Sound off! What exercise did you do today?



  • anacepeda
    anacepeda Posts: 15 Member
    Also brisk walking, 40 minutes :)
    I do it everyday, most of the times with my dog, she has hypothyroidism and needs it along with the meds to stay out of obesity
  • dbanks80
    dbanks80 Posts: 3,685 Member
    7 AM BootCamp!!! Getting it in!!!
  • coquinat
    coquinat Posts: 49 Member
    Latin Heat baby!! Cardio dance class :D
  • mgunters5
    mgunters5 Posts: 6 Member
    30 min on the elliptical this morning
  • TheRealNoodlette
    TheRealNoodlette Posts: 132 Member
    90 min cardio crosstrain elliptical, ab work, then stretches
  • AmyBecky74
    AmyBecky74 Posts: 437 Member
    My depression has really knocked me on my *kitten* this past week and I have gained weight. Figured i would come on here for help and reading these posts of what everyone is doing and eating is inspiring. I'm going on my stationary bike.
  • TorontoWinnie
    TorontoWinnie Posts: 2 Member
    I'll do a pump class (an aerobic class with light weights) after work.
  • nlsalvatore
    nlsalvatore Posts: 521 Member
    Wii Zumba.
  • 100toloose
    100toloose Posts: 151 Member
    Going to zumba right now... I have not been the whole week... So... It will be tough.. being sick sucks...
  • desjham
    desjham Posts: 18
    Elliptical for 45 minutes this morning! :)
  • My new treadmill ships on Friday! I am so excited. NordicTrac.
    Treadmill walking/shuffling/jogging got me fit last time and then the thing broke violently injuring me in the process. With rainy season approaching this is essential gear.
  • Orfygirl
    Orfygirl Posts: 274 Member
    54 min. of running
  • jhall1255
    jhall1255 Posts: 99 Member
    straight leg crunches-50
    knee up crunches-25
    legs up crunches-25
    bicycle crunches-25
    5 sit ups.
    25 leg raises
    I did this one exercise with my legs..your legs look like scissors opening and closing but youre on your side. I have no idea what its called. 30 on each leg.

    20 mins on the elliptical
    front and lateral raises with 5lb weights
    bench press- 20 with 40 lbs
    Delt Machine-40 lbs front and back 20 each.

    I think thats it.
  • layla_luvyah
    layla_luvyah Posts: 107 Member
    Today I did 50 mins of the elliptical then 60 mins of pump and crunch.
  • cycletrak1
    cycletrak1 Posts: 607 Member
    I walked for 1 hour.
  • Palamedes
    Palamedes Posts: 174 Member
    I'm on an off day because I have school today. However, I think I might be wedging and kneading clay in class today. Does that count as strength training?
  • spidersunshine
    spidersunshine Posts: 4 Member
    Hopfeully if I can maintain my get up and go 60mins of Moutain Biking later!
    Fingers crossed!:ohwell:
  • climbing_trees
    climbing_trees Posts: 727 Member
    Last night I did an hour or so of hula hooping!
    Tonight I'm going to go to an electronic music concert, so I will be dancing for a few hours :)

    If my exercise isn't fun, then I probably won't stick with it.
    Dancing forever <3
  • kapease
    kapease Posts: 12 Member
    Weights today - 30 minute circuit at the gym
  • Jojojesse
    Jojojesse Posts: 21 Member
    Usually 45 min walking and stairs ( 6 flights to my office, have not taken the elevator in 3 months and leave the office multiple times) but on holidays currently, only did 15 minutes walking today, my twins were slowing me down! Lol.