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    Hi guys, I picked this team, I really enjoyed last seasons and I was on team Carol, I picked her again because she is one badass
    I'm 31 and I have a lot to lose but I am already down 60lbs. I had a crappy summer but the fall is here and I plan to work out hard.
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    Hi there! :] I'm Abby. I picked Team Daryl.

    Just a lil about me. I'm 5'8, I started out at 410 lbs and am down somewhere around 330 now. I've been up and down the last couple weeks and needed something to motivate me to get back into it. I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD! And so excited about the season premiere and this challenge >:D
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    Hey everyone! I'm Kari & it's good to be back doing the WD challenge again, although I'm following Michonne this time & should change my picture! My husband and I are in this together.... we're the parents of a crazy 2-year-old and are expecting our second son in January (I'll be 25 weeks along when the challenge starts).
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    Hey guys!! I'm Lisa huge WD fan but who isn't right? I did team Beth beginner last ye so I'm going to try my hand at the intermediate level this yr. I sm soo excited
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    Hi all, Cant Wait for the show to start!! I chose Carol because she does what needs to be done without *****ing and moaning. I can relate. This season is going to be great! SOOO excited!
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    Hey Intermediate team!

    I'm Lisa, and was part of a challenge a couple years ago and loved it....lost my motivation after it ended and quit trying (but- I did keep off the 20# I originally lost!)

    I'm back at it...been sick the last week and fell off my schedule, but back to the gym I go today :)

    I sure look forward to the return of TWD next weekend and am very excited for this challenge to start!

    :flowerforyou: :heart: :drinker: :flowerforyou: :heart: :drinker:


    ETA-- I went with team appears he has very few admirers?!?!?!
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    Hello all Georgie here. I pick Daryl because I am hoping he stays out of trouble....Last time I had the creepy Can't wait to start and get my a** back in gear.
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    Hello everyone, I'm Sara and I have been part of these fitness challenges for the last few years starting with an original zombie fitness challenge. I'm picking team Carol because she is my idol. I do however love Michone and the rest of the gang too. I chose intermediate because I'm having some knee issues and can't do high impact. I did the last walking dead challenge and captained the winning team! I did however gain about 20 plus lbs back from a change in careers and stress. I'm ready to shred the lbs and get back into gear. I'm 43, a medical assistant and a mom of 2 young adults. Let's rock this challenge and have a great time doing it.
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    Hi everyone!! I am Krystal! I am 28 and ready to do this!

    I chose Michonne for my character because through all the struggles she has faced in the whole series, she has held it together and even helped others stay together. She is loyal and determined to survive! That is how I feel. I am determined and I am willing to do what it takes to survive! I am hoping I will be lucky enough to meet some amazing people on my journey, just like she did!! :)
    --The whole time kicking total butt!! Can't wait to get started!

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    Yea !!!! I am so glad your in here with me SaraAlexandre
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    Hey Team Intermediate!

    I'm Alison, 36yo and have lost ~80 lbs since January. I've chosen Michonne as my character, because she's a total badass.

    I currently do pretty much ALL cardio, and would fit in with the advanced group for how much I do, but I am a total noob on strength training, so I felt like the intermediate team would be a good compromise. I'm excited to challenge myself to start doing more strength work!

    Go team! :drinker:
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    @Gorgie, glad to be on your team! @redwood, strength training(as I have learned the hard way) really puts you over the edge in weight loss. I was stuck for over a year at the same weight. Then started lifting heavier weights and that was the key. I dropped 10 lbs. It can be done! You will love it!
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    Hey everyone! I'm excited for this challenge! I'm Team Rick and this is my first time. I am a little bit of a TWD fanatic once my hubby got me hooked after he watched season 1. Then I went back and watched it and have been sucked in since :)

    I need motivation so this should be great!
  • Hi all!! I'm happy to join you guys on this challenge (my first challenge too haha)

    I'm 25 and 5'3, want to lose about 20-25lbs to get down to my ideal weight, it's gonna be fun and hard, but I'm very much enjoying the process. Currently I'm on this high protein, low fat, low carb diet, but I may be going back to the balanced diet just with calorie/portion control and everyday exercise.
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    Hello everyone! Glad to be here. I chose Maggie and we'll see how that goes! I find challenges like this to be inspiring for fitness and am looking forward to getting started.
  • Jitteryspork
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    I went through and added everyone that has posted in this thread so far! I hope you all accept! I think it would be great if we could follow each other daily and help keep each other on track. We are all here to help each other help ourselves!! We can do this!! :) I believe in you all!

