Sound off! What exercise did you do today?



  • dbanks80
    dbanks80 Posts: 3,685 Member
    I am going to the gym at lunch and do 30 mins TM and 30 mins of something else i just dont know what yet.
  • kayjosh2422
    kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
    I'm on an off day because I have school today. However, I think I might be wedging and kneading clay in class today. Does that count as strength training?

    I'd say so!
  • ronercat
    ronercat Posts: 273 Member
    Tonight is basketball night. I am quite excited for it.
  • doctorregenerated
    doctorregenerated Posts: 188 Member
    Fitbit tells me I did 10 flights of stairs and 10300 steps.
    Some of those steps were my 30 minute couch potato, (week 3) program. Some other steps were the .75 mile walk I forced my 6 and 7 year old to accompany me on after dinner tonight. :)
    I think tonight I'm going to do a little Just Dance too.
  • eoswald
    eoswald Posts: 9
    My depression has really knocked me on my *kitten* this past week and I have gained weight. Figured i would come on here for help and reading these posts of what everyone is doing and eating is inspiring. I'm going on my stationary bike.

    Depression is a ***** (I know). Don't worry about it.. that's what we're here for. As somebody else said to me, don't focus on the ups and downs, just make sure the trend stays down.
  • Fasttrack2freedom
    Fasttrack2freedom Posts: 122 Member
    Just ran 8 miles.. Yup it was kinda hard and IM not sure if ill be able to walk tomorrow LOL
  • texasfarmer
    texasfarmer Posts: 479 Member
    4.5 mile run and 90 minutes of weights.
  • bobbieocean
    bobbieocean Posts: 11 Member
    I started walking two days ago, tonight i bought some comfy walking shoes. Apparently flip flops are not the precision instruments necessary for this endeavour!
  • sumjoy
    sumjoy Posts: 84 Member
    Walked 1.37 miles @ 3 mph.
  • jwolmfp
    jwolmfp Posts: 8
    Hill climbs on the treadmill for 35 minutes plus some light weights.
  • GinNJuice75
    GinNJuice75 Posts: 186 Member
    I did 3 miles of the Leslie Sansone walk video. Working my way up to 5 miles by next week
  • holly2611
    holly2611 Posts: 9 Member
    I did 3 miles of the Leslie Sansone walk video. Working my way up to 5 miles by next week

    Me too! I did 3 Fast Miles, the one on her website. I have only just discovered these DVDs and I really like them!
  • BruceHedtke
    BruceHedtke Posts: 358 Member
    Did about an hour of jogging/walking intervals this morning.
  • Palamedes
    Palamedes Posts: 174 Member
    Up at 5am for my standard 12 mile bike ride.
  • doctorregenerated
    doctorregenerated Posts: 188 Member
    ugh, so far nothing. Just sitting here browsing MFP and listening to the kids tv show in the background. Guess I'd better get to it! Good luck everyone on your exercises today!!!!
  • dbanks80
    dbanks80 Posts: 3,685 Member
    Just finished a Kick *kitten* Boot Camp this morning! Great workout!
  • lielucas
    lielucas Posts: 11
    Last night I did 10 minute brisk walk and 45 minutes of full body exercises. I hate burpees! Especially with a push up! I really didn't like yesterdays work it. It just reminded me how out of shape I am.

    Tonight I'll be doing 10 minute jog and my Friday heavy legs work out.

    Slowly getting used to my new work out plan!
  • jenni18
    jenni18 Posts: 3 Member
    I am NOT a morning person and for the past 5 weeks, I have been getting up at 5:00am and going to the 5:30am Kickboxing class. Totally love the workout and I have to admit, I love getting my workout done and over with first thing in the morning. Then when I get home, I can walk the dogs for an hour or so and get in another 3-6 miles. I feel so accomplished!
  • lielucas
    lielucas Posts: 11
    That's awesome Jenni. I'm going to try and get back into morning work outs next week. It's so nice not to have to worry about it after work.
  • jafray4
    jafray4 Posts: 118 Member
    I so want to be a morning workout person. But with my kids it just doesn't work so I end up working out at 9-10ish at night. then I wonder why I can't sleep. but at least I am starting to workout. I have been walking for 60 min each night on my treadmill. I know it isn't much compared to everyone else. But I didn't exercise at all prior. I have even started to run a couple min here and there through out my walk.