment between holidays and now kicking off 75 Hard, but knowing my body it will be a few weeks before I can really see what I'm weighing in at (was hovering around 153ish just before Christmas).
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    I am so freaking DONE with big family meals and leftovers. We go all out with a nice big turkey Christmas dinner and then my husband's family is really into New Years too (big family meal, heavy on the meat, potatoes, wine). Plus my 14 yr old loves to bake, so to get her out of bed and off her screens during this last week of school holidays my husband has been encouraging her to bake stuff. Jayzus, there are cupcakes, chocolate bark and more all over my kitchen.

    I've kicked my butt back into gear with regular workouts which is feeling awesome and sore, and ive kind of weathered most of it (maintaining some parameters like one glass of wine etc) but the feeling of constantly eating is killing me. I cant remember the last time i felt hungry. I need a day or two of fasting to reset but I've never done it. Can't wait for the end of holidays and routine to resume on Monday!

    Still haven't weighed myself for obvious (scaredy-cat) reasons...
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    @Kdmontgo215 I forgot to welcome you! You didnt say how old your kids are but they sound young. I lived through having 3 kids under 5yrs old (now 11, 14 and 16yo!), while also working and I had no time for me. Its such a tough situation! I maintained / regained my fitness by working it into play time - I remember doing planks/crunches on the toyroom floor while they played around (and on) me, pull ups on monkeybars and doing squats while folding laundry. I made sure we walked as much as possible (at a toddlers pace, but it's something!) and I splurged on an excellent running stroller. Anything to keep sane. I do lay put my workout clothes every night so when i wake in the early dark of morning i step right into them and it motivates me to do something. I also think often about how my fitness habits are rubbing off on my kids - if they see Mom doing healthy things, being a good role model and making the right choices, even if it takes Mom away from them for a bit, that's gotta count for something!

    @GoRun2 I've injured my shoulder before and it SUCKS. Hate the ponytail thing. Putting on a bra is impossible too! Hang in there through the rehab. Do what you can to keep your body healthy and moving and you will recover.

    @HoneyBadger302 I going to look up this 75Hard thing because I have no idea what it is but it sounds awesome. Keep us posted!
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    @K8Richly - even just doing One meal a day instead of a whole day fast is helpful. I hope you find your groove, I know how hard it can be to reset the mind.

    @Kdmontgo215 - Does your hubby workout? .... I had an elliptical and would ride it while the kids watched either their cartoon, or a movie. Amazing how they never minded. OR, I also just had an aerobics step and just stepped up and down for 30mins while they played or watched TV. When they were SUPER young, I did a stroller ride every morning before their favorite cartoon. Later this morphed into then riding their bike. Now as adults, My 25yr old son has never been overweight (I think he's under by 5-10# tbh), neither is my 23yr daughter. Son will not workout, daughter LOVES to. Go figure. Hubby and I have been working out since about 2005.

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    @startspringtime69 sounds like you're making good progress. I've been meal preppng and planning each morning at 5:30am. It completely is helping.
    Another thing that might help...having a full length mirror in the fridge .... HAHAHA .... but honestly.

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    @k8richly the program is simple - but hard. The FB groups can get kinda weird, but the program itself, with the basic rules, is a simple - but very challenging - program.
    I feel you on the food too - I have a bunch of stuff my mom sent me home with that I'll probably end up throwing out - I feel bad about it, because I know money is tight for her, and she shows love by buying things that are/were "treats" when we were kids, but despite telling her over and over I won't eat many sweets - and providing other ideas - I am still sent home with months and months worth of it (most of which I don't want to eat in the interest of my health). It's all at my house now, so not like she'll see it tossed, but I still feel oddly guilty about it!!!

    Body must be starting to adapt a bit - lost almost 2 full pounds last night LOL, today's weigh in was 155.6. Bodies are so weird!
    Started onboarding my contract gig yesterday, so it's been a little crazy getting calendars balanced and integrating them into my schedule, but I'm super excited about what I'll be doing there and finally having a real client for my business I've been setting up and positioning myself to be able to do the past year!
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    @GoRun2 : yes, it is the Beck's Diet Solution. I can understand why it is not for everyone and it is outdated on some items (go get a VHS tape to exercise! :smiley: ), but it certainly does work for me. I hope you'll get some benefit from it.

    @k8richly : jeezzz.... how is anyone supposed to be consistent with a kitchen counter filled with goodies?? I hope you'll get into a better home environment soon enough when your daughter gets back to school and doesn't get time to bake.

    @SherryRueter : A full length mirror in the fridge !!! How do you manage THAT? :smiley:

    @HoneyBadger302 : can't you donate the extra food? When I'm getting sugary things, I will either give them to kids in my street (with consent of parents), or place them in a local app where you can donate all kinds of things that you don't use. Maybe you have a soup kitchen in the area where you live? It will make you less guilty than just throwing it away. And remember that the food will go to waste anyway, either passing through your stomach or not. And good luck with the 75 Hard!
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    @antiopelle I've found the foundation #1 to be amazing in the Beck book. Not sure I'll go past foundation 1.... Its really helped me get back on track with just reading up to that point.

