Sound off! What exercise did you do today?



  • jiagetsfit
    jiagetsfit Posts: 273 Member
    Day 2 of 30 DS level 1 and 15 min yoga flow.
  • honololo
    honololo Posts: 10 Member
    Walked for 60 minutes on a track, then 25 minutes of strength training on universal machines. Probably do some housecleaning as well tonight.
  • biancad_1992
    biancad_1992 Posts: 30 Member
    Got an early start and did some jogging!
  • conetah24
    conetah24 Posts: 45 Member
    I don't work out in the morning because I work out after work and rarely get on a computer at night.

    Yesterday was an hour of weight training, 1 mile run, and 1 1/2 hour of racquetball!
  • gotonenerveleft
    gotonenerveleft Posts: 40 Member
    30 minutes on the treadmill.
  • jlederman71
    jlederman71 Posts: 47 Member
    Body Boot Camp Tuesday
    PIYO Wednesday
    Personal Training Tonight!
  • amyx593
    amyx593 Posts: 211 Member
    50mins of intervals on the elliptical
  • sheahughes
    sheahughes Posts: 133 Member
    Moving heavy steel horseyard panels around - wow that got the heart pumping!
  • rebock
    rebock Posts: 6
    I've been walking and would like to add some strength training to my routine. My app says that I walked 3'5 miles.
  • Palamedes
    Palamedes Posts: 174 Member
    Some mornings you just don't want to get up and go. The ground fog was heavy this morning. I feel tired after a long week of work and school. None of that matters... 53 minute ride on the bike this morning at 5am.
  • biancad_1992
    biancad_1992 Posts: 30 Member
    Another morning run and it was so cold! My favorite season is approaching :)
  • Tao56
    Tao56 Posts: 123 Member
    I did 5k walk jog and now I feel epic lol x
  • conetah24
    conetah24 Posts: 45 Member
    Yesterday was full body weights, 1/2 hour of racquetball, and a late 1 mile run that felt great.
  • jeanlake
    jeanlake Posts: 130 Member
    Hey, Legend Warrior, I love my mini-trampoline for days I can't get to the gym. Burns calories and great for balance. Great attribute for crime-fighting!

    After work I'm doing my 60 minute cardio routine at the gym, adding arm machines and ab machines. Then I'm stopping on the way home and picking up a loaded veggie & bean burger with cheese (Freddies). Husband will be attending our city prof baseball game, where the Royals will defeat the Cleveland Indians. Positive thinking! Kitchen break -- no clean up!

    Have a successful and healthy 3-day weekend! Be safe.
  • Deewithadoo
    Deewithadoo Posts: 26 Member
    none :ohwell:
  • elephant2mouse
    elephant2mouse Posts: 906 Member
    A 20 minute hasfit circuit cardio video, 15 minutes of glorious stretching, 10 wall presses, and 30 squats.
  • dramaqueen45
    dramaqueen45 Posts: 1,009 Member
    Made an almost 7 mile trip around town on my recumbent trike.
  • wecansharealove
    A brisk walk with my dog for 45 minutes :)
  • TexasDarling09
    TexasDarling09 Posts: 210 Member
    zumba/jogging - 32 minutes total :)
  • flissy5
    flissy5 Posts: 62 Member
    Over the weekend I was really good.

    Saturday - 50 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga (with a hangover!)
    Sunday - 1 hour of gardening, and 30 minutes swimming.

    I just need to keep going this week - here's my plan

    Monday 1st - Swimming and Pilates
    Tuesday 2nd - If my replacement running trainers turn up I might try a 5k run/30 minute run & 30 minutes Vinyasa Yoga
    Wednesday 3rd - 45 minutes Vinyasa Yoga & 30 minutes swimming
    Thursday 4th - Rest Day
    Friday 5th -