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  • Pupowl
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    Good morning Shape Shifters! Here is the card for today. Happy Saturday everyone <3
  • Pupowl
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    I think you did pretty good with your steps! Sometimes we need a bit of a break, nothing wrong with that. Adjusting after a holiday is never easy. Got you down for May again. :smiley: Also, a lot of research has been done about step count, and you already get most of the benefits if you walk at least 7500 steps a day. More doesn't hurt of course, but around +16.000 steps a day, the benefits drop off.
  • Jlswensen
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    Weigh Day: Saturday
    PW: 221.2
    CW: 220.3

    Hoping this means I’m back on track. I didn’t lose as much as I’d hoped this month, but I’m sure there will be periods like that. It’s been an odd month - lots of extended car travel and an injured lev that limited activity for a while. Looking forward to May and dropping below 220! 😊
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @izzyred9400 and @Jlswensen - Good job on the loss. A small loss is still a loss!

    @pupowl - I like the simplicity of today’s card. I feel motivated by the message on today’s card, and also yesterday’s card, to accomplish some household tasks this weekend. Thanks for taking the time to post the card each day!

    The research on steps is interesting to learn. It will help me set some goals as I get closer to joining the monthly challenges in the future. I appreciate your insights!
  • nancyinmo
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    Saturday weigh-in
    PW: 162.0
    CW: 162.4

    Guys, I seem to be stuck. The scale really hasn’t moved much in the past few weeks. I’m doing everything right; I am working out much more because I’m training for my audition, but other than that, I can’t figure it out. Trying not to be discouraged 🫤
  • jessicakrall8
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    CasandraW wrote: »
    @Pupowl @jessicakrall8 can you excuse me for the next 2 weeks please. We started our drive to Orlando this morning and I forgot to weigh before leaving.

    It wasn’t a great drive, lots of rain. Rain, rain rain.
    We drove from Ontario Canada, through Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and are now in North Carolina
    9 hours left for tomorrow

    @casandraw Wish I'd known you were coming through Virginia...I'd have tried to meet you for breakfast! Enjoy your vacation!
  • KHill875
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    Friday Weigh in
    PW: 143.0
    CW: 143.2

    4/21 - 9,404
    4/22 -9,749
    4/23 -4,722
    4/24 -15,036
    4/25 - 22,251
    4/26 -13,824
    4/27 -16,221
    4/28 - 14,843

    This month has been crazy busy, but I finally got back into the gym three times this week. My schedule was way off, so I went on different days and different times. The weather has been nice this week, so my husband and I were able to pick-up the youngest from preschool on our bikes.
  • LaurieWrobo
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    4/26 5,988
    4/27 6,464
    4/28 5,049

    Again, steps are low - weather has been iffy in WI & now rain for the next 3 days along with highs in 40s - avg is supposed to be 62° - kinda depressing - I was going to walk in the pancreatic cancer walk this morning for my husband, but it's pouring rain when it was to start so I met up with 2 friends we grabbed coffee picked up our shirts and went home
  • jessicakrall8
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    @reshii_devi Missing your steps from Apr 13th to present. Please report in...thanks!
    @alleykat69 Missing your steps from Apr 16th to present. Please report in...thanks!

    Missing two weigh-ins for the week:
    @reshii_devi x2

    Please report in ASAP! Thanks all!

  • bearchested
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    ganival wrote: »
    @SavageMrsMoose I use Zwift! I have a bike set up on a Wahoo Kickr. There are lots of fun group rides to join, worlds to explore but I love to set up custom workouts then zone out to Netflix or YouTube.

    Peloton bikes look soooo cool and I hear they have great instructors and music!

    @ganival Welcome also! What type of indoor cycle do you have ? I'm addicted to my Peloton. There is a group bike challenge on MFP to ride 2023 miles in 2023. You can join at any time. I didn't ride that much last year, so I made it 2022 KM instead. Very motivating. I'll hunt for the link and post it.

    The group step challenge is good for runners. Which reminds me- Can I re-join for May? I'd like to keep it at 10000 steps. Easy on running days. Not easy on bike days.

    Ugh. The part I've been avoiding - the weekly weigh-in.


    PW: 142.8 (April 7th)

    CW: 148.0

    Total gain of 2 pounds for the month of April so could be worse.

    I know some of this is water weight as I weighed a few times on hotel scales on my trip and my husband found them to read HIGHER than the home one, but here we are. Hopefully that means I'll have a few good weigh ins in my future!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    I started cycling this year in preparation for a week long ride this summer. Also a big fan of Zwift and the Kickr Snap
  • ganival
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    it's so fun eh? i don't ride outdoors, too scared of traffic and falling over while clipped in. biking is a nice way to travel and get exercise at the same time!

    I started cycling this year in preparation for a week long ride this summer. Also a big fan of Zwift and the Kickr Snap

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