    Workout this morning was total body. I really really really didn't want to do anything but, i'm rather disciplined and knew that once I got 10 mins in, the time would get away from me and sure enough.... at minute 56 I was like....wow, ALL done!

    Hopeing to find a dance location tonight with hubby. fingers crossed.
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    @SherryRueter how about a full length mirror in front of the fridge? First you get to look yourself in the eyes and explain why you need to go into the fridge, and then you have to physically move the mirror out of the way :D:D
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    YES! I swear a full length mirror is the most humbling, motivating thing of all.
    It would be interesting to do some google searches to see if anyone actually puts one in the kitchen.

    I've been feeling like I am doing really good this week. Down my 1# as of yesterday morning (dont need to step on the scale any more frequenty than a couple times a week I figure). Feeling very happy with what I am doing and, my urges and cravings I am able to handle a bit better. Today is a work from home day .... one of the most challenging because I am SO close to a TON of food.... But, I just will read my Foundation #1 cards and remind myself WHY I want this:

    To fit better in my clothes
    To FEEL better in my clothes
    To feel sexier
    To not be at the will of Urges and Cravings
    To feel proud of myself
    To feel confident
    To feel more happy, more frequently
    To feel healthier in my skin
    To feel better all the time
    To feel strong, not fluffy, when I work out
    To look better in the mirror

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    Hey, Y’all! Seems like folks are making good progress so far. I’m stick to my IF, 10k steps, no processed sweets, 4 day workout schedule. Down 1.6 pounds so far this week.

    I need to start meal prep. That’s one area I could improve. I feel better so that’s great too!
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    @Antiopelle I've also given food away on our local "Buy Nothing" FB group. I also give sweets to my husband to take to his office. I don't want them in the house! OMG, a good friend of mine just gifted us a massive tin box of assorted cookies. This is one of my best friends that does bootcamp and power walks with me!! I looked her in the eye and honestly said "WHAT are you doing!? Take that away from me!!" She was so obviously regifting it because she didn't want it either 🤣 so we had to laugh but she still left it at my house. 🙄 Now I have to get rid of it before one of my kids cracks it open.

    @SherryReuter, @CeeBeeSlim, and all - I'm so impressed with your progress. While my eating needs work (although was more disciplined today!) I'm proud I've stuck to my workouts this past week. I am climbing out of the sore adjustment period and starting to cruise again. Starting to get that upward cycle of motivation to eat better etc. I'm still not seeing any results but I know it will come. My sports (ball hockey and soccer) restart in a couple weeks and then the really soreness and results will start to show. Yay!
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    Antiopelle wrote: »
    @HoneyBadger302 : can't you donate the extra food?

    Honestly hadn't even thought about it, I'll look into it, that's a great idea!

    5 Days into 75, 5 days into the Live Hard (total of 165 challenge days, but must end the day before your anniversary of starting 75 Hard - so covers 365 days). Only 360 to go! (LOL). There are mandatory breaks between phases, I will probably use that time to see what I want to hang onto permanently and what I might be a bit more flexible on. Some of it may also depend on the boyfriend - assuming we're still together, if he's staying off the alcohol, I'll probably also remain off of it to support him - if not, well, I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but definitely need to reduce it overall (so many extra calories and most of it isn't beneficial).

    Today Nymeria (aka le_floof_dog on IG lol) and I will be going hiking at a local state park not too far from the new home - hoping to find some alternatives to doing laps in our neighborhood that aren't too dangerous, at least until I get the puppy and he's big enough to be intimidating and a little protective (at least upon command - we'll be starting Schutzhund foundation training from the day he comes home, so by 6 months old I should have a pretty solid start on all that and he should be nearing 70-80 pounds by then). Still close to a year before we're at that point though since he's not even born yet nor do I know when he will be LOL!!

    My brain is happy to have a light day - while I've been able to fairly smoothly integrate the contract gig onboarding meetings into my days (while I can work whenever I want, meetings still end up during business hours, so there's definitely some schedule balancing I need to do with the "day" job - which can also be done whenever I want other than meetings! It's been a lot to take in and try to absorb and try to come up with a plan of attack out the gate when I'm still figuring out where things are at even...I am excited about the work though, and while I know it will be a challenge and stretch for me, I also feel it is well within my capabilities to rise to the challenge. Won't lie, kinda excited about the business finally making some real money too!
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    Okay. Thursday I made it to my weekly goals
    Of being down 1#.
    This week, going for 1/2# to see 105.8 on the scale and not let that mess with my head. That means I need to watch what I’m eating this weekend and keep it lite. We’re headed to Nashville Saturday because of a workout opponent with Autumn calabrese on Sunday. I keep repeating. *inebgot this* this is easy*