I'm starting stage 1!



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    mnsmov: I love that even though you stopped lifting you maintained the progress that you had made. Welcome back!
    Sunshine: take some time to get yourself together if you need to! The lifting will be here when you're ready to get started again.

    I'm doing 3 days of yoga this week and three days of lifting. I got a little sick of runs and my knee was starting to hurt so I'm going to take some time to let my body heal. Plus I've always wanted to improve my flexibility and get back to the looseness that I had when I was dancing regularly. I've dipped down into the 134's and hopefully yoga will help me keep this downward trend the way running did.
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    Mns glad you're back in it and out of town guests have left you free! Looks like you picked up right where you left off, very encouraging. I have already backed off my PR with dead lifts - I had gotten 125lb at the end of stage 2, currently doing a max of 115 but yesterday found my back curled a bit so probably have to drop back down to 110 or 105 and build strength.

    Red I love yoga! So healing, mentally, physically. Jealous of your 134 status - feels like a ways away for ^me.

    Good to know you can bounce back - now I'm thinking of finishing For Women, then doing a 4 week cardio shred, then starting a another weight training regimen. Either supercharged or For Life!
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    I would love to start up again! I started this program in January but stopped before completing stage one. I got a little discouraged because I kept getting hurt.the tendonitis in my forearms and pain in my shoulder were too much. I think I bumped up the weights too fast.
    For the past 30 days I've been eating 1500-1700 ish calories and walking about 10,000-15,000 steps a day. I'm still feeling a little sore in the joints but I figured if I start off light and gradually go to heavy I can get my body conditioned to it.
    I love reading all of your posts and I feel so inspired to jump back in! Yay!
    Thank you all for sharing!
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    Thank you ladies! :)

    skip2mylu - welcome! We all have been updating this thread with success, our troubles and trying to find a balance between eating for lifting - not too little, or too much - Please feel free to chime in and restart your workouts!!

    I did workout 4B1 today. Ran yesterday, and will continue to run through this stage. So I am planning to skip the interval workouts at the end of B workouts. That just keeps each work out under 40 minutes for me and works well.

    Running on my non lifting days used to tire me completely before. Since I returned now, I am stretching at the end of each workout and running a bit slower than usual, just keeping the mileage goal. I seem ok so far. Once I increase weights, I will see how this works out.

    I love running, so I dont want to switch to HIIT as yet - may b in winter when I cannot run outside :)

    Here's 4B - starting small :)

    Deficit DL 75lb*3*8
    Bulgarian Split Squat 50*3*8 - Can definitely increase weight next time
    Lat Pulldown 80*3*8
    Rear lunges with 10lb DB *3*8
    Snatch 10lb * 3* 8 - but this felt weird. I might consider substituting this one with something else next time
    Crunches on the ball - replaced with planks 45s*3
    Reverse crunch 15*3
    Dumbbell side bend 15DB*15*3

    Happy workouts everyone!
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    @ mnsmov15
    Thanks so much for the welcome! ;-) my first day stage one workout A was Tuesday night. I basically used 5 and 10 lb weights to start off... All I have to say is OUCH!!!! Thankfully so joint or tendon pain but yesterday and today I have a serious case of DOMS. Nothing Motrin won't help, though. I'm glad I didn't jump into heavier weights right away! Workout B is waiting till Friday.

    I love that you are running! I would love to build up to that someday but for now I'm happy walking! I love using my fitbit. It makes me happy to see my steps go up. ;-)
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    I started stage 1 yesterday. I am a bit sore today but I went for a 3km run. Is anyone just starting and would like to do this together?
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    oh hi ladies and hi newcomers... im so glad that we are in this journey. im super excited to see all your numbers, weights and lifting...
    from my side, better from the flu, i really couldnt keep myself so i still did what i could while i was sick hehe. im addicted to lifting.
    so im 3 workouts away from finishing stage 4, after 2 rounds of stage 7. my body has changed soooooooo much with stage 7 and stage 4, i love love love it. my belly is not where it should be but it's looking good. i havent broken many PRs but im focusing in my form, keeping my knees healthy and losing weight steadly.

    i've kept on losing weight as well, im officially 12lbs down and last tuesday i celebrated my 6 months mark! who would have thought?!

    so on my non lifting days ive started Strong Curves, since the first 4 weeks are mostly body weight. ive also discovered i love doing cardio in my building stairs.. i live in a 5th floor so those 5 flights of stairs are my free private gym now lmao. good hiit=good burn

    once im done with my stage 4 next week, i will give it a try at stage 5 but most probably i will be doing StrongLifts5x5 + StrongCurves in the same days and some cardio or hiit on my rest days.

    when i have a time i will upload my progress pic. i think it's very motivational to the new lifters and hopefully will encourage the other ladies to upload their progress pics as well :)
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    Hey Maya - so great that youre meeting your weight and fitness goals! Congrats! I'm starting to get nervous about stage 7!

    Welcome newcomers, you're gonna love it!

    I've got 2 more workouts to finish stage 4. Feeling pretty good, lost 1/2 inch off my waist and looking smoother and stronger. My SIL was here this week who I haven't seen in a year she asked if I had lost a lot of weight. I said no just heavy lifting. So, nice NSV.

    Strength gains have been prolific, getting 70 # push presses, 115# DL's, 70# split squats. Got a couple of 2 min planks the other day. Felt great yesterday. Workout takes ^me a full 90 min including a 10 minute mile run warm up. Mns - how are you getting out of there in only 40 min? Wow! I do 4 sets of the first two exercises, then 3 of the others. With the weights ive been lifting i definitely take a reasonable rest between sets - heart is always pounding. Ive never timed it, though. I just wait till i can breathe easily and it feels like my heart rate is back down. The crunches, planks, prone cobras feel like they take forever andi wonder how much benefit is really there.
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    @maya : That's fantastic!! Your results are so impressive!! Glad its working out for you :) I struggle more with consistent eating than consistent workout. How have you been deciding about your intake?

    @sunshine : I concentrate on the big workouts. Do 5 minutes cardio in the beginning and don;t count it in my lifting. I workout before lunchtime @ work/office gym so I want to get in and out quick. Since I run on the non lifting days, I don't fo HIIT afterwards. Have been focusing on just the lifts and between supersets, I take 60s rest. With each exercise in the superset, I try and take less than a minute rest. may b like 45s or as long as I can get my breathing under control.
    This usually works out to be 40 mins for me.

    I feel that I find myself really tired and worn out if I workout harder or longer. That is my limitation, but I am working with it for now.
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    I really think I'm going to like this. How soon did you all start to see results?
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    I am starting stage 1 today and am very nervous! As someone who has not used the weight room before it feels intimidating!
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    nice and eperk - glad you joined! congrats on your decision to try this out.

    i felt intimidated by the free weight section of the gym, too. i hired a trainer to show me around and demonstrate how i would do the exercises listed. did this for stage 1 and 2, after that felt comfortable enough to figure it out myself. it gets better!

    as far as results, the first result i saw was being soooooo hungry! found it hard to stick to cals. relate this to early muscle development gains. so the good news is you see lots of definition and smoothing out especially at first. if you have weight to lose you might see a lot of inches come off, i've heard people talk about that. personally i did not lose many inches, did shift some around, but then again i have not been super strict with my diet.

    mns - your work out makes sense. i'm doing the HIIT the day after too, only because i can't stand being in the gym longer than 90 min! lol i extend it though, usually do a full 30 min of running intervals or extra BWM rounds. BWM=arch nemesis ha!
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    Hi All!
    Quick question.... I'm on my 2nd week of stage one now and I feel like these workouts are so short. It takes me 20-25 min to finish them. Needless to say I'm wiped out at the end.
    Is this a normal amount of time or am I going too fast/slow?
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    Hi Luanda,

    Yes, Stage 1 is quick compared to the later stages. It sure does pack a punch in a short time though :) Dont worry about it. as long as you are lifting weights that seem heavy enough for you.

    I am going through my stage 4. Last 2 workouts I challenged myself, PR with lunges and split squats.
    25lb DB seems huge and tires my arms completely - but I am happy after tht muscle tiredness :)

    Accordingly. to make enough progress, I increased my rest period by couple seconds. So I am getting through the workouts without warm up added and without the HIIT in 45 mins almost/

    I see that it is helping me immensely in my running too! I am consistently able to run more now. Will take measurements @ the end of stage 4 and/or end of month!! Hoping for some inches lost, if not weight :)

    Good lifting all of you!
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    Hiiiii! It's been a while since I've been on here but I'm glad to see you ladies doing so well. I finished two rounds of stage 7 and I'm currently doing stage 4. I've added in yoga on my off days but....I hate yoga. It's so slow. I have tooooo much time to think. And it just keeps going and going. But it's supposed to be super great for you. Once I finish stage 4 I'm going to do another round of stage 7 and then stage 5 and then stage 7 again and then I think I'll be doing supercharged. I've lost 8 pounds so far and 5 inches off my waist. I'm so excited for all my progress!
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    Awesome redlipstick! I am starting stage 7 on Monday and have Supercharged lined up next.
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    Guess I missed reds post as well. That is amazing progress, you've got to feel great. Looking to move on stage 7 after current stage 5..... Heard it's hellacious, but maybe one reason for your losses? What do you think, is it a shredder?
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    Sunshine: It is absolutely a shredder! The first few times I did it I collapsed on the floor after and didn't move for at least 15 minutes. I definitely think that my results have picked up and started moving a bit faster because of that stage.
    Pudding: How has stage 7 been for you?