Sound off! What exercise did you do today?



  • katy84o
    katy84o Posts: 744 Member
    This morning I took my pup on a nice walk.
  • Ansin529
    Ansin529 Posts: 47
    Six days per week, I walk/run two miles in the morning and walk/run two miles in the evening... Primarily, I jog in the morning and walk in the evening...

    If it is possible, I strength train during portions of my lunch break...
  • wishfulcharms
    wishfulcharms Posts: 22 Member
    run the beach,it was heaven
  • nlsalvatore
    nlsalvatore Posts: 524 Member
    Today I did Wii Fit Plus, yesterday was Wii Zumba. I also love the Leslie Sansone videos!
  • Ansin529
    Ansin529 Posts: 47
    40 minutes run/walking cardio...
  • doctorregenerated
    doctorregenerated Posts: 188 Member
    Making up for my last post when I did nothing! haha
    Tonight I did PIlates and Zumba, and wrangled my calories back from too high to just right :)
  • Cactusedd
    Cactusedd Posts: 13 Member
    Day 1, Week 2 of the C25K :bigsmile:
  • Palamedes
    Palamedes Posts: 175 Member
    Did a quick 10 mile bike ride.
  • candykay0605
    candykay0605 Posts: 1,019 Member
    hopefully this counts, I helped my father carry blocks and helped him lay the blocks.... and hoed dirt.. my son helped als so he got a workout too
  • Good work everyone!

    I went to my Pilates class today. 55 minutes :)
  • Hi guys. Today I completed day 58 of the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day HIIT challenge and took a nice long walk.
  • BaranVonCoop
    BaranVonCoop Posts: 34 Member
    A 5km brisk walk on the treadmill this morning before work.

    Yesterday was an hour on the elliptical (intervals) and then a 3 km walk after work.
  • scubakat67
    scubakat67 Posts: 485 Member
    Up at 5:15 for my 4 miles run/walking.
  • jabarih
    jabarih Posts: 65 Member
    I play in a beach volleyball league on Monday nights. Last night we won!! I also indoor volleyball on Thursdays and Fridays. I will try to play basketball on Tuesdays. Some of my evenings are sprinkled with golfing as I walk the course and play a few holes. I play a full round of golf on Saturdays. I want to figure out some way to get a small workout in on days that I don't go to the gym or play volleyball. Any ideas?
  • texasfarmer
    texasfarmer Posts: 479 Member
    5 mile run this morning before it got too hot!
  • jlederman71
    jlederman71 Posts: 47 Member
    I exercise at night.. (I am in no way a morning person)
    My routine looks like this:
    Monday nights, run/walk on the treadmill... just started (yesterday C25K)
    Tuesday nights: Boot Camp
    Wednesday Nights: Piyo
    Thursday Night: Weight training with a trainer.

    Weekends are whatever else I can get in ... a walk here and there... maybe a class..
  • jiagetsfit
    jiagetsfit Posts: 273 Member
    I walked 30mins in the morning and did some inner thigh exercises today Will be starting 30 DS from tomorrow.
  • kooner2014
    kooner2014 Posts: 16 Member
    I did nothing this morning :( but I have a Ball Hockey Practice this evening and that is huge cardio so that will be a good thing :)
  • conetah24
    conetah24 Posts: 45 Member
    10 minute run, 10 minute walk, strength training; Bench, Squat, lunges, pull ups, hang curls, push press, sit ups, calf raises. Plus, I have a slow pitch softball game this evening. Hopefully I can eat right to make it worth it!
  • honololo
    honololo Posts: 10 Member
    This morning I walked for an hour at approx 3.0 mph and hiked for 30 minutes. The walk and hike are both uphill one way (all in all, 10,750 steps - little over 5 miles). ! I also did 2 sets of 20 pushups - same exercises as yesterday, but I did 14,000 steps on Monday!