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  • JaxxieKat
    JaxxieKat Posts: 427 Member
    Hey, everyone. I'm Jenn and I'm a newbie runner. I'm training for my first 5k, which is coming up in May. My goal is to run the whole thing.
  • lawsmommy26
    lawsmommy26 Posts: 14 Member
    Hi, I’m Robyn. I run a couple times a week and started back this week. Excited to join this challenge. I’ve done the C25K and started the 10k then stopped so I’m starting over again.
  • B3xt3rC
    B3xt3rC Posts: 23 Member
    Hi, I’m Bex, live in England. I’ve ran a couple of Half Marathons in the past but not well and never managed to be a regular runner. That’s now my aim so starting C25K today. Wish me luck
  • laracouture
    laracouture Posts: 4 Member
    I'm Lara from Milwaukee, WI. I've been active most of my life (mostly swimming), but have hit a road block the past 8 mos. I've gained weight, gone soft and gotten lazy.
    I've run inconsistently over the past 20 years. Mostly participated in 5k's, but last year I completed my 1st 10k and two 1/2 marathons. I'm trying to get back into running. I registered for a 1/2 marathon in September. I'm starting over with a c25k program I found that includes strength training. Looking for inspiration and motivation to keep me going.
  • lositall
    lositall Posts: 23 Member
    Hi, I'm Kevin from Alberta, Canada. I have tried to be a runner in the past but this year I am training and have been trying to lose weight to be more successful. Trying to figure out a training program that is more successful for me. I am planning to complete some 5ks and hoping to make it 10k before the end of the season.
  • Scott6255
    Scott6255 Posts: 2,246 Member
    Hi, I'm Scott. I have been running for about 6 years now. Have had asthma my whole life, but when I hit 50, something magical happened and all of a sudden the asthma only rears it's ugly head a couple times a month. Once I noticed I could run a mile without wheezing, I just continued to build on that. Long story short, I have run 4 half marathons, numerous 5k, 10k, 15k races. This year I am going for the full marathon (well, it is actually in January 2019). I run 99.99% of my training runs solo. If my (twin) brother is in town, we will run together.
    So looking forward to interacting with some running folks.
    Since the marathon is far off, I have a couple smaller races planned (October 15k, November 10k). So in the mean time, I guess I am just doing base work and keeping fitness going. Normal month should be about 100 miles, usually only a couple mid-week runs, and a long run on Saturday.
    Looking forward to the fellowship and accountability!
  • Mac_Patti
    Mac_Patti Posts: 7 Member
    Hi, I'm Patti. I'm returning to running and am looking for the support and challenge of this group. I've run 2 marathons, several half marathons and too many 10 & 5K's to count....but this was seemingly a lifetime ago; well over 20. I currently average 8-10 miles per week with my current "long run" being 4 miles at a snails pace. Would be nice to have an accountability buddy if anyone is interested.

    I am 52, soon to turn 53 in about 20 days and want my next year on this planet to be the healthiest possible. Running was always my go to, but this time of year is when the cross training comes in spending an equal amount of time road and/or trail biking, hiking and kayaking. I live in a rural area of the Catskill Mountain area of Upstate NY near Albany.

    Looking forward to the support and inspiration and hopefully getting to know some of you!

