I'm starting stage 1!



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    twinmom823: Stress can be one of the most important factors! Hope your super efforts are soon rewarded by losses - both on the scale and in inches!! Hugs..

    redlipstickly: I know what you mean by feeling like a superhero!! When I finish my workouts, I am like "YEAH" until the NO-Loss on the scale makes me sad. :P
    Barbell complex was really super fun and tiring, after the regular lifting. Quite challenging, so I will stick with it.

    sunshine -Howz it going? I know you are having a rough/busy week.. Hope it gets better soon!

    I did Stage 2 B2 yesterday. I cut out rest times between supersets and between D1-D3. So I was able to get it done faster. I also added circuits to the end as part of HIIT.

    I run on non lifting days, so I think I will follow up the regular lifting with 15 mins of circuits or barbell complx workouts in stg 2.

    My gym does not have a squat rack - So I will stick to dumbbells and I like branching out on diff exercises in diff stages in NROLFW. So I think I will stick with this program. Lets see!

    Deficit DL and bulgarian split squats were very challenging. They left my butt really sore today - so I guess something is working :P
    Still no loss on the scale. But I am losing inches steadily. I don't want to cut down more on the food side, so may b I will try restricting my carbs a bit.

    Everyone, have good workouts!! and a wonderful weekend
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    i'll join too. today is my 2nd workout.
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    Just finished stage 1.

    deadlifts - 3 sets of 8 - 115, 120, 120
    barbell shoulder press - 3 sets of 8 - 65, 65, 65
    widelat grip pull downs 3 sets of 8 - 110, 110, 110
    lunge - 3 set of 8 @ body weight due to recurring injury
    swiss ball crunch 3 sets of 15 holding 30lb plate

    Squat 3 sets of 8 @ 60lb (thought I would be higher weight but still trying to tweek form.)
    pushups 3 sets of 8 (regular pushups)
    barbell row 3 sets of 8 75lb, 75lb, 80lb
    step up 3 sets of 15 holding 30lbs
    prone jack knife 3 sets of 15

    Been enjoying reading everyones progress. Stealing some ideas here and there. Next I have the AMRAP workouts then on to stage 2.
    @Maya I will be looking forward to seeing how you make out with strong lifts.
    @twinmom - wow, your workouts are killer
    @msnmov - losing inches steadily is fantastic. I will take that over the scale anyday.
    @red - will be looking into tabata for stage 2. thanks for the tip
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    Hi everybody,

    so yesterday i had my Stage 2 workout A3... unfortunately after 2 days of Insanity workout, my knee was hurting so i had to do only half way squats with 45lbs, and every other workout that didnt include my legs. It was frustrating because I really like those stage 2 workout As...

    I left the gym super upset feeling like a little weak girl, but well, im hoping for saturday or sunday i will be ready. i might do workout A again all the exercises with proper form and then workout be and such.

    good news! im going to disney after memorial day weekend, that means, right after finishing my stage 2. so as you can imagine, im super excited and crunch time, bikiniggedon for me!! lol
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    Pudding1980: My gym has removable weights that can be added to the stack of weights on the cable machines so that you can go up in smaller increments. Does your gym have anything like that?

    Hmmm, not sure. I will definitely look tomorrow. I also need to see if there's a cable I can use for one of the moves in Stage 2, as I start that on Monday.

    I did my AMRAPS this week. It went okay but not as well as I had hoped. I will be honest and say I didn't care as much as I do about putting in the effort for the heavier lifts. I just want to keep on going and not "waste time" with the AMRAPS.
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    Souds like yall are kicking *kitten*.....alasin - i cant believe your numbers....mnsmov, good deal on your inches! Red yore headed for bikini heaven not bikinigeddon lol. Maya, thx for tips on pushups :) what is barbell complex did i miss something?

    Had a perfectly horrible week, with either kid-oriented or work related obligations every single night. Someone brought in a decadent chocolate cake from dessert deli....and mothers day. Only got 2 NROL4W in, but did do the HIIT x2. I'm going to consider this week an off week and officially start stage 2 on Sunday. Those lunges with the forward press were hard, matter of fact the B workout was all a challenge. Except the ab work, better find a way to ramp it up.

    Did 8.2mph intervals!
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    PS I started HRT over the last 2 weeks feel totally bloated, and even got a period this week for the first time in like 5 years! Gonna see how it goes though not ready to throw in the towel yet.
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    3A1 is in the books and while it wasn't complicated it is a long workout. Took me about an hour and twenty minutes. Of course I did spend some time watching Ken Jennings on Jeopardy so that may have had something to do with it. The long breaks make the work out manageable. At first I was all "my god you want me to sit around for damn near two minutes? This is insane!" But then the planks rolled around and I realized if I hadn't had those long breaks I wouldn't have made it through. Then the Body Weight Matrix. I thought "Oh girl you do Tabata this will be a breeze" It was not a breeze. It was a hurricane. I made pretty good time. 2:24 and 2:08 and that was with me taking moments to rub my legs and give them heartfelt apologies. I also thought that I would be able to throw in a barbell complex at the end (someone asked what a barbell complex was and it's a type of tabata that uses barbells 8 moves 4 minutes to get them done) Honestly with this level of work I think this is going to be the stage where I start to see my mid section really change. I mean if this stage has intervals and the body matrix I don't see how I can stay squishy middle girl. Also to give myself hope for the future I bought shoes(these ones: http://www.6pm.com/steve-madden-madame-black?utm_term=SKU-8231051&utm_campaign=product_page_badge&utm_medium=socialearned&utm_source=pinterest&mr:trackingCode=A9D7A302-3A48-E311-AA52-BC305BF0C9A4&mr:referralID=NA ) because my feet have always been skinny and so they should be rewarded. Right?

    Maya: welcome to the bikinigeddon survival team. we're happy to have you
    Sunshine: I think it's great that in spite of your hectic week you managed to lift twice and do two hiits! That's more than I see a lot of people do when they're not having a good week.
    Pudding: I didn't do the AMRAPS either. I knew I was stronger. I didn't need some special workouts to prove it. I'm so excited for you to start stage two. I can't wait to hear what you think
    Alasin: congrats on finishing stage one! You put up some really great numbers
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    Maya: welcome to the bikinigeddon survival team. we're happy to have you
    Sunshine: I think it's great that in spite of your hectic week you managed to lift twice and do two hiits! That's more than I see a lot of people do when they're not having a good week.
    Pudding: I didn't do the AMRAPS either. I knew I was stronger. I didn't need some special workouts to prove it. I'm so excited for you to start stage two. I can't wait to hear what you think
    Alasin: congrats on finishing stage one! You put up some really great numbers

    ^^^YES :)
    @red - You are so gonna rock your goal!

    Leg Day yesterday~ My glutes are on fire!
    10 min fat burner program level 11 on stairs
    TRX Single Leg Lunge/TRX Single Leg Squat (Back to back is killer!)
    Plea Leg Sled 180# added to machine/Hamstring Prone Curl 55# (was still sore from deadlifts last week!)
    Lunges with barbell 50#/Inline Pulley Squats 150#

    then ended with 5 min cooldown on tredmill

    I talked with my boss/trainer and she gave me the suggestion to up my calories from 1400-1600 to 1600-1800, go 40/40/20 on carbs/protein/fat and stay there for 2 weeks, then drop down to 1250 calories to see if the scale will move at all! It's just to jump start my body...I don't know, I'm willing to try it. It's TOM right now so I'm a bloated hormonal mess lol!

    Gonna get in bicep/tricep workout today with my co-worker :) Hope everyone has a killer weekend!
  • Hey all!

    Just checking in quickly to see how everyone is doing, and it is great as always! I'm laughing out loud here with Red's description of Stage 3. Looking forward to move on, but I still have one week of Stage 1 to go!

    @Sunshine, bad weeks happen and there's nothing wrong with taking it easy! Hope you have a relaxing weekend and that next week is easier :)

    @Twimmon: Yup, with the amount of activity that you do, I'm sure it is a good idea to eat more than 1400 calories! I don't know about going down to 1250 afterwards... I, for one, cannot function on 1200 at all; even 1300 is too low! Get headaches and feel generally completely s**ty... But I'm crossing my fingers for you for the scale to budge, keep us posted on the results :)

    From my end, it was great to have my boyfriend with me last time. But poor him, he had been one year away from the gym and forgot that you're supposed to slow down when coming back. He has killer DOMS now and is waiting the pain subside a bit. It's taking the whole week! I'm heartbroken but I won't be the one saying anything like "told you so", haha! Monday he'll probably join me again :)

    My knees are still acting up. It's really getting on my nerves :( It looks like runner's knees by the symptoms, and nobody seems to agree on what is the proper treatment for that. I'm willing to bet that there's some serious muscle imbalance going on, and together with my flat feet and my love for the treadmill, can't be good.

    Anyways, my plan of action now is: taking longer breaks in between the workouts if I have any pain, changing the treadmill for the elliptical machine (which I hate, but I'll just suck it up), warming up with glute bridges, and switching the lunges and step ups for isolation machines (one-sided leg curls, one-sided leg extension and kick backs) with 1-2 extra sets for my weak leg. I'm also going to try doing the Bulgarian split squats (body weight only) already, as it seems like my balance when on the left leg is pretty ridiculous!

    Other than that, I wanted to mention that I decided to buy new lifting shoes: brand new pair of Chuck Taylor All Star :) My boyfriend checked my deadlift form and told me I was lifting my heels when going heavier, probably because my quads are stronger than the hams and glutes. It also made me realize that my running shoes were throwing me off balance, and it was time to get some proper shoes for my lifts!

    Cheers to all, have a great weekend!
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    Hi girls and happy Monday!
    @redlipstickly.. that workout 3A1 seems like I thought, way too long. no way I can go through that.

    This weekend was kinda hard because 1) knee still troubling me, only when doing squats! ANNOYING, I love squats!! and then I feel like the rest of the workouts are useless coz I can't do anything with my legs... and 2) I went to JCPenney to get a swimsuit for next week Disney trip...OMG... those mirrors are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad, I swear I felt like a FAT COW, worst day of my life. I saw every single bit of fat in my body I hadn't seen in YEARS. OMG!!! from then on, my mood has been the worst. I feel I've worked SO HARD since January and no change, or worst yet, I looked WORST...

    After a lot of self talk and my cousin and friends assuring me that is the mirrors fault, and I do look better and they do notice the difference. I'm back on my hopes of summer bikinnigeddon... but I promised if by Friday I still look that bad, I might get... a.... one piece :(

    Oh and Saturday I couldn't workout, car/family scheduling problems, so I was already upset. But Sunday I went in, head up high and boom, knee pain when squatting, so I did a mix of my Strong Lifts 5x5 and NROL4W workout A and I BROKE MY DEADLIFT PR. First of all, I don't know if you guys noticed but I HATE deadlifts, I could never see the point, I was stuck at 65lbs. After much reading I realized I was doing it all wrong, with the preloaded bars instead of with Olympic bar, so my ROM was messed up. So I went for it with the Olympic bar and I deadlifted 95lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's a 30lbs difference! best feeling ever. It felt just hard enough to do my 5reps (only 1 set)

    @catdevrandom... i'm also planning on buying new lifting shoes, and high knees socks, I want to have better form as i'm switching programs and SL5x5 seems to increase weights rather quickly. let me know how do you feel lifting with your new shoes
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    3b1 was finished on Sunday and that work out is loooooonnngggg. It took me well over an hour and i didn't even do the intervals. I was just too bored by the end. Doing 3a2 tomorrow. With all this work I need results like visible results in squishy middle land. My measurements actually went up when i finished phase one. If phase three doesn't give me results I'll be following Maya over to strong lifts.
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    I did the AMRAP workouts for both workout A and workout B because I felt it was too short a session with just one of them. I also don't really enjoy high rep workouts so I wanted to get it out of the way. I was shaking pretty badly though coming out of the gym so I think I got a good workout in!!
    I also tried the front squats from stage 2 just to give myself an idea of what is coming. I used just the bar and I was surprised that I was able to squat with it but I found the hand position awkward. From the book I thought that the bar would just roll onto my fingers but it didn't and I had to kind of jerk it out of the palm of my hand. Did anyone else find this? Also, when I was pushing the bar up for the shoulder press it was rubbing off my throat so I will have to sort that out. Don't want a rash from the bar on my neck!

    Red, you are not selling me on stage 3! I haven't really looked ahead at the workouts but it sounds painful.
    Maya, congrats on your deadlift. That is amazing to go up by so much. :drinker: :drinker:
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    Ooops :( sorry about that. The work out is long but I think and really really hope that this is when things get serious and you really start to see your body change. Idk. I'll let you know in two weeks. But you should definitely do it.
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    Oh don't worry, I am not backing out! let me know how you get on, knowing that it is hard and boring will just mean that I am prepared for it! :smile:
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    Well i did make the very serious mistake of working out without music when I did the b workout. The a workout was long but it was bearable with music playing. Plus i was complaining that the a workouts were too short to possibly be effective. I can't really complain now.
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    3A2 is done! I decided randomly to see if Pandora had a workout station. They did. It was the most amazing playlist and made my workout so much fun. I gave this workout all I had and feel really good now. Got the body weight matrix down to under 2 minutes and felt like wonder woman. Tomorrow I'm taking progress pics. I might even post them here because I think I'm smaller in the middle but I trust you guys honesty opinion
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    Go redlipstick!
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    Hi Ladies!

    Sorry for being MIA - we had guests over and had some serious over eating over the last couple days and cleaning up the mess the kids made!

    I did get all my planned workouts in and felt good. I am 2 workouts away from ending stage 2. This stage went by really fast!!
    Since I got my ankle hurt - I did not take a break after Stage 1. Rolled onto stage 2 instead. After this stage I will take 1 week complete off from lifting.

    Stage 2 has been making me stronger, and FSPP and split squats are still tough. Although I increased weights and moved from DB to oly bar for the split squats.

    This is TOM week, so I am not measuring - I dont want to get demotivated. I guess I will measure after this week finishing last A and last B workout and my week off :)

    Maya - you are having awesome results!! Congrats!
    Red - Apart from being too long, how do you like stage 3?
    I do run on non lifting days, so I am not sure whether I should be cutting down on running or cutting my workout shorter leaving the HIIT at the end.
    Lets see. I saw some changes in my arms and back this time, and like the definition my arms are getting. I always have had flabby jiggly arms and it is firming up now!! :) But for the scale everything else is improving

    Will post my workout stats afterwards!
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    Wow great work everybody, sorry I haven't been here - for some reason it's tough to post with my iPad and the hard computer has been in the hands of the kids.
    DouMc glad you're on board and changed your mind about am raps....

    Red, that's great news about pandora gonna check it out! Congrats on stage 3 , glad your sticking with it. This lifting thing is like half mental mind games, eh?

    Maya congrats on your PR awesome that's so great!

    I got some weight lifting shoes too - Nike - feel ALOT more stable at the gym. Highly recommend for anyone who hasn't done it yet. :)

    Mnsmov anxious to see your stats!

    Pudding I loved am raps - it was like oh this feels fine, then later you're like omg I'm so sore.

    Did stage 2 b tonight, considering this my first week since last week only got 2 lifts in due to all that evening busyness.

    Dead lifted 105/10 reps felt proud. Those prone Cuban snatches are awkward. Got 100 lb lat pull down 6x, progress.

    Did a 2.5 mile run at 10 min mile pace yesterday psych.

    Finally home lidocaine on my lower back yawning my head off lookin forward to a dead sleep tonight :))