    If I missed you, or you post after me and happen to see this message, please please please send me a friend request just letting me know you are on this team! :) I will gladly accept!!
  • SaraAlexandre
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    I went through and added everyone that has posted in this thread so far! I hope you all accept! I think it would be great if we could follow each other daily and help keep each other on track. We are all here to help each other help ourselves!! We can do this!! :) I believe in you all!

    If I missed you, or you post after me and happen to see this message, please please please send me a friend request just letting me know you are on this team! :) I will gladly accept!!

    thanks for the add! In my experience, a lot of people tend to drop out after the first and second weeks. This is the way to keep motivated is to look at your message board daily and provide the support and encouragement you will need to stay on track and reach your fitness goals. Speaking of that, what are all of your goals out there? Mine is to drop those naughty lbs that have crept up. I would like to shoot for a 10 lb loss.
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    Hi I'm Jo and so excited for this to begin (along with the new season!). I did the challenge last time and it was the best challenge I ever did. I chose Carol because I think she is kick *kitten*!

    I just turned 50 and have lost my mojo somehow and so I'm looking for it again. I believe in feeding my body and working out to make it look toned and healthy. But with the hormonal fluctuations that come with my age I've had a hard time losing this time around. I do the Zombie Run app to run with (well ok sometimes its a nice brisk walk) but the zombie chases help me to boost my heart rate. I have done weight lifting off and on and really need to try to get that back on my schedule.

    I also broke down and ordered the 21 day fix from Beachbody which should arrive just in time to start with the challenge. I am the type of person that needs to shake things up a bit and try different things so I thought the 21 day fix would be a perfect switch. I am not doing it with the Shakeology because I tried it before and I didn't like the taste and I am the type that will not use if it I don't like it. I do make my own protein shakes with Jay Robb Protein powder though.

    Please friend request me and let's kick some major butt in this challenge!
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    Hi All,

    I'm on team Maggie.

    I'm at 42 year old single mom that needs a push to get back in shape. I did some challenges at the beginning of the year and got to almost my goal weight, but gained it back when life got tough. I want to finish this year at my closer to my goal weight.

    Lets go team we can do this!!
  • ToughHippieChick
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    Hi intermediates!
    I am on team Michonne, because I love her bad-assery. Carol would be my second choice.

    A few things my teammies may want to know about me:
    Although I'm a long-time member of MFP, this is the first time I have participated in a challenge or joined a group, so I am still learning how to navigate around smoothly.
    I'm a zombie assassin :devil: I've seen all the bad B-flick zombie movies, studied zombie documentaries, and even studies on medical evidence of zombification. We are doomsday preppers also, so my sci-fi niche fits well into my real life. I have no patience for zombie-sympathizers. :indifferent:
    On a more serious note, I am extremely busy (read overwhelmed) this year, so if I seem quiet, please feel free to message me. A private message on MFP sends a notification to my phone, so it's kind of like tapping me on the shoulder. I'm working 2 jobs and doing prep-work for my PhD, along with establishing my commune and raising a dozen animals and a huge garden. As if that weren't enough, I am also getting married for the first time ever in just 4 weeks.
    Unfortunately all of this puts me in a position where I am more needy than supportive and I feel really bad about that. I'm usually a good motivation and a rock for others, but it seems like the more 2014 progresses, the more I am in need of reminders and support from others. :sad:
    I am very happy to accept friend requests. I don't have a whole lot of time to comment on feeds, but I do make a point of going through a few times a week and "liking" the things that inspire me and occasionally posting smiley faces.
    Once 2015 gets here and I have completed some of the stuff currently on my plate, I hope to once again become the matriarchal woman who inspires, motivates and strengthens others.