  • mrsjhardin
    mrsjhardin Posts: 692 Member
    Im new to the challenge this month. I've done 5ks before but mostly walking. I'm setting my goal at 150 miles for May to hopefully help improve my 5k times. I'm 31 from Mississippi.
  • Tracydhc
    Tracydhc Posts: 10 Member
    Hi all, I am new to the challenge for May. Currently I run about 35ish miles a week but hoping to get up to 50+ per week as I am training for my first Marathon in Sept 2018. I'm a 39 and from Cincinnati.
  • kjm3579
    kjm3579 Posts: 3,975 Member
    I'm Ken. I started running about 7 years ago and have done a 5K, 10K, 10 miler, and a half but never was really serious about running. Starting with July I am officially training for a half while also cross training with spin classes and some strength training. Hopefully will be ready to actually run a half about end of October/early November.
  • Avidkeo
    Avidkeo Posts: 3,190 Member
    Hi everyone, I'm Kim. I live in NZ. Ive been running on and off for 1.5 years now. I have decided concentrate more on the running this year as I lost 20kg last year. I have signed up for a 10k event in September, and a half marathon in November. Looking forward to joining in!
  • Mac_Patti
    Mac_Patti Posts: 7 Member
    Hi everyone! I'm Patti. I live in the US....upstate New York in the Catskill Mountain region. My end goal? To run a 1/2 marathon in October. Currently averaging 10-12 miles per week. Looking forward to the inspiration and team spirit! Peace. Happy Trails.
  • Mac_Patti
    Mac_Patti Posts: 7 Member
    Oh...wanted to add that I'm new to the challenge for July!
  • MegaMooseEsq
    MegaMooseEsq Posts: 3,118 Member
    Hi all, I joined the challenge back in April (or May?) but just realized there was a group too! My name is Meg, I'm a lawyer from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and I've been running since last fall, only not much over the winter because I run outdoors and am not so much about running on ice. I lost 50 pounds between May 2017 and May 2018 and am on a logging/losing break while I focus on running and learning how to maintain without calorie counting. I'd like to lose another 25-30 pounds to get down to a normal BMI but my health has improved so much over the last year that I don't feel any pressure to lose right now. Other than running I also lift weights, garden (both new hobbies this year), and am a gamer, reader, and proud nerd (since childhood).
  • KevHex
    KevHex Posts: 256 Member
    Hi everyone. I am new to the group. I have run 3 marathons in the past, the last was 8 years ago. I have not been a consistent runner since 2010. I discovered running during a weight loss period in my life, in my early 30's, and really did love it, but my weight has kept me away from being able to run since the last marathon.

    I am currently 262lbs, and losing steadily. I am on week 3 or Couch to 5K an really enjoying the process of getting back in to running. My goal is to get to 185-190 lbs (I'm 6'1"), and evaluate from there. At this weight I will be 100lbs lighter than at my heaviest.

    Running is my passion, and I have been given another chance to make it work, so I am embracing it with both hands. Being able to run (at any speed) is a gift, and I remind myself of this everyday.

    I am really looking forward to the day I can get out and run a 10K loop near my home, I suspect it will be some time in September when this happens. I have entered a half marathon in April 2019 and will hopefully run a full marathon on Sept 2019, if not a little sooner.

    I am not in a rush to lose weight, it will happen as it happens, my current rate of loss is about 3lbs a week, but I do have anywhere between 80 to 95 lbs to lose depending on which scale I use for weight/height/age, so I am sure this rate of loss with drop in a month or two.

    It's awesome to be part of a running group, I have always run on my own and not really shared my passion for running with anyone other than my wife.

    Please feel free to add me as a friend.
  • Arieslife88
    Arieslife88 Posts: 10 Member
    Hello everyone! My name is Chinwe, I’m based in Northern California. I used to run somewhat inconsistently about 3 or 4 years ago.

    I’ve moved a lot for work and haven’t been able to settle into a healthy routine. I decided to start a couch to 10K because the intervals work well for me.

    I’m hoping to run 3 days a week and walk 2 days a week. I’m not going to fixate on numbers. I will simply use them for feedback to see how my runs are progressing.

    This is a great group and I look forward to jumping into the challenge this month!
  • lmklenk
    lmklenk Posts: 2 Member
    Hi to all above! I'm Lisa, and I'm in Michigan. I used to run several times a week back in 2011, but after getting married, switching to first shift, and having a child, I fell out of the morning habit I had established. I'd like to make use of the treadmill that has been feeling lonely in my basement for a while now so I'm setting a goal of 25 miles this month. I'll aim for approx. 2 miles/day of a walk/run, 3x/week. Nice and slow to ease back in.
  • marisap2010
    marisap2010 Posts: 909 Member
    Hi, I’m Marisa. I have been participating in the running challenge for a few months. I have been running for maybe 8-9!years, with several 5/10/15K and 3 half marathons under my belt. I am training for my first full marathon.
  • Losinandmovin
    Losinandmovin Posts: 188 Member
    I'm just starting to learn how to run distance. I've never EVER run before, and I'm a young 51 years of age! I'm using a 10K app to train. It's been great, and I'm actually doing it!!! My wife and I are going to try to find a 10K someplace we can go to, likely beginning of the year. If any of you are in Sacramento or the surrounding area and know of any 5 or 10K runs coming up, will you let me know? Thanks everyone! Jessica
  • dfrazier07
    dfrazier07 Posts: 3 Member
    My name is Denise. I am a former runner. Stopped running about 3 years ago because I saw knee problems down the road. I miss it a lot. :( Now trying to keep pace walking and biking. Hitting 50 in two weeks and my body doesn't cooperate like it used to.. I'm hoping to gain some accountability and encouragement to keep me going. Thanks for setting up what looks like a great group!