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  • "We're friends with the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat." This episode was almost enough for me to be sad about going with Daryl - Carol was such a badass in it!!
  • nicwolbeck
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    So when do we get our first challenge. :)
  • Cindyinpg
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    nicwolbeck wrote: »
    So when do we get our first challenge. :)
    We're working on it now. It will be up in the morning. I don't think anyone who chose Carol will be doing any punishment burpees this week:smiley:
  • hajenkatt
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    I am so happy to be back on Team Carol!! I've missed her, and this was a heck of an episode!!
  • Man! I kinda wish I went with Carol after that badassery. What a dark and creepy episode but with such a great ending (for our people, anyway).
  • 212ackley
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    What an awesome way to start this season! Not sure they will be able to keep up the pace the whole season this way but WOW!! Every year it just gets better and better <3

    I have to say how happy I am to see Sara is our captain :smiley: I am team Rick but thinking this just might be Carols time to lead!?!?
  • metanoia0116
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    Good morning! My name is Meghan and I am on team Carol. I did the challenge last time but was in the Horde because I started late. I moved to SC in July and and now ready to get back to working out like I used to.

    I am very excited about this challenge!
  • MsTiffamee
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    Team Daryl here...looking to chat up some awesome Team Carol members! Definite kudos to Team Carol. Lots of us would be zombies on here without her! Thanks!

    My name is Tiffany by the way!
  • vsecret921
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    Hey everyone!!
    I added a bunch of you as friends but ran out of time to finish. Please feel free to add me. I think it will be easier to chat/motivate through the app (at least for me)
  • Mrscheyfleming
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    Carol rocked!!
  • taylormoooon
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    late Introduction here! I'm Taylor! I chose team Maggie because she's strong and always staying positive :). This is my first time doing the challenge and I've already started by doing my strength training this morning. Good luck everyone!!
  • Georgielee37
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    Alrighty guy's and gal's the goals for the week are up and it's time to rock this !!!!
  • Skittles2183
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    hajenkatt wrote: »
    I am so happy to be back on Team Carol!! I've missed her, and this was a heck of an episode!!

    Me too, she is one bad *kitten*

    and its nice we get this (All returning members of last season's Team Carol have the power to save themselves or someone else should their character be killed on the show. Instead of having to become part of the Walker Horde, the lucky player will be able to choose a new character and carry on. However, each Carol can only use this power once.) I am glad I stuck with Carol
  • michellewesley
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    Hi everyone, i signed up last week for this, something to keep me motivated. I am in Australia however we are not getting this series at the moment but I will stay focused and keep up the challenge work. I think I am the only one of team Tara. Good luck everyone.
  • cyclerjenn
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    I'm starting off strong for the team. 36 minutes of strength done and 117 minutes of cardio done.

    How's everyone else doing? Come on Team we need to kick some *kitten*!
  • SaraAlexandre
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    Such a great show! Carol is my hero!
  • Aprilstar480
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    Hello all! My name is Lara. This is my second Walking Dead challenge, the last one was just too great to not sign up again! I have not been doing well in my weight loss since the last challenge. In fact, I gained most of what I lost back. I accept that and am ready for the new encouragement and motivation from this challenge to start again. I work in Law Enforcement and have crazy hours. On top of that, I have recently started a second job at a sporting goods store. I can't wait to get to know all of you and am super excited to get this challenge started, and to watch the show again of course!

    Oh, and I chose Carol because she is a BA. She does what she needs to do to survive, but also keeps it real. I can't wait for this season!
    I did the last challenge too and couldn't wait for a new season! I was on team Carl and all the motivation from my team was fabulous. I'm a little worried with this new set up though... I'm already overwhelmed with all the posts in this thread. I liked having the smaller groups. Regardless, it's gonna be a great season and we will do awesome!
  • Aprilstar480
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    knitapeace wrote: »
    Hi everyone, I'm Cindy and I'm on Team Carol. A little nervous about that, because based on some early threads it looks like that team got really tight and I don't want to feel like I'm trying to break into a conversation you know? I'm probably being silly. :)

    Anyway, I'm 45 and just about at my goal weight, so my goal for this challenge is 1) not to quit and 2) to increase my strength training and make some progress. I do 4 days a week of bodyweight training with light cardio worked in, and 2 days of running about 4-4.5 miles per session. I'd like to see some of my bodyweight exercises progress to harder versions. I'm following the "You Are Your Own Gym" program using the app.

    I've never been able to stick it out for a full challenge because they almost always involve weight checkins, and I'm not really losing weight right now. My body is changing a lot though, and I would get discouraged when checking in with all these "lost 2 pounds", "lost 3 pounds" alongside me. I like that this challenge can be focused on other goals than the scale.

    Anyway, happy to be here! Yay!
    I have a hard time with the scale too. It is very discouraging to see other people put up such big numbers when I usually only see a fraction of a pound. Slow and steady works though... It just takes time. Sounds like you aren't gonna have any trouble meeting the minimum requirements for the week. Congrats on being so close to your goal weight!

  • Aprilstar480
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    Hello, I'm Kasi. I haven't had a chance to introduce myself yet. I did this challenge last season simply cause i'm a challenge junkie. I hadn't ever watched the show. I didn't plan on it either but Cindy's recaps got me curious. I watched one episode and I was hooked. I watched the entire series on Netflix and have been feening for the new season ever since. I choose Team Daryl but I absolutely love Michonne also.

    A little about me... I've been on MFP for about 5 years I think. In that time I have fluctuated anywhere from 150-175lbs. I'm currently at 160 and would like to get down to 130. Not sure if that will ever happen but I'm not giving up. I'm 34 years old and have 4 kids. I've got a lot of life to live and I'm gonna live it healthy!