Shape Shifters Team Chat - FEBRUARY 2023



  • kodakslim
    kodakslim Posts: 75 Member
    Username: kodakslim
    Weigh-in day: Friday
    PW: 153.6
    CW: 155.6

    Oh no :/ Wrong food choices and a lack of exercise! I was officially diagnosed with PCOS yesterday, and if I can lose some weight, it might just help with some of the symptoms. The diagnosis has given me the push I need to look after my body, and keep myself healthy. I’m hopeful that I’ll report in with a loss next week :)

    Well done everyone <3
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,253 Member
    @pupowl LOVE that puzzle picture. You can tell the quality of the puzzle in the picture and the colors are SO vivid. Nice!

    @kodakslim I'm not sure what PCOS is, but I'm glad you're planning ahead and taking care of your health. Have a great weekend! YOU GOT THIS!
  • KHill875
    KHill875 Posts: 156 Member
    Friday weigh in
    PW: 145.0
    CW: 144.0

    1/27- 20,252
    1/28- 9,457
    1/29- 12,603
    1/30- 13,611
    1/31- 19,286
    2/1- 10,565
    2/2- 11,227

    Things have been crazy here, so I am surprised that I was able to lose weight. We have been eating out a lot less, so I know that is helping.
  • frankwbrown
    frankwbrown Posts: 10,239 Member
    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Tue 1/31: 10,111
    Wed 2/1: 4,453
    Thu 2/2: 568 (not a typo... I'm sick!)
  • frankwbrown
    frankwbrown Posts: 10,239 Member
    February week 1
    Weigh in day: Friday, February 3
    PW: 235.7
    CW: 237.0 ( gained 1.3 lbs; 0.55%) this week
  • mulecanter
    mulecanter Posts: 1,768 Member
    PW: 223
    CW: 222.5
  • cre804
    cre804 Posts: 300 Member
    PW 195.0
    CW 196.5

    That gain was pretty much just overnight. We’ve been iced in since Monday and I did pretty well staying on track, but by Thursday we were getting stir crazy so we went out to eat. I’m guessing it was a lot of sodium; I hope it won’t stick around too long. I will admit, I’ve not been focused on food during this icy weather so I need to get back to meal planning and shopping.

    It’s been just over two weeks since my cortisone shot. My knee has improved up to a point, but I’m hoping it will continue to improve. I’ll probably have a better idea after my next grocery run.
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 940 Member
    Sorry to hear you are also struggling with food at the moment. Using the habit tracker is a great start as long as you are honest with yourself. I really like how easy it is to see where the 'problem' areas are. And since it resets every month, you can adjust goals as well which is nice. I do find weight loss very exhausting sometimes. Not sure how it is for other people, but thinking it about it every day, at every meal is just blegh. I have had a period where it all went automatically and I barely thought about it at all; it was awesome. But that state of mind isn't easy to get to. You are totally right that giving up will feel a lot worse, it is always better to keep going, even if that is only at 10%. That's still a lot better than 0. I hope you feel better soon! <3
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 940 Member
    @jessicakrall8 May I please be excused for my weigh in today? I just don't have the courage to step on the scale. I will be back next week, promise. Thank you!
  • ewilhelm2487
    ewilhelm2487 Posts: 177 Member

    Thank you everyone for the advice!! I will definitely start trying some of these. 😁
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 736 Member
    PW 140.6
    CW 140.6
    Sorry no loss for the team but at least I've not gained !
    Thank you @Pupowl for your encouragement. I love how Tinus just sits right in the middle of your puzzling ! It is a struggle to lose weight & be consistent.Especially when I look back over the past year when Ive hardly changed.I just got fed up with the logging & had a couple of migrains which was definitely related to not eating enough.Im still not feeling too good physically but a bit better mentally.I feel wheezy & tight chested so it's difficult to exercise.I did manage to do a Leslie Sansone walking workout with weights.Well a tin of baked beans in each hand,I had to improvise 😁
    @jessicakrall8 I just looked back on the February spreadsheet to see where I was up to & realised that you've given me an unexpected boost on 01/29.I put 4,659 & you have added an extra 5 & a comma 45,659. I wish I could have done that many steps in a day but not at the moment 😊
    My steps
    1/30 5,472
    1/31 10,495
    2/1 13,379
    2/3 1,981
    @frankwbrown I know how you feel,my steps are low too.Hope you feel better soon.Also anyone else who is under par at this time.I hope you all recover soon.

  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 411 Member
    Saturday weigh in
    PW 226.6
    CW 226.6

    I’m ok with this. I had a big loss last week.
  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 422 Member
    @frankwbrown and @izzyred9400 I'm sorry you are both sick too! It stinks! The doctor called in some steroids yesterday, which are definitely helping, but I'm still not well. I haven't been this sick, for this long, in a really long time. It's a beautiful day here and I'd love to go skiing but I think its too soon.

    @Pupowl Tinus is wonderful! My puzzle is missing an adorable cat, but I thought it was pretty.


    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 940 Member
    @SavageMrsMoose Gorgeous! Is that a wooden puzzle? I have never done one of those. They are super expensive here, but it looks so fun with all the weird shapes. Maybe I should look into it and at least get one to try.
  • LaurieWrobo
    LaurieWrobo Posts: 960 Member
    2/1 5,318
    2/2 8,287
    2/3 5,042
  • Yukie_OP
    Yukie_OP Posts: 233 Member
    Weigh-in Day: Friday * sorry I'm late
    PW: 138.4 lbs (i think)
    CW: 140 lbs

    Bit of a setback this week. I was sick most of the week and didn't do much as far as steps/tracking meals.
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,253 Member
    Pupowl wrote: »
    Daily check in ~ February 3

    Good morning Shape Shifters. I got groceries yesterday, played a game and started on the next puzzle. I am loving it already and I think this one will be pretty fast. Unless Tinus decides to 'help' a lot of course. I fixed my pair of fleece pants. It had a hole along the seam, so that was easy to sew up. We are getting some freezing temperatures next week, so it is nice that I can wear them again. They are super comfy and warm. I did a 45 minute workout in the evening. It felt a little slow and easy. This time I muted the video and had the flowerpowerradio on. They have really upbeat music, so I often went faster than the lady in the video which helped a lot with the difficulty and I burned plenty of calories. I came up with a new foodplan so hopefully I can finally manage to get a daily calorie deficit again. I see a lot of people aren't feeling well, so I wish everyone a speedy recovery! Happy Saturday <3

    @pupowl I EXC this week's weigh-in. Winter months are hard and we all have struggles from time to time. I'd like to encourage you to examine what's going well. You're taking care of Tinus. Your identified the issue with your eating plan and have already taken charge, got your head on straight and developed a new food plan to work towards success. Look how far you've come from where you started! You inspire each of us on a daily basis with your daily check-ins, kind words of encouragement to everyone on the team and your workouts are consistent and active. I love your can-do attitude!!

    I'd like to plant a seed with you Pupowl...would you consider becoming co-captain with me? Just think about it. You have everything we need in good leadership and giving to others always helps US more than anyone else. Let's talk soon.

  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,253 Member

    @jessicakrall8 I just looked back on the February spreadsheet to see where I was up to & realised that you've given me an unexpected boost on 01/29.I put 4,659 & you have added an extra 5 & a comma 45,659. I wish I could have done that many steps in a day but not at the moment 😊

    @izzyred9400 I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know. My life is filled with so many spreadsheets, I'm surprised I don't make more errors. Appreciate the assistance